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Bruce Silverstein’s proposed ordinance … to crack down on homeless persons and camping … is probably unconstitutional and cannot be voted on until city commissions and the city attorney examine it. That was the essential decision of the Malibu city council meeting last night … a decision that did not go well with Silverstein or […]

= Five more cases of Coronavirus in Malibu … vaccine appointments at Ralphs are cancelled. = The vaccine shortage is chronic and critical. = Malibu will not enact a rule against camping and sleeping in the city …proposed by Bruce Silverstein. = Bickering and squabbling at the city council … the homeless issue will have […]

Malibu has just had its 300th positive Covid 19 case diagnosed. 41 of those were in the past two weeks. And while the trends are getting better … the rate of disease is still way too high to consider reopening schools … It will be months before Malibu schools reopen for in person teaching. That […]

If you get an e-mail promising a Covid 19 vaccination … for a fee … you are a mark for being ripped off. And that warning comes as at least one person in Malibu was getting ready a campaign to sell inoculations by a doctor … who would deliver the vaccines at people’s homes. No […]

Some anonymous person … who lives in La Canada Flintridge … has donated two million dollars to held save mountain lions by building a wildlife bridge over the 101 Freeway. Another anonymous gift … 1 point 4 million dollars. A couple from Kansas has contributed $675,000… after reading about the landlocked Malibu mountain lions National […]

= Dry so far … but we will get a dumping of rain tonight. = Warnings about scams … offering Covid 19 vaccine outside the official channels. = Amazingly huge donations … of up to two million dollars … are pledged the Malibu-area cougar bridge. = Local schools will not reopen for in-person construction for […]

Southern California Edison is being ordered to appear before the California Public Utilities Commission …. to explain why it is turning the electricity off so often. The CPUC has ordered the monopoly utility company to publicly respond to complaints … some of them from Malibu … regarding the decision-making, notification and operational procedures from the […]

= Malibu residents complaining to the state about frequent intentional blackouts … and now Edison has been ordered to explain why… and how they will stop it. = 2 to 3 inches of rain are still in the forecast … starting this morning … but the heaviest rain arrives tomorrow night. = The state’s reopening […]

It was almost midnight this morning before the city council sat down to talk about the major issues facing it last night. So much of the evening had been wasted … once again … it took nearly a half hour to agree on the agenda. The meeting broke off … and will restart later this […]

KBUU News Summary – Tuesday Jan 26 = We are back in the purple tier … the most serious … but things are getting better. = Outdoor dining is back on the menu this weekend. = Bruce Silverstein says his “spirituality did not join me” at the last city council meeting … “and for that […]

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