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More bitter politics at Malibu City Hall last night. Councilman Bruce Silverstein again demanded that city manager Reva Feldman be given 10 days to clean out her desk. Earlier .. the city council had its fourth secret session to review Feldman’s job performance and continued employment. No action. Only six Malibu residents rose to speak […]

= The death toll in Malibu hits 7 … as a new variant that may be more deadly and may be vaccine resistant spreads in California. = Winds hit 70 miles an hour in the mountains above Malibu. = No damage .. no fires … no blackouts. = More accusations from Bruce Silverstein … a […]

Fire victims will get their fees waived for another year .,. by the City of Malibu. And the city council last night decided not to close a loophole … that allows fire victims to get their fees waived for a rebuild … and then come in to apply for a bigger house. The vote came […]

A seventh coronavirus death has been reported in Malibu. The county does not release any identification … federal privacy laws preserve that dignity. But the seventh Covid victim turned up in the daily numbers report this morning. Our death rate in Malibu is only 54 deaths per 100 thousand population. By comparision …. the death […]

= Nasty Santa Anas are brewing … to arrive tonight at about midnight. = Peak wind gusts of 65 mph on the mountaintops. = L A crosses a tragic milestone … more than 20 thousand dead. = Cities all around Malibu are approving her pay for grocery workers. = Not a peep yet … if […]

= The Internet is back up … after both Frontier and Charter/Spectrum crashed yesterday. = Like cities across the region … Malibu’s city council was cancelled. = And that means two meetings in two nights … Wednesday and Thursday. = The Coastal Commission is going to hear Malibu’s request to ban pesticides. = More Santa […]

Malibu’s Only Local Daily News = We are getting the first statistics on the number of people who have been vaccinated. = Nearly 18 percent in Malibu … just 6 percent in South L-A = Malibu parents are asking …. why are schools open elsewhere but not here?? = SMMUSD custodians want hazard pay … […]

= SMMUSD’s e-mail system has crashed. = Where did that Santa Ana come from? = Overnight wind gusts not in the forecast – gusts top 50. = More good news on the Covid count for Malibu. = Malibu residents might dial back their thermostats … to conserve power for Texas. = Computer centers in Texas […]

KBUU Radio News Headlines … Monday Feb 15 = The 10 Megapods operated by the city of LA and the county of LA are out of first doses. = But there is enough vaccine being held back … for people needing their second doses. = The Malibu Playhouse has lost its lease and the city […]

Landline telephone companies will have 18 months to comply with a new state law … to keep their systems functioning for 72 hours after the electric power goes out. The California Public Utilities Commission yesterday voted to extend that requirement to companies that provide landline service … either old fashioned phones or voice over internet. […]

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