Wagner Says DA Has Dropped Probe Into His Legal Residency, Plans To Refund Defense Donations

Written by on June 9, 2020

City councilman Jefferson Wagner says the L A County D-A has decided there will be no criminal charges filed against him …

Wagner has been living under a cloud for several years now …

The L-A County District Attorney’s Office was looking into a complaint that Wagner was not eligible to run for city council … that he had committed voter fraud … by registering to vote inside the city limits.

Wagner has for years lived out in the county … in corral Canyon.

But before he ran for city council eight years ago … Wagner bought a condominium near the Civic Center.

He says he established his legal residence there.

It’s not clear who complained to the District Attorney’s Office … but they have won criminal cases against other elected officials under a similar pattern of facts.

But Wagner was aided by other caselaw that cast doubt on California’s domicile laws.

It was a relieved Jefferson Wagner who made the announcement at last night’s city Council meeting.


“And That case is been dismissed is dropped however the city with look at it.

“I guess the city would say there was no forward progress and so the D-A’s office has not elected to do anything.

“And I do have a great deal of funds that were sent to me by city members.

“And we will be returning those funds in the best way that we can.

“It looks like we can return between 60 to 80 percent of the funds that were contributed because there’s no case moving forward on it.”

Throughout the entire case … Wagner has steadfastly denied breaking the law.

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