After the Woolsey Fire: Community Resources

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The City’s new Skate Park will open today at noon. Due to the pandemic … it will have limited hours … from noon to 8. It will have a maximum capacity of 12 skaters at any one time. An online reservation system is up … likely already sold out for today. Skaters can reserve up […]

The issue of changing the way that Malibu elects city council members will go before the city council on June 13th. The city is facing a potential lawsuit … which could force the city to be broken up into five districts … with people in each district electing only one council member. Right now … […]

Three words guaranteed to provoke disagreement in Point Dume … install speed humps. Some residents are adamant that humps need to be installed on Dume Drive … an Fernhill Drive … to slow down the frequently speeding traffic. Other residents are just as adamant that it is a bad idea … that it will slow […]

= Big waves and beach closures today … the worst Fourth of July ever starts. = Malibu opens its first skatepark … in the middle of a pandemic. = Santa Monica cops will write a 100 dollar ticket for not wearing a face mask. = 300 dollar fines in West Hollywood … but no such […]

Zero tolerance for parking violations over the Fourth. But no clear message … to the general public … to stay out of Malibu this weekend … despite the beaches … parking lots and P C H parkign all being shut down. That’s the latest from the L A sheriff … Last night … the Malibu […]

L A County waterworks officials are still fixing a leak in a big water pipe on P C H at Latigo Shores. A 12 inch pipeline that crosses PCH has sprung a leak. Workers have closed one lane in each direction on the highway. Customers are being served by a temporary pipe … delivering lower […]

Federal agents have made an arrest for arson in Santa Monica. A 19-year-old man form the San fernando Valley is assued of using what sounds like a highway flare to set the Sake House. Micah Tillmon, 19, of West Hills was arrested by the U-S Department of Justice. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and […]

Caltrans crews are changing the colors of traffic light heads in the local area. The backgrounds … the metal plates that surround the traffic lights … are being changed from dull metal colors … to bright reflective yellow. This is so drivers can see the lights when they black out. With Southern California Edison now […]

This is F-M 99.1 … the KBUU Newswire for Thursday = Beaches will be closed stating at midnight … just as high surf arrives. = But just how committed the sheriff is to enforcing the closure order … a bit of a question … still. = Restaurants closed for interior dining in Malibu and elsewhere. […]

Will he or won’t he??? Alex Villanueva is now issuing a third plan on how his deputies will handle beach closures ordered by the Board of Supervisors for this holiday weekend. First … his office said the order woukld be enforced in Malibu. Then … the sheriff himself said he would not enforce it … […]

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