KBUU News Thursday – Caltrans Restores 2nd Lane To Malibu, 10 Weeks After Mudslide – $10K Grants Offered To Topanga Merchants – City Reopens Triathlon Competition After Epstein Cancels This Year’s Event – County Lifeguard Sues taxpayers Over Rainbows Making Him Uncomfortable

Written by on May 30, 2024

After 10 Weeks, Caltrans Paints Stripes Around Critical Traffic Obstacle

It only took 10 weeks … but as of this morning … there are two westbound lanes heading towards Malibu at Sunset. 

As KBUU News reported yesterday … the state yesterday repaved the center median.

This morning … the Tranmonto landslide is still there … but there are 4 lanes next to it.

Caltrans has not explained why it took 10 months to come up with that solution … a solution to a mudslide that was 70 years in the making … and that crippled traffic flow into Malibu.

Yesterday … motorists were surprised to see that the yellow paddles on PCH near Gladstone’s had been removed … and the center strip of pavement repaved.

No explanation why Caltrans had no contingency plan.

It’s taken more than a hundred days to find a contractor to remove the Caltrans-installed yellow traffic paddles … and shift the three traffic lanes towards the ocean to make way for the second lane towards Malibu.

The result has been daily… Half hour wait to get through the traffic jam… and the 405 and 101 freeways have also seen heavier traffic as some motorists take alternate routes.

Occasional lane closures will continue Overnight tonight and Friday night.

But the state assures us that two lanes will remain open in each direction during the day.

What a concept. 

County Sets Aside $10,000 Grants For Businesses Blocked By Landslide

Meanwhile … businesses in Topanga Canyon are dying on the vine. 

Caltrans contract crews are working during the day to remove up to 6 thousand truckloads of dirt from the landslide … 1.8 miles up there canyon from PCH.

The dirt haulers are just about the only major traffic in the canyon … north of the landslide … as the dirt is being hauled north to a staging area. 

Yesterday … L-A County announced a program to hand out 10 thousand dollar grants to the small businesses. 

Ronald Foldamont is the chairman of the Tiopanga Chamber of Commerce. 

70327 TOPBIZ

“All the businesses are open, you just can’t get to the beach.

“So we’ve been trying really hard, really desperately, yeah to get the word out, yeah the businesses are open, come spend your money.

“It’s business as usual.”

Foldamont was interviewed by NBC Los Angeles. 

Affected businesses are mostly small artists …. trying to hang on. 

Tiopanga businesses are sponsoring a second Saturday event every month … trying to entice shopper out of LA to make an excursion to the canyon’s quirky shops.

The next event is June 8th.

We should note that some Topanga residents have questioned the idea of drawing crowds to Topanga Canyon … at a time that one of the two roads out of the narrow fire trap is closed. 

If there is a fire… The county estimates it would take eight hours to evacuate Topanga Canyon of its residents.

Caltrans says they will work to open an emergency dirt road past the landslide if there is a disaster.

New Triathlon Results:

Zuma Beach Triathlon DNF,

Malibu Triathlon DNF

The Malibu Triathlon will not happen this fall … and neither will the Zuma Beach Triathlon.

And the Malibu city council Tuesday night voted to revoke the franchise granted to Michael Epstein … to run road races in the fall in Malibu … and to open the bidding process all over again.

The competing event company … Malibu Triathlon … was ousted from the traditional September marathon-swim rqce-bike race this year.

And the exclusive race permit was awarded to Epstein … the guy who founded the Triathlon 35 years ago but then sold it. 

Epstein phoned in from Costa Rica Tuesday to tell the city council … the road race cannot be run safely this year … due to the flooded Zuma underpass and the Trancas bridge detour.


“These issues include but are not limited to: water and mud in the tunnel under PCH at the Zuma Beach entrance, and there constantly changing and evolving construction at the Trancas Creek Bridge.

“The k-rail S-curves and the recent complete closure of the south side construction zone at Trancas are a major issue that resulted in this request.”

But … the Zuma underpass is nearly dry and clear … and the Trancas bridge could be finished this summer … barring another Caltrans screwup. 

But Super League doesn’t see the same problems … and they want back in … this year.

On Tuesday … Michael Lenner held out the offer of running a small triathlon this fall … in exchange for a longterm :


“If awarded a long-term agreement, we can commit to a smaller event this September. This event can provide opportunity for Malibu residents to exercise and enjoy a day at Zuma Beach and continue a 38-year tradition.”

At the Tuesday night meeting … the council members said the entire franchise should be reopened.

Council member Bruce Silverstein pointed out … Epstein only has a city permit … no contract has been signed.


“They decided that unilaterally they are not having a race this year, they don’t need our permission not to have one.

“If there were a contract in place, not having a race would be a breach of contract.

“But we don’t even have a contract.”

Councilman Doug Stewart was reluctant to penalize Epstein for making a safewrty move by cancelling the race this year.


“I want to penalize these people for doing what they thought was a safety issue. that they decided not to run the race because they didn’t think it was safe, and then they lose it.

“That’s not something we want to foster … and then they lose it.”

In the end… Stewart came around and voted with the other three council members to turn down Super League’s offer for a race this September … and let Epstein cancel this year’s race .

Now … the city council will make Epstein and Super League and anyone else make new proposals for this fall … as regards to the 2025 Triathlon.


Lifeguard Making $240,000 A Year Can’t Stomach Working Near Rainbow Flags, Sues Taxpayers For Damages thank you

An LA County lifeguard captain has sued the taxpayers … and says his bosses have no right to tell him to fly the pride flag.

Capt. Jeffrey Little says he removed three rainbow flags from his lifeguard station at Pacific Palisades … saying they conflicted with his religious beliefs.

Little identifies himself as a devout evangelical Christian.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors last year made it a county policy to fly the Progress Pride Flag throughout June for Pride Month.

Little took down the flag at the lifeguards headquarters building at Will Rogers Beach. 

Little claims was … as a result … suspended from his role in the department’s background investigation unit, which is responsible for addressing emergencies on the beach.

He claims the ideologies represented by the Progress Pride Flag regarding marriage, sex, and family directly oppose his deeply held religious views.

Public records show that Jeffrey Little makes 240 thousand dollars per year in salary and overtime.

LA County does not comment on lawsuits filed by its employees. 


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