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The cash-strapped City of Malibu does not have the quarter million dollars necessary to do a hydrological study of Malibu Lagoon and Surfrider Beach. Yet. Malibu officials are being lobbied by surfers to come up with a solution to the disappearing sand at Surfrider. For years … local surfers took the situation into their hands […]

=   An arsonist tried to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Woolsey Fire. =   He was arrested Friday trying to light Woolsey Canyon on fire. =   A 17 year old girl working as a babysitter …. killed on Pacific Coast Highway. =   Malibu residents were treated with disrespect, threatened or […]

An arsonist lit a brush fire in Woolsey Canton on Friday morning … one year after power lines at the same place went down and sparked a fire that burned all the way to the ocean. Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies said yesterday that their deputies and a police dog tracked down the arson suspect on Friday. […]

An emergency ban on evicting renters in the City of Malibu goes before the city council tomorrow night. The ordinance is aimed at prohibiting no-fault evictions … ejecting tenants in order to jack up the monthly price before a new state rent control law goes into effect … in seven weeks. City staff is hearing […]

A massive analysis of the city and county response to the Woolsey Fire landed in Malibu on Friday afternoon. The analysis was done by the Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Foundation .. The group has worked with agencies ranging from the FBI to the City of LA fire department and others … doing post-emergency analysis of […]

Malibu is a limited city … we do not own the main street.  We cannot afford the enormous cost of maintaining a state highway through a geologic mess.  Same story on law enforcement … city officials say we cannot afford to set up our own police department. Malibu requires the Los Angeles county sheriff and […]

An independent, non-government review of Woolsey Fire reactions by the city, the county fire department and the county sheriff was issued Friday.  And it is not very kind to the government agencies, which it blames for poor communication, failure to utilize local volunteers, and failure to support local residents who ignored evacuation orders and saved […]

An independent, non-government foundation has interviewed Malibu residents about the government response to the Woolsey Fire, one year ago. And it makes different conclusions that the city’s report on the Woolsey Fire, explaining why Malibu could not get fire engines to help us. It’s also different from the official LA County After Action Report, which […]

It was a 17-year-old girl from Los Angeles who was killed on Pacific Highway Coast Highway in Malibu area this morning. Dulce Maria Ramiro Sanchez, a Los Angeles resident, was killed when her sedan collided with an SUV just after 6 a.m. near Topanga Canyon Boulevard, according to the California Highway Patrol. The other driver […]

=   A car crash may have killed someone on PCH at the east end of town this morning. PCH reopened at 11:40. =   Malibu kids told “it’s OK to be not OK” one year after the fire. =   LA county sheriff will not put deputies onto PCH to direct traffic in outages. […]

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