After the Woolsey Fire: Community Resources

Local Neighbor to Neighbor Updates:

People have been sharing local information by using the private neighborhood social network Get the latest updates from your neighbors including community resources, news and information.

California Wildfire Recovery Resources:

A Statewide informational resource for help specific to California including, local assistance, debris removal information, services, housing, local assistance center info, contacts and more.

File a FEMA Claim:

Talk to a representative or file a claim online. Even if you have insurance, FEMA Can cover gaps in coverage.

Malibu Evacuee Update – November 13, 2018

Live You Tube Video from the City of Malibu at Santa Monica High School “Thanks for tuning into the live stream of the evacuee update. Please submit your questions to and we will be sure to respond and post answers to your questions on the City of Malibu’s website at”

Woolsey Fire Structure Destruction Map

This “Crowd-Sourced” map shows homes and building that were either destroyed or damaged in the fire.

=.  Officers with guns do not belong on Malibu school campuses … teachers say. =.  The city moves fast for better school security when school starts … in 51 days. =.  The city council fails for 18 months to hire a city attorney … a new interim lawyer is picked. =.  Loud motorcycles are getting […]

Southern California Edison trotted out a media representative out to Malibu last night … to deliver a public relations show about making the overhead power grid safer. There was an 18 minute slideshow.  And … nothing new or useful was said about the fact that Edison has spent millions hardening the Malibu power pole system … with […]

=.   Armed guards at local schools … on the agenda at the Malibu city council tonight. =.   Local police officials want to hear what Malibu wants … but they say there are alternatives. =.   Abortion becomes the biggest issue in California and the nation. =.   A gigantic beach crowd … as […]

=.  Armed guards may greet students at Malibu’s schools this fall. =.  A nasty political fight is resurrected …. that is set to resume Monday night at the city council. =.  Southern California Edison reliability is getting worse … the average Malibu house got 41 hours of blackouts last year. =.  A Billionaires Beach house […]

=.  Malibu’s canyons are going to get cleared out of homeless campers. =.  And the sheriff’s office says it has noticed … the RVs are back on PCH. =.  Seven pedestrians have been killed on PCH this year … all of them transients. =.  It’s still possible that Malibu High School construction can begin this […]

=.  Rogue thunderstorms rolling around the Malibu. =.  Chance for dry lightning … maybe even some spits of rain … 40 percent. =.  The accused Malibu Canyon sniper is guilty if stabbing a cop with a pencil … and sentenced to three years in prison for that. =.   The Malibu High school project is […]

=.   Southern California Edison gets a 10 million dollar fine for screwing up its intentional power outages in 2020. =.  La Niña may be with us for a third winter … and that means the drought will worsen. =.  CHP officers cannot say why a man from Los Angeles driove his Rover into Mugu […]

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the day edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting.  At Least One Killed At Mugu Rock On PCH Another fatal crash on Pacific Coast Highway west of Malibu.  This one was last night .. one person killed … near Mugu Rock. CHP officers say it was a single […]

Editor’s note: minor correction, see below. Anguished Malibu fire victims confronted the City of Malibu last night … over a major delay thrown up by the Coastal Commission’s staff … a delay in fire rebuilds requested by a local political activist.  At least 26 fire rebuilds have been frozen … after coastal staff said the […]

=. First B and Bs … now fire rebuilds … the Coastal Commission has problems with Malibu. =. Santa Monica school officials are really, really sorry about a letter sent to Malibu High School graduates. =. The school district and city stumble again in getting plans ready for Malibu High … another delay. =. A […]

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