After the Woolsey Fire: Community Resources

Local Neighbor to Neighbor Updates:

People have been sharing local information by using the private neighborhood social network Get the latest updates from your neighbors including community resources, news and information.

California Wildfire Recovery Resources:

A Statewide informational resource for help specific to California including, local assistance, debris removal information, services, housing, local assistance center info, contacts and more.

File a FEMA Claim:

Talk to a representative or file a claim online. Even if you have insurance, FEMA Can cover gaps in coverage.

Malibu Evacuee Update – November 13, 2018

Live You Tube Video from the City of Malibu at Santa Monica High School “Thanks for tuning into the live stream of the evacuee update. Please submit your questions to and we will be sure to respond and post answers to your questions on the City of Malibu’s website at”

Woolsey Fire Structure Destruction Map

This “Crowd-Sourced” map shows homes and building that were either destroyed or damaged in the fire.

=.   The possibility of a gigantic earthquake in Santa Monica Bay is much greater than originally thought. =.  A Magnitude 7.8 quake … as Catalina Island moves towards Santa Barbara. =.  The sheriff wins a minor courtroom victory .. a judge clears his office of “judge shopping.”  =.  Malibu’s leaders lining up against the […]

State AG Orders Villanueva To Stop Probe Into Kuehl, Order Computer Search To Be Stopped  Sheriff Alex Villanueva has been ordered to freeze his controversial criminal investigation into his political enemies … freeze it now … and hand everything over to the state Attorney General’s office. California Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta yesterday seized control of […]

=.  Plans to fix the PCH jams at Nobu … are put off by the Planning Commission. =.  Even a city official admitted that the plans were not ready … no discussion of 12 years of zoning violations at Nobu. =.  Green light to water your lawns.  The big pipe in Pomona is fixed. =.  […]

=.  Last night’s power outage cost Malibu taxpayers 500 thousand dollars, district says.. =.  The city council meeting is cancelled … the Malibu High vote put off. =.  You know how they always say … beware long term solar contracts??? =.  Malibu taxpayers are on the hook for a half million dollars to get out […]

=.    20 percent chance of thunderstorms resumes inland … hot and humid on the coast. =.    Malibu Elementary school kids are told a bad biting dog was loose on campus … it was actually an active shooter drill.  =.   The city wants to move noisy LAX jet takeoffs from the Civic Center […]

=.  The water is 72 … the humidity is 75 … and the air is 82 at sunrise.  =.  With winds shifting to the south as the tropical cyclone arrives … we could get an inch and a half of rain this weekend. =.  Or not … we haven’t seen weather like this in decades. […]

=.  A hurricane moving up from Baja sends solid head high waves and overhead sets … water is 70. =.  Five degrees hotter on the beach today … five degrees hotter tomorrow …  =.  But that hurricane may send one half to one full inch of rain to Malibu Saturday. =.  The county supervisors are […]

=.  A little cooler today on the coast … but … more humid and maybe thunderstorms later… =.  Hurricane Kay is expected to push unsettled tropical weather into Malibu in five days. =.  110 degrees inland and 70 degree water … the Zuma Beach parking lot filled up Sunday.  =.   Heat records sizzle away […]

Power Shortage Statewide May Cause Blackouts, Wheezing Old Hueneme Power Plant Generates 100 Noise Complaints Rotating power outages “are a possibility but not an inevitability” in California this weekend … as some power plants are making unusual noises … and others are failing outright …  Up the coast at Port Hueneme … police say they […]

As Dark Skies Ordinance Nears, String Lights Are Already Illegal In Malibu Efforts continue to educate Malibu residents and business owners about the Dark Skies ordinance. The requirements are supported bt a large majority of Malibu residents … but the technical rules are going to require almost every homeowner to make changes.  Taht is the […]

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