This is KBUU News – Day 67 of the fire disaster – The Headlines: =  Topanga Canyon Boulevard has reopened to traffic. =  There are no major road closures this morning in the Malibu area. =  The city plans to hire a second person in the public safety department. =  Mass demolition starts next Monday […]

The two Concert On The Bluffs events may have been huge and popular success stories. But the city is giving up on them. Volunteers largely put on the events … two outdoor concerts featuring top notch symphony and ballet performers. They cost the city $45,000 in 2016 and $88,000 in 2017. But it took a […]

Two month after the Woolsey Fire generated a firestorm of criticism of Malibu City Hall … the city manager is proposing adding a staff member to handle fire safety. This is certain to be a lightning rod … for more controversy over the city’s Public Safety Manager … Susan Duenas. During the fire aftermath … […]

Trucks making illegal U-turns in Western Malibu … another joy of driving on PCH. Malibu West got a taste of the future … in terms of the heavy truck traffic that was observed this holiday weekend in Trancas Canyon. One truck a minute was filled with debris in the basins up the canyon. County crews […]

Next Monday is the scheduled start date for the massive demolition Malibu neighborhoods that were incinerated by the Woolsey Fire. The small residential streets of Malibu Park … Point Dume … and other Malibu neighborhoods will be full of trucks and heavy equipment. Property owners who have opted in to the mass debris haul off […]

This is KBUU News – the headlines: =   A dying whale washes up at Trancas overnight. =   The fire chief will appear before an angry city …in Malibu … in a week. =   Kanan Dume is open and clear this morning.  Malibu Canyon and Topanga Canyon … closed. =   Evacuations are […]

Tristan Beaudette should have been warned that a madman was taking shots at random people in Malibu Creek State Park. That’s the charge made in a 90 million dollar claim … filed against the Los Angeles County sheriff office … by the family of the man shot to death while camping with his two little […]

A federal judge in Northern California has made a court ruling that will echo in Malibu. U.S. District Judge William Alsup has ruled that the giant power company … Pacific Gas And Electric … has been negligent in failing to replace its uninsulated …. bare-wire power lines on poles with much-safer … insulated wiring. The […]

LA County fire Chief Daryl Osby is going to face City full of furious people next weekend … in eight days.   Malibu lost 470 houses when the Los Angeles County fire department was completely overwhelmed by the Woolsey fire. Residents are still furious that there were virtually no firetrucks in Malibu November 11th. Residents are […]

Ten inches of rain was predicted over the past week … somehow … Malibu emerges soggy but not flooded. There are no evacuations … the schools are open … and there’s no rain in the forecast for the next seven days. In fact a mild Santa Ana wind is going to set up for tonight. […]

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