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March 31, 2023

‘Builders Exemption’ And More Apts May Be Heading Towards A Coastal City Near You The California Legislature may require coastal cities like Malibu to add apartments and condos … lots of them. For several months … Malibu planning commissioners have been saying they are confidant that Malibu will not have to follow those new state […]

KBUU NEWS TUESDAY MARCH 28 Snack Shack Steamrolls Through Council, Staff Questioned On Why This Is Even An Issue Malibu’s Little League snack shack steamrolled through the city council Monday  night. The question was not whether there 35-year-old institution should be replaced. question is how fast … both for a temporary trailer … and […]

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Thursday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting.  ====== Support for KBUU Radio comes from the Malibu Brewing Company. Malibu Brewing Company is a locally owned craft brewery, proudly supporting our community, and local public radio.  The tap room at Trancas Country Market is open… serving new menu items […]

Support for KBUU radio comes from Mad Interior Art.   Based in the fashion capital of the world, Milan, Mad Interior Art selects remarkable crystal, porcelain and stone art objects with a remarkable artistic depth …  created by the biggest names on the Italian and international scene.  Shop from home.  Fast shipping. Mad Interior Art dot com … from […]

Malibu’s Planning Commission met for four hours plus last night on the issue of Temporary Use Permits … and they are now further from coming up with recommendations than they were when they started. The commission could not finish its work Monday night … and put off any decision until at least May First. That […]

LA County is proposing a 539 percent increase in building permit fees in the local mountains, to pay for parks agencies to buy habitat. Want to build a house?  Add a corral?  Widen a driveway to meet fire department standards?  Prepare to pay $83,478 dollars per acre of development for an agency — presumably the […]

Malibu’s new county supervisor has revealed where she stands on the Malibu young mens’ prison … she wants Campus Kirkpatrick expanded. Lindsay Horvath wants the medium-security lockup on Encinal Canyon Road to house between 20 to 42 long-term serious offenders.  And don’t call it a juvenile campus anymore … she wants it called a “Secure […]

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Wednesday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting.  ==== City Council Likes Eating Outdoors, But Not Parking Or Crowd Problems Seventeen restaurants in Malibu have moved tables from indoors … to outdoors. All this al fresco dining was .. of course .. due to covid. The outdoor […]

Storms Moving In, 4 Inches Of Rain Possible In Malibu Malibu has so far escaped pretty much unharmed from the series of storms that have been so brutal in the high country this winter,. That may change today. We could get four inches of rain by tomorrow (Wed) morning. Between 4 to 8 inches of […]

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