CHP Tried To Force 18-Year-Old Malibu Man To Spin Out On PCH At Morning View – Collin Brath Had Previously Been Reported For Obnoxious Driving In Malibu High Area

Written by on January 19, 2024

CHP officers say the 18-year-old man behind the wheel of a BMW was driving at speeds of above 110 miles per hour on the 101 Freeway, on the right emergency shoulder, and led officers on a chase that included a “pit maneuver” on Pacific Coast Highway near Morning View Drive.

The Friday afternoon incident ended when Collin Andrew Brath, 18, plowed his car into a pickup truck, a concrete mailbox and a Portapotty on Cuthbert Road at 4:30 p.m. Friday in the Malibu Park neighborhood above Malibu High School.

Brath was a Malibu native who had graduated from Malibu High School last year, and his identity was confirmed by CHP officers late Friday. .  CHP officers have not confirmed that. No public information officer is working today, at the West Valley station, and CHP’s South Bureau did not have details.

He remained in jail Friday, with a bail hearing likely Monday.  Brath faces felony charges of evading police, as we’ll as possible other charges that may be filed by the Los Angeles County Attorney at the recommendation  by the California Highway Patrol.  

A young woman who had been in the front seat was not injured in the crash.

Brath’s BMW was first spotted speeding north on Kanan-Dume Road, north of Malibu, where a CHP officer tried to stop him, CHP officer Casey Ramsted told KBUU News.  The BMW sped west on the Ventura Freeway, with the driver swerving around traffic and using the emergency lane at speeds above 110 mile per hour.

He exited the freeway in Westlake Village, looped around and headed back toward Kanan Road.  Given the dangerous, maniacal driving and the fact that officers had the license plate and car owner’s address, the chase was broken off, Ramsted said.

A helicopter spotted the BMW back in Malibu, near the suspect’s house off of Zumirez Road.  But Brath spotted CHP cars waiting for him at his home off of Zumirez Drive, and witnesses say he sped off through a condo complex … and led CHP units on a high speed chase out onto Pacific Coast Highway.

On PCH near Morning View Drive, CHP officers used a cruiser to try to nudge the BMW into a spinout, called a PIT maneuver.   Brath sped up into the streets above Malibu High School, with CHP units close behind and a police helicopter and TV news choppers overhead.

This was in the 29800 block of Cuthbert Road … a bit west of Busch Drive … and Brath crashed his vehicle into a pickup truck .. a large concrete mailbox … and a Portapotty. Neither the teenage driver and passenger were injured … and there was nobody in the Portapotty.

The cruiser that had tried the pit maneuver was slightly damaged.  It pulled up behind the wreck here in Malibu.

The car was a high-end BMW. It appears to have been totally destroyed.

It matches the description of a white BMW that has been described as terrorizing the Malibu Park neighborhood with aggressive and loud driving … with an exhaust system that emits explosive noises when revving down.  

As of late Friday, Brash was still being held without bail in the jail at the Malibu-West Hills Sheriff’s Station.  Under California law, bail has to be set within 48 hours of an arrest, but weekends do not count.

Brath is the second young male driver from Malibu … in a very high end BMW … to wreck his car in four months.

Fraser Michael Bohm … 22 … allegedly killed four Pepperdine students when the BMW hits parents bought him went out of control.  The district attorney says it was going 104 miles per hour. 



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