After the Woolsey Fire: Community Resources

Local Neighbor to Neighbor Updates:

People have been sharing local information by using the private neighborhood social network Get the latest updates from your neighbors including community resources, news and information.

California Wildfire Recovery Resources:

A Statewide informational resource for help specific to California including, local assistance, debris removal information, services, housing, local assistance center info, contacts and more.

File a FEMA Claim:

Talk to a representative or file a claim online. Even if you have insurance, FEMA Can cover gaps in coverage.

Malibu Evacuee Update – November 13, 2018

Live You Tube Video from the City of Malibu at Santa Monica High School “Thanks for tuning into the live stream of the evacuee update. Please submit your questions to and we will be sure to respond and post answers to your questions on the City of Malibu’s website at”

Woolsey Fire Structure Destruction Map

This “Crowd-Sourced” map shows homes and building that were either destroyed or damaged in the fire.

Conciliatory words yesterday at the LA County Board of Supervisors meeting … as Sheriff Alex Villanueva headed off an effort to significantly clip his wings. For the time being. The supervisors voted to table and study a proposal by Malibu Area supervisor Sheila Kuehl … to dramatically decrease the power of the elected Sheriff. She […]

Stores are being boarded up … in case of election-related violence … in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. In Malibu … sheriff’s Captain Chuck Becerra says … and we quote … “We do not anticipate any protests or problems in our area on Election Day.” But Becerra says … out of an abundance of caution… […]

L A County supervisors are considering taking Malibu out of the sheriff’s department. Not just Malibu … all of the 40 or so small cities in L A County that hire the L A county sheriff’s office to be their municipal police forces. Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas says major California cities get to hire their […]

From F-M 99.1 … KBUU News … the Friday Headlines = Voting by district in Malibu is not dead … the state Supreme Court wants the case. = It’s election time. Two polling places open tomorrow in Malibu. = Teachers may lose their veto power over school reopenings in Los Angeles. = Santa Monica’s police […]

After six years and 21 million dollars spent on engineering and legal fees … the Broad Beach sand replenishment project is still at least two years away from placing one grain of sand. And if the legal meeting yesterday is any indication … the 30 million project may be bogged down in a morass of […]

Malibu’s Planning Commission has rejected complaints about 5-G cellphone towers … raised by a small and very vocal group of activists. The commission Monday night unanimously approved installation of a new Verizon antenna … on top of a power pole on Point Dume. Verizon’s new tower is not 5-G … but it will be some […]

Southern California Edison has consistently refused to reveal what triggers intentional power outages during high winds. Just how high do the winds have to blow … before the power company will intentionally cut the power to Malibu … and other fire danger areas?? Before the city council … before citizens groups … and in interviews […]

No parking signs may go up at Corral Beach … banning overnight parking from midnight to 2 A-M on one side of the street … and then from 2 to 4 on the other. 45 signs will go up … under city plans approved by the Planning Commission Monday night. But only at Corral Beach […]

KBUU HAS ALL NEWS ALL MORNING. AT LEAST UNTIL 9:30 … THEN SMART ROCK. = Complaints about alleged cellphone tower radiation … dismissed by the Malibu Planning Commission. = Verizon gets permission to improve wireless service on Point Dume. But not Cross Creek. = New coronavirus cases drop to record lows on the westside. = […]

= Malibu city council candidates react to the overwhelming increase in overnight parking along P C H. = After 6 years and 21 million dollars … not one grain of replacement sand on Broad beach. = And now … board members … residents and neighbors are asking if the wheels have come off this wagon. […]

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