Malibu BLM Paddle-Out Was Biggest Political Demonstration Here In Years

Written by on June 8, 2020

Tens of thousands of people spilled onto the streets of Hollywood on last night.  There has not yet been a let-up in the most widespread national protests in the United States in generations.

Pasadena, Glendale, Pomona, Compton, other cities all saw protests.

About 200 people showed up for the largest black lives matter protest in Malibu yet.

It was a paddle out at Zuma Beach on Saturday.

We counted 110 surfers in a circle … drifting towards Trancas in a sign of Malibu-flavored show of solidarity and support. It was apparently the biggest political demonstration in Malibu in 15 years, since hundreds turned out to protest a proposed floating petrochemical factory ship 14 miles off the Malibu Coast. m

Carla Zamora was the organizer Saturday.


“We are in ‘a solidarity with surf’ paddle out here at Zuma Beach in Malibu.

“Just trying to come together. … this is a global kind of thing happening actually right now happening at various places around the world drive now.

“We’re just trying to show our solidarity with our brothers in sisters in the black community.

“I let a lot of the local boys know …

“I think it’s important thing to do in the Malibu community because we’re still pretty tender from the fire.

“And I think people still want to continue that love and support and that care that a lot of us felt at that time and a lot of that is still spilling over here.

One appreciative spectator was an African American woman from Palmdale … who had just happened to pick a piece of Zuma sand that was eventually surrounded by 200 Malibu residents for the paddleout.

Stacy says she was not expecting such a show of support for Black Lives Matter  in Malibu.


“No … we actually came really early and there wasn’t very much people out here. “But it turned out great … seeing all these people out here.

“It turned out nice and everyone is having fun and just really enjoying themselves and it turned out really nice.

“I like it.”

1500 people marched in Ventura.

Up in Simi Valley … about 2 thousand marched peacefully.

This … after  a racist Simi Valley city councilman called on the local high school kid who organized the march to call it off.

The city council member also pushed out a joke about washing down the racial equity protestors with septic tank truck water.

The councilman .. is a 30-year veteran officer with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Back in L-A … National Guard convoys were spotted on westside freeways yesterday … heading back to their armories and eventually home.

Downtown Santa Monica was virtually police free yesterday afternoon.

Block after block of plywood board UPS converted into canvasses for murals.

The city looks like it’s ready for a politically active hurricane.

No reported crimes or arrests yesterday.

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