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= Malibu city hall is restarting several city functions … like city commissions. = And building permits can now be filed on thumb drives … instead of giant rolls of paper. = Do you need to wear a mask on the beach? The county changes the rules again. = An uptick in the number of […]

Malibu gets shot down … as it tries to campaign for local control of the sheriff’s office. On Tuesday  … Malibu lost an effort to have four sister cities in western L A County jointly protest the sheriff’s broken promises on local civilian control of the Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff Station. As you recall … […]

= Gavin Newsom says stay at home was never intended to be permanent. = LA County sheriff Alex Villanueva is in the hot seat … nationally … over a Black man found dead in a noose. = This as the L A Times reports yet another attempt by the department to hire a disgraced former […]

= The U-S Supreme Court rules this morning … that you cannot fire a person because they are gay. = A motor home burns to the frame in Malibu Canyon … no brush fire. = Malibu schools will reopen in August … but what this will look like … we won’t know for a while. […]

Have you been to the beach lately??? No one is wearing masks … or at least practically no one. Observation ar Zuma Beach … more than 8 out of every 10 people on the boardwalk are not wearing masks. On the sand … hardly any asks to be seen. Zero enforcement … even though Los Angeles […]

Malibu beach parking lots have been reopened for about a month now … but not those in Santa Monica. That has been putting additional crowds on P C H and out to Malibu. Finally … after 4 weekends of open beaches … Santa Monica officials say their beach parking lots will reopen in the coming […]

A brushfire over the hill in Agoura Hills yesterday was put out fairly quickly … But it has a scary message for Malibu. The fire broke out near a construction site at the south end of Liberty Canyon … about 12 miles north of Malibu. yesterday … just before 2:30. L A County sent the […]

The sad case of the woman at the street corner has entered a new phase. The lady has been living on the bus bench at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway at Kanan Dume Road for more than a half year. People had tried to approach her … to make friends with her … to […]

Malibu is the only city on southern California that has waived all building inspection fee and plan review costs for fire rebuilding projects. And now .. the financial cost of that is ballooning. Originally estimated at between 3 and 4 million dollars … the cost estimate went to 4 point 2 million dollars earlier this […]

Campgrounds at Leo Carrillo and Point Mugu state beaches will reopen today. But not the campgrounds at Malibu Canyon. California State parks says they recognize the benefits of the outdoors during this challenging time of COVID-19. The governor’s office says the stay-at-home requests are not being removed … but are being modified to allow people […]

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