After the Woolsey Fire: Community Resources

Local Neighbor to Neighbor Updates:

People have been sharing local information by using the private neighborhood social network Get the latest updates from your neighbors including community resources, news and information.

California Wildfire Recovery Resources:

A Statewide informational resource for help specific to California including, local assistance, debris removal information, services, housing, local assistance center info, contacts and more.

File a FEMA Claim:

Talk to a representative or file a claim online. Even if you have insurance, FEMA Can cover gaps in coverage.

Malibu Evacuee Update – November 13, 2018

Live You Tube Video from the City of Malibu at Santa Monica High School “Thanks for tuning into the live stream of the evacuee update. Please submit your questions to [email protected] and we will be sure to respond and post answers to your questions on the City of Malibu’s website at”

Woolsey Fire Structure Destruction Map

This “Crowd-Sourced” map shows homes and building that were either destroyed or damaged in the fire.

=.  Malibu Planning Director again tells the city council: cancel the Triathlon. =.  Richard Mollica concedes the rules say 5-day notice is required, not 32 days. =.  Malibu city council and planning commissions should start at 5 o’clock .. recommends the city manager. =.   Steve McClary wants sweeping changes in the way City hall […]

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Thursday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting.  ZUMA’S TIDEWATER GOBIES ARE TOP ITEM ON 660 NPR STATIONS NATIONWIDE TODAY If you listened to NPR this morning … which you can’t pick up in Malibu … but if you could … this is how Morning Edition started…. […]

AFTER 37 YEARS, ANNUAL TRIATHLON IS CANCELLED OVER SUPPOSED NOTIFICATION CONCERNS 3:14PM UPDATES with organizers saying “it’s over.” The summertime appearance of a lagoon at Zuma Beach, which holds endangered tidewater gobies, spelled the end of the Malibu Triathlon. Malibu’s Planning Commission Monday night refused to grant a permit for the famous endurance race, planned […]

KBUU Newswire Friday =. The Malibu Triathlon loses its permit …endangered fish on the racecourse is a big problem. =. Malibu’s planning commission who hear an appeal Monday … for a truncated bike race in the parking only. =. The arrival of an endangered fish at the Zuma underpass spells doom for its use as […]

=.  Malibu will ban granny flats … ADUs … in neighborhoods without two streets out to the highway. =.  An opponent says that’s illegal … the city is denying residents ADUs that are allowed by state law.  =.  A chain store takes over a Malibu shopping center…. Which just so happens to be owned by […]

Car Crash Into Lilly’s Patio Means No Burritos Today A driver lost control of her car behind Point Dume Village today, and the vehicle took out four support pillars in front of Lilly’s Cafe, putting a temporary end to burritos at the popular Point Dume eatery. The crash was at 9:45 a.m. today (Tuesday), and […]

Major Crime Down 18.6% From Last Year, Deputies Report The major crime rate continues to drop in Malibu, The latest crime statistics from the LA County sheriff’s office show an 18.6 percent decrease in major crimes for the first half of 2023 … as compared to the first half of the year before. Keep in […]

Homeless Count Up 45% On Westside, Including Malibu, But 2021 Undercount May Be To Blame The number of homeless persons in the western LA area has gone up 45 percent … in 2022 … and is still going up. That is the dismal result of the latest homelessness census ,… released yesterday. That may be […]

City Council Swallows Bitter Pill, Approves Haynie Hotel and Its MRCA Campground Funding A bitter pill was swallowed by the Malibu city council Monday night. It approved the conversion of an office building near Billionaire’s Beach into a luxury hotel … The deal includes 800 thousand dollars to subsidize camping in Malibu .. it was […]

Editor’s note: KBUU Radio has a major conflict of interest covering this story, which we acknowledge in advance.    See below. Malibu’s City Council last night said they want the Broad Beach sand replenishment project to go up for another vote … by the landowners in the Broad Beach Geological Hazard Abatement District. And major […]

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