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L A County waterworks officials are still fixing a leak in a big water pipe on P C H at Latigo Shores. A 12 inch pipeline that crosses PCH has sprung a leak. Workers have closed one lane in each direction on the highway. Customers are being served by a temporary pipe … delivering lower […]

Federal agents have made an arrest for arson in Santa Monica. A 19-year-old man form the San fernando Valley is assued of using what sounds like a highway flare to set the Sake House. Micah Tillmon, 19, of West Hills was arrested by the U-S Department of Justice. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and […]

Caltrans crews are changing the colors of traffic light heads in the local area. The backgrounds … the metal plates that surround the traffic lights … are being changed from dull metal colors … to bright reflective yellow. This is so drivers can see the lights when they black out. With Southern California Edison now […]

This is F-M 99.1 … the KBUU Newswire for Thursday = Beaches will be closed stating at midnight … just as high surf arrives. = But just how committed the sheriff is to enforcing the closure order … a bit of a question … still. = Restaurants closed for interior dining in Malibu and elsewhere. […]

Will he or won’t he??? Alex Villanueva is now issuing a third plan on how his deputies will handle beach closures ordered by the Board of Supervisors for this holiday weekend. First … his office said the order woukld be enforced in Malibu. Then … the sheriff himself said he would not enforce it … […]

In a decision with huge implications for Malibu … the California Court of Appeal says Santa Monica’s at-large election system does not intentionally discriminate against Latino voters. And it appears this ruling will means that both Santa Monica and Malibu can continue to have at large voting for city council seats. Malibu lawyer Kevin Shenkman […]

California beach water quality improved in 2019-2020, driven in large part by decreased rainfall.  And heal The Bay’s annual report card says malibu beaches did fairly well … but not so much the beach at Topanga. That beach is so polluted …. that it made the top 10 list of beach Bummers in California. Topanga […]

= 100 cases of COVID-19 now in Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains. = The governor is planning more restrictions to be announced today. = The L A sheriff issues a third position of 4th of July beach closures. = He says Malibu beaches will be closed … sort of. = A cluster of COVID-19 […]

25 Malibu charities were nearly all left disappointed yesterday … when a city council subcommittee divvied up 150 thousand dollars in general grant funds amongst nearly a half million dollars in fundiNG requests. Most agencies got about 20 percent of what they asked for. Some got nothing at all … including Poison Free Malibu … […]

Los Angeles County health officials issued a dire warning Monday that condiutions in the COVID pandemic are deteriorating rapidly. We are now facing with one of their biggest fears: that the reopening of California coinciding with sudden jumps in disease transmission that have the potential to overwhelm public and private hospitals. L A County now […]

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