Malibu High Launches 144 Seniors Into World With Little Pomp And No Ceremony

Written by on June 9, 2020

Malibu’s 144 high school seniors will graduate today.

It won’t be a ceremony … there won’t be speeches.

Seniors will be driven into the eastern parking lot … get out of their cars … get their diplomas.

A photographer will take their picture.

Then the next senior.

The awards and scholarship announcements this year … no public announcements.

There are 14 valedictorians.

Straight A students … they earned an ‘A’ grade in all coursework thru their high school lives:

Their names:

Charles Beck.

Xavier Commerford.

Samantha deNicola.

Esme Bolander.

Aaron Bond.

Kendall Ferguson.

Ashlyn Kunnerth.

Jade King.

Lana King.

Kathryn Nadeau

Jibriel Taha.

Janet Ann Purtell.

Jai Raye

And … Aidan Reid.

Congratulations to the Malibu High class of 2020.

As for the graduation itself … it’s not much more than a drive-by diploma pick up.

It’s from 2 to 3 at the school … which is fenced off.

No admittance to spectators.

Vehicles will enter the new parking lot near the football field from the first driveway off of Morning View.  Vehicles circle around the parking lot and exit down the hill back to Morning View. 

If the upper lot is full, drivers will be asked to wait on Morning View to avoid cars idling on the steep hill.

Each family allowed 1 car to drive up to the upper parking lot.

Everyone in the vehicle must be people of the same household – per Los Angeles County guidelines.

There will be no spectators or parking in the school lot.

No one may get out of the cars, with the exception of the graduating student.

Seniors can come in cap and gown or an outfit of your choice.

Students will have their name read and then walk across the stage.

On stage, they will be greeted (no handshakes/hugs) by the principal and handed their diploma. 

After receiving their diploma … school staff will take a picture on stage and directly adjacent to the stage that will be made available after the ceremony.Families may take pictures as well, but must remain in their vehicle.

Expect a gigantic traffic jam on Morning View Drive … this afternoon.

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