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This is KBUU News – The Monday Headlines = 55 mile an hour winds hit Paradise Cove overnight …. more on tap tonight. = The city council hears an appeal from the city staff on a city planning commission ruling tonight. = Malibus efforts to separate the school district from Santa Moncia … trudge along. […]

=   8 foot high tides coming Saturday and Sunday mornings. =   Malibu may retreat … from its plan to put up a vehicle gate at the Ponty Dume Nature Reserve. =   But whether this prevent the Coastal Commission from ordering construction of a 22 space parking lot up there … an open […]

Malibu may retreat from efforts to build a vehicle gate at the Point Dume parking lot … But it my be too late to avoid a big fight with the California Coastal Commission. The city manager is recommending that the city withdraw its plans to add the vehicle gate at the Point Dume Nature Reserve […]

Some very high high tides are coming this weekend. The full moon … plus the relative positions of the earth and moon at this time of year … will make these king tides. King tides occur about twice a year when the sun and moon align to enhance the gravitational pull that produces normal, daily […]

=   The Coastal Commission staff says Malibu is underestimating the effect of ocean level rise on beach access at Trancas. =   And they say Malibu keeps people off public beaches to keep non-whites out. =   A 12 point 7 percent increase in major crime in Malibu last year. =   Tye former […]

The California Coastal Commission is going after the Tivoli Cove condos over coastal access at Latigo Beach … and is playing the race card. At this month’s meeting in Long Beach …. the commission will consider a plea bargain with the condo owners at Tivoli Cove. That development has been in violation of public access […]

Here we go again. California State Parks and another state agency are planning to dig out Topanga Lagoon … and recreate a critically-important coastal fish nursery. A meeting is planned in three weeks to describe the project … listen to suggested design elements … and complete necessary environmental documentation. All this happened 10 years ago […]

The City of Malibu has made a big mistake … and is underestimating the effect of global ocean rise on the beaches … and beachfront development. That’s the conclusion of the California Coastal Commission staff … which is recommending that the state reject the proposed reconstruction of a house on the sand …. at Trancas […]

= The city of Malibu is going to get slapped by the Coastal Commission … again. = This time … it’s for drastically underestimating the effect of ocean level rise on beach access at Trancas. = A 12 point 7 percent increase in major crime in Malibu last year. = The former top cop for […]

=  61 mile per hour winds blast Paradise Cove. =  About 80 homes lose their power to tree branches in the lines. =  And over on Broad Beach … 88 houses had a long cold night due to an intentional power outage. =   A head-on crash on PCH traps one person in the wreckage. […]

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