After the Woolsey Fire: Community Resources

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Radio station KBUU today filed a request at the Federal Communications Commission for legal authority to simulcast NPR programming during the Coronavirus crisis. KBUU has been given permission by sister public station KCRW to extend KCRW’s signal to Malibu. Malibu is the only municipality in Southern California that does not get a reliable NPR broadcast […]

This is KBUU News – Day 495 – the Wednesday Headlines: = the California National Guard has been placed on alert by the governor. = A food pantry is being set up … for seniors and parents with small kids … in Malibu. = The virus has closed courtrooms … causing a delay in the […]

=   A Malibu doctor wants a tent to test for COVID-19. =   But today … there are no tests available for COVID 19 in Malibu. =   Rebuild Malibu on hold. Construction inspections and plan checks trickling to a stop. =   Ill-tempered people using shopping carts to bang others at Ralph’s yesterday. […]

Yesterday the Malibu city council ratified the proclamation of an existence of a local emergency. And then … virtually shut down city hall. No more appointments for building inspections or plan checks. Except in an emergency situation … The city council grappled with the shut down. Building official Yolanda Bundy said there were some cases of […]

A Malibu doctor says Malibu may need to to set up a medical testing tent … soon. Doctor Dan Katz … from the Malibu Urgent Care Center … says there is a need for a field testing center of sorts in Malibu.. Katz told the city council today that most people who get the virus […]

– Everything (almost) ordered closed until March 31 – Take out only from all restaurants – Gyms closed – Mob scene at Ralph’s distresses Zuma Jay – Building Inspections Wind Down – No More Staff At City Hall For Construction Issues Details every half hour on the radio. FM 99.1 Stream it at

This is KBUU News – the Monday Headlines: = Malibu city council in emergency session today at 1. = A state of emergency closes restaurants in L-A … but not yet Malibu. = Grocery stores in malibu are restocked … but sell out of key items to hoarders. = A 52 percent sewer rate hike […]

Two big storms are moving towards Malibu this week. The first is a cut-off low – a spinning low pressure system that is not being pushed by the prevailing jet stream. “Predicting a storm like this is like predicting the random movements of a spinning top,” says the official NWS forecast.. “Needless to say, storms […]

=  Schools close as a parent in Santa Monica was exposed to coronavirus. =  City Hall switching to appointments only as the city maintains service. =  Law enforcement continues … a man arrested fo felony assault yesterday. =  The local sheriff’s office promises full deployment on Malibu streets. =  The first sheriff’s deputies and firefighter […]

Three L.A. County sheriff’s deputies and five L.A. County Fire Department firefighters are now under quarantine. They were sent to a house in Walnut … 18 miles east of Los Angeles … to attend to a woman  who was in full cardiac arrest … Sheriff Alex Villanueva said yesterday the woman was taken by ambulance […]

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