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KBUU-FM News Headlines Monday January 18 = A monstrous Santa Ana is going to hit Malibu. = Tuesday night may see wind gusts of 65 miles per hour on the beach … 80 miles an hour at the mountaintops. = Blackouts warned for Paradise Cove and Point Dume … again. = One killed and two […]

The Malibu city government is trying again to get rid of vehicles parked on city streets for long periods of time. Three years ago … the city council enacted an ordinance banning oversized vehicles from parking on streets. Since then … gigantic RVs and trailers with slide out extensions have cropped up along the Pacific […]

There was supposed to be a city council subcommittee meeting this week … an update on the city’s wildly fluctuating budget situation. The Woolsey Fire … reconstruction fee waivers … the COVID crisis … plummeting hotel tax and B vacation rental tax revenue have all buffeted the city balances. A spending freeze was enacted. So […]

= An edgy night in Malibu … strong winds and two fires … both out. = A third dispatch for a possible fire in Tuna Canyon … where homeless persons again are camping. = Once again … the Paradise Cove and Point Dume are blacked out … or warned of intentional blackouts. = But 15 […]

= JUST IN AT 8:30: Southern California Edison says it may blackout parts of 90265 this morning … as wind gusts of 50 miles an hour arrive early. = People 65 and up can get vaccinated … when the vaccines arrive … someday. = Malibu likely will not have mass vaccinations here … we’re too […]

Yesterday … we reported on the marathon six and a half hour city council  meeting of Monday night. That’s where  new city councilman Bruce Silverstein repeated his charges against the city manager … Reva Feldman … and the mayor … Mikke Pierson. Yesterday … we brought you extensive coverage of the city council members. Today […]

Last night … the Malibu city council agreed on the Pledge Of Allegiance. And as the city council meeting stretched until 1 in the morning … other agreement was scant. Work was put aside … major items pushed off … as bickering and politics consumed the meeting.  As soon residents said afterward … their worst […]

Tonight’s city council meeting in Malibu … it is safe to say … will be unlike any other. Bruce Silverstein and Steve Uhring have virtually no chance of convincing the three other city council members of adopting their agenda. But they are proposing ways to radically alter the way that the city manager runs city […]

= Hospitals overflowing … the Christmas surge about to arrive. = Did Californians hear the pleas of doctors and nurses to stay home? This week will tell. = Worries that a small number of COVID 19 tests done by the county may return a false positive. = But we don’t know if any of the […]

Malibu has bought generators to keep traffic signals going during blackouts …  But the city is not moving out the generators during recent intentional power blackouts caused by the Southern California Edison company. That has some residents shaking their heads … the deal made with Caltrans called for the city to be allowed to supply […]

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