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This is KBUU News – Day 192 … the Monday headlines: =   Two killed on PCH last Friday … another speeding car crash. =   Malibu gets an inch and a third of rain. =  The Nobu restaurant may get its permits yanked … by the planning commission tonight. =   A school campus […]

A second wave of Painted Lady butterflies is flitting about the Santa Monica Mountains. Or maybe the third. There was a huge bloom of butterflies in Malibu in March. All the rain has given the butterflies great impetus to migrate north from Mexico … and breed like crazy. A local entomologist named Anna Howell tells the […]

You may have heard about the conference of local government officials from across California … which erupted into violence over the weekend. It was the Contract Cities Association … a group that counts Malibu as a member. In the convention hall just after midnight … a fight broke out between members of the City of […]

The City of Malibu will consider closing the Nobu restaurant … at the Planning Commission tonight. Nobu is estimated to be one of the most-profitable restaurant in greater L A. It’s a magnet for celebrities … paparazzi … big spenders. It’s also a traffic disaster. Nearly every regular motorist on P C H has a horror […]

The Malibu Foundation has announced it will contribute the cost of converting KBUU’s transmitter to solar power. The foundation is contributing 12 thousand 5 hundred dollars to KBUU’s nonprofit operating corporation. The radio station has been limping along on gas generators since the Woolsey Fire destroyed the structures at Rancho Del Cielo … where the […]

This is KBUU News – Day 192 … the Friday Headlines: = Two killed on PCH last Friday … another speeding car crash. = Malibu gets an inch and a third of rain. = The Nobu cease and desist order goes before the planning commission today. = A school campus in Santa Monica might get […]

=   A pedestrian .. hit by a car at La Costa beach … has died. =   Are you still mad about the roadblocks around malibu during the fire? =   The L A County Sheriffs Oversight Commission schedules public hearings in malibu. =   Malibu may get its 6 million dollars in FEMA […]

There is good news and bad news for the whales off California’s coast. Fewer whales are being hit by ships …ad the big cargo lines are slowing their ships down. But gray whales seem to be starving due to lack of food. At least 53 dead or dying gray whales have washed up along the […]

The City of Malibu is out $6 million dollars … money spent as result of the Woolsey fire and subsequent floods. In normal years … this money would have been reimbursed by FEMA the Federal Emergency Management Agency. But this is not a normal year … and disputes between President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats […]

Six months of upheaval at the Los Angeles County sheriffs office …  and lingering anger and resentment over the road blocks around Malibu during and after the big fire. That’s the backdrop …. as the Los Angeles County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission has scheduled a town hall meeting for Malibu in two weeks. The oversight […]

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