Malibu California

=   Seven new beach accessways will be built … to get to Malibu beaches. =   The M R C A again tries to make an end run around the city of Malibu. =   Coastal Commissioners will visit Bluffs Park this morning … will they be given campground plans?? =  A Malibu lawyer […]

Malibu attorney Frank Angel is a surfer … and a frequent critic of the city of Malibu on development issues. And yesterday ,… Angel appeared before the Coastal Commission to demand that it overturn a city decision to install a parking gate on Point Dume. Residents in the area have objected to late night partying […]

An offshore oyster farm is being proposed for the ocean just a quarter mile off the Malibu Pier. Two men have formed the Malibu Oyster Company and have applied to the state to lease 100 acres of ocean bottom … some 16 hundred feet off the end of the Malibu Pier. There would be floating […]

As we’ve reported … the California Coastal Commission meets today … and will take an informal tour of Malibu Bluffs Park …  This tour will have extreme impact on Malibu … as the MRCA is taking control of the vacant land west of Malibu Bluffs Park. MRCA boss Joe Edmiston is expected to reintroduce his […]

The MRCA has filed plans to reconstruct 10 existing beach accessways, and build seven new ones, in Malibu. The proposal is structured to bypass the City of Malibu, and will be sent instead to the California Coastal Commission for permits. But the city says the plan must come through the city council for a Coastal […]

The California Coastal Commission meets again this morning in Malibu Canyon. The three day December meeting has been rotated in to the King Gillette Ranch. Not much on the agenda this time … there is however a call to the public at 9 in the morning. That gives Malibu residents a rare chance to appear […]

= The Coastal Commission meets again in Malibu today. = Its director says job number one is dealing with ocean levels rising. = A missing teenaged girl with autism was last seen in Topanga Canyon. = Santa Monica needs 9 thousand new condos and apartments … = And they are going to put them on […]

=   Malibu’s Congressman gets a heart stent and is resting at a D-C hospital. =   Camping in the Santa Monica Mountains approved by the County supervisors. =   Malibu’s concerns about fire extinguishers and ranger patrols go unanswered. =   Malibu creek is full of trash … the upstream agencies are not doing […]

Malibu residents have been looking with alarm at the city of Agoura Hills … which has plans for developers to build massive projects at the corner of Kanan Dume Road at Agoura Road. That is a key intersection … connecting the Santa Monica Mountains and Malibu to the 101 Freeway. It’s the gateway to the […]

Malibu got shot down big time … on the issue of camping in the Santa Monica Mountains …. at the county board of supervisors yesterday. Without discussion … the supervisors turned down last minute requests for safety precautions … as the M R C A plans to build campsites in wilderness areas …. right next […]

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