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Superintendent Ben Drati has a staff rebellion on his hands over plans to return children to classrooms in the SMMUSD. The Santa Monica school superintendent is stuck with a teaching staff that is not certain it wants to re-enter school classrooms yet. The head of the teachers union last night said it might be time […]

Malibu voters who wonder what kind of city council we have elected … got a taste on Tuesday. City council candidate took to the Facebook platform … and accused the City of Malibu of obstructing access to Voting Centers by Malibu residents who live east of Malibu Canyon. The claimed voting access obstruction? A road […]

Updated vote results released by the county late yesterday … as predicted … have not changed any results. At least … not in Malibu.  Different story in Santa Monica …with a Malibu impact … that story below. Here in Malibu … the one two three finishers are Bruce Silverstein … Steve Uhring and Paul Grisanti. […]

From F-M 99.1 … KBUU News … the Thursday Headlines: =   Santa Anas blowing this morning … 83 degrees at sunrise at Leo Carrillo. =   Updated election results don’t change anything in Malibu … =   … but there is a possible change on the Santa Monica School Board. =   A new […]

Three lame duck Malibu city council members will vote on some important matters tomorrow. Rick Mullen was defeated … trounced really … in his re-election bid. And Skylar Peak and Jefferson Wagner have both served two terms. The city’s voters approved term  limits nearly two decades ago. Although Maloibu voters … early during our city’s […]

Joe Edmiston is being given some money to play with by voters in the Hollywood Hills. In fact … all of the L-A section of the mountains … from the 405 east to Dodger Stadium … will pay into the fund. Edmiston’s special fund won an 83 percent yes vote. The owners of each piece […]

The most anti-Malibu-school-district school board member has coasted to re-election. Maria Leon Vazquez has consistently opposed Malibu independence from Santa Monica. Leon Vazquez won election to her sixth term … in a crowded field of 8 candidate seeking three seats on the Santa Monica Malibu school board. Also winning … Jon Kean … who is […]

Malibu split its vote last night on the city council race. But one decision was clear. Incumbent city council member Rick Mullen was deeply unpopular with just about all segments of voters. Mullen got just 10 percent of the votes … finishing behind six other candidates. The election results as of 2:27 this morning are […]

This is F-M 99.1 … KBUU News … and for Tuesday … here are the Election Day Headlines = Can it end soon enough? Polls close at 8 p-m. = If you want your ballot to be counted … do NOT mail it today. = No civil uprising expected in Malibu … says the sheriff’s […]

Bad relations between Malibu and Santa Monica school officials turned even more sour today … “Shame on you all” … said Malibu board member Craig Foster to the school superintendent …. Ben Drati … in a letter today. Foster called Drati’s letter of last week to Malibu “equal parts deeply offensive, wildly hypocritical and completely […]

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