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= Santa Monica schools using tax money to campaign against Malibu … Malibu is livid. = Tonight’s city council meeting will plot strategy for Saturday’s hearing in school district divorce court. = The Coastal Commission is likely to slap down a Malibu homeowners group today. = California will spend a half billion dollars on fire […]

= The city vaccination clinic rolls on despite the pause in J and J vaccines. = Four homeless people in Malibu dead in four weeks. = At least two of them possibly suicidal … the other two made bad decisions on the highway late at night. = Innocent drivers … horrific crashes …. a whole […]

Santa Monica makes a key concession in the battle over allowing Malibu school district independence … as it has opened up two avenues for separation. But the district’s counter proposal sent to Malibu … for city council action on a tight deadline this week … apparently has no substantive changes. Last Thursday night …. the […]

= Santa Monica makes a counteroffer … apparently not that different from its original divorce plan. = But Santa Monica is offering to let the county experts divvy up hundreds of millions of dollars in Malibu tax proceeds. = The “Wagner Affidavit” … is it a damning indictment of city hall corruption ?? = Or […]

The Santa Monica school board will make a new divorce offer to Malibu today … and in a seven hour long closed door meeting last night … they reaffirmed its desire to divorce the two cities’ school district. After the meeting ended … just after 11 last night … a district spokeswoman said a formal […]

11:05 PM THURSDAY NIGHT After a marathon seven hours of sharp negotiations, all seven members of the Santa Monica Unified School Board agreed on the concept of an independent Malibu district, if a county committee can come up with mutually-agreeable terms. Malibu board member Craig Foster was among the 7-0 vote to ask the City […]

Santa Monica school superintendent Ben Drati says the best and final offer from Malibu is not acceptable to Santa Monica … not acceptable at all. Superintendent Doctor Ben Drati tells KBUU News he will send a formal letter to Malibu today … turning down the so-called “best and final offer” made by Malibu 3-1/2 weeks […]

L – A County now says seven cases of coronavirus are linked to the Pepperdine athletics department. And the number of infections in the dorms at Pepperdine is now 19. Earlier this week … 17 cases were reported in student housing. The student newspaper reports that the Pepperdine baseball team went into quarantine for 10 days […]

KBUU News Headlines – Thursday = An outbreak of Covid 19 positive cases at Pepperdine University. = The mens baseball and volleyball teams cancel all events. … 19 cases in dorms. = Team members who live off campus advised … sleep as far away as possible from their roommates. = Santa Monica’s school superintendent blasts […]

= Schools will reopen this fall … with the end of the color coded tiers. = The Santa Monica school board wants to go into secret session to fight Malibu. = Malibu residents can give them their opinions about that… tomorrow at 4 pm. = Questions are raised over whether Santa Monica can legally call […]

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