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This is F-M 99.1 … KBUU … the Thursday News = About a hundred protests in Malibu yesterday … but a thousand protestors turned out in Calabasas. = No disruption .. no violence … no invasions … and no overreaction from deputies. = The sheriff ignores the wishes of Malibu officials …. and appoints a […]

Sheriff Alex Villanueva has snubbed the wishes of Malibu’s city manager and mayor, and appointed the man who finished last out of 10 candidates a year ago to be the new captain of the Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station. Lt. Chuck Becerra was the last-ranked choice of Malibu and four city governments along the 101 Freeway, […]

Protests continued across Southern California on Tuesday. It was the fifth day demonstrators have taken to the streets to demand racial justice. Protests centered in downtown Los Angeles … Hollywood … and Hancock Park … at the mayor’s mansion.  They were completely peaceful. Police have significantly increased their presence at the protest marches … Police […]

The acting commander at Malibu-Lost Hills affirms that public safety and officer safety are his number one and number two goals. He warns that the National Guard can easily be brought in if needed. And while he “respects” the right to protest, protecting that right does not make his list of top mission goals. Malibu […]

For the second straight night … Malibu and western L A County were very quiet. There was some scattered looting last night in Hollywood and Van Nuys. Santa Monica was locked down … quiet. But residents of Santa Monica are expressing fury that looters were allowed to rummage through shops for a half day … […]

Controversy over the mowing of weeds on a vacant lot at the Civic Center. A piece of land next to the condos on Civic Center Way … part of it was cleared of weeds by a tractor two weeks ago. That happens every year … has been happening for decades. This year … activists protested […]

Earlier in the day … more than 50 Malibu residents protested at the corner or P C H and Webb Way. Protestors waved signs supporting minority rights … decrying police killings … and decrying the president for egging on right wing extremism. The organizer … Claire Annett … a recent grad of Malibu High School […]

In Malibu … fireworks were shot off last night at Broad Beach at 9:24 p-m. Sheriff’s deputies responded. But did not report any arrests. Mayor Karen Farrer says the city called in more deputies … for standby. Farrer was one of the protestors … standing at P C H at Webb Way … yesterday afternoon. […]

It is important to start this newscast with the name George Floyd. His death at the hands of a white police man …  in faraway Minneapolis … is not the root cause of this. It was merely the spark that set it off … across the nation … in Los Angeles and Long Beach … […]

From F-M 99.1 … KBUU News … the 5:30 AM Monday headlines. = All quiet all night in Malibu … and Santa Monica went under control at about midnight. = But Downtown Santa Monica is going back under curfew at 1 o’clock this afternoon. = The economic aftershocks of Sunday’s looting will reverberate for years […]

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