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18-Year-Old Banned From Driving While Out On Bail For 115-MPH Chase The 18 year old man … who was chased by the CHP into Malibu last week in a 115 mile per hour pursuit … has been ordered by a judge -NOT- to drive any car.  Collin Brath … a Malibu native .. crashed his […]

As KBUU News reported yesterday … some sort of action if happening behind closed doors in the divorce battle between Santa Monica and Malibu over the school district that both unites and divides the two communities. The Malibu city council has scheduled a closed door session next Monday to discuss its litigation against Santa Monica. […]

CHP officers say the 18-year-old man behind the wheel of a BMW was driving at speeds of above 110 miles per hour on the 101 Freeway, on the right emergency shoulder, and led officers on a chase that included a “pit maneuver” on Pacific Coast Highway near Morning View Drive. The Friday afternoon incident ended […]

City Of Malibu Draws Up Its Own Shopping List of 130 Immediate PCH Fixes If Caltrans can’t come up with a list to fix PCH safety hazards … the City of Malibu has one. That’s the essential message from the city … which has just published its own comprehensive list of traffic safety changes for […]

3 Kids Hurt As Car Rolls Off Merritt Drive Near Malibu High Three Malibu high school students were hurt last night when their car rolled off Merritt Drive … just off Morning View Drive. The car rolled off the street and downhill into a yard about 30 feet below Merritt … just east of the […]

9 Foot Waves and 8 Foot High Tides Expected By Thursday Very high tides and very large waves are expected in the next few days along the Malibu coast. Lunar high tides of 8 feet plus are likely … each morning. High tides are tomorrow at 7:36 a-m … Wednesday at 8:21 On top of […]

Cameras from houses on Pacific Coast Highway captured the crash that closed the road Thursday night. But the man who caused the crash …still on the loose. A car heading towards Los Angeles passed traffic that was going 55 or 60 miles per hour … in the 45 zone … according to one of the […]

Hit And Run Driver Causes Head-On, Flees Into Darkness At Big Rock A hit and run driver got away last night … after causing a four car crash on Pacific Coast Highway. The driver may have been injured in the crash … according to deputies. The man may have been hiding from sheriff’s deputies in […]

Work In Progress: After 4 Mishaps, Warning Signs Added To Twisty PCH Detour Caltrans has added additional warning signs on Pacific Coast Highway at the Trancas Creek bridge detours… after at least four crashes or mishaps.  The state has been faced with complaints from the city of Malibu …. Not to mention mention motorists … […]

So what exactly is Caltrans proposing for Pacific Coast Highway? This morning …. KBUU News will take a deep dive into what exactly the state is proposing to fix PCH. First. … what they are NOT proposing to do. Caltrans is not proposing anything to reduce the speed limits … either by road engineering or […]

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