Malibu California

= First brushfire of the year on this side of Mulholland … it’s out. = It’s Get Your Stuff Day at a brand new school = It’s clean .. it’s green … it’s just painted. A whole new look at Malibu High. = Hughes Research Labs need to build a big wall overlooking the Civic […]

=     A malfunctioning computer may be the reason hundreds of Malibu homes burned. =     A county report says maps could not be loaded form one computer to another … causing fire trucks to sit idle. =    This one was hard to believe … but last night Malibu residents have almost nothing […]

Most of Malibu’s city council says they have no problem with Southern California Edison’s conversion of a field in the center of the city into an industrial storage yard. The supposedly tempoorarty parking lot for trucks and power equipment was installed last winter … and was supposed to have been removed by more than a […]

Maybe because it’s the middle of summer … or maybe it’s because Malibu residents have had enough rehashing of the Woolsey fire. But only six people showed up to testify last night … as the Malibu city council reviewed the city’s performance during the disaster nine months ago. And none of those six had major […]

Malibu residents who were infuriated by fire trucks that were sitting on the road during the Woolsey Fire can blame a malfunctioning computer … and bad planning. That’s the conclusion of an after-action report compiled by the L A County Supervisors and fire department. The report is still secret … it’s not finished. But Malibu […]

=   A bombshell in the LA Times: LA Mayor Eric Garcetti sought special protection for a house in the Woolsey Fire. =   Garcetti’s extensive interference distracted the fire chief in the early hours of the fire … as it raced towards Malibu. =   The city council examines how the city handled the […]

L A county sheriffs deputies had guns drawn and shut down Trancas yesterday afternoon.  (Sunday) It was a successful felony stop. A stolen Honda Accord had been parked at Leo Carrillo Beach … its Lo jack went off … alerting deputies at about 5:15 Sunday afternoon. They followed it into Malibu and tried to pull […]

So … how is the new school superintendent doing??? That is the question that goes before the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School Board next Thursday. Doctor Ben Drati was brought in three years ago … His job performance will be discussed by the school board … and the superintendent … behind closed doors on Thursday […]

L A’s city fire chief was distracted in the early hours of fighting the Woolsey Fire … a City of L A big shot kept bugging them to check a private address in Bell Canyon to see if it burned down. The V I P has now been uncovered … by The Los Angeles Times. […]

The Woolsey Fire … and the response of the Malibu city manager and staff … goes front and center tonight. Also … the 53 specific recommendations made by a team of outside consultants … who looked at the city’s performance during the emergency. Management Partners’ report was commissioned by the two new members of the […]

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