After the Woolsey Fire: Community Resources

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A solution may have been found to the problem … of where the city and county can tow away cars that are blocking fire lanes … or driveways … or traffic lanes. Over Memorial Day weekend … a tow yard was set up on the bluffs along PCH west of Trancas Canyon … overlooking Broad […]

There was a small fire last week …. at a secret homeless encampment  hidden in the trees at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway at Malibu Canyon Road. This is the site for the proposed Malibu Cemetery … owned by a Malibu developer … approved four years ago but not built. An 8 by 8 […]

= A small fire reveals a large homeless encampment … open fires below flammable eucalyptus trees. = And just wait til you hear with this fire trap endangers central Malibu … right now. = A woman with seven hungry kids … and no water .. in a Malibu canyon … taken into custody. = Where […]

The Malibu City Council was planning to meet today at 10 … to interview firms to recruit a new city manager. The meeting was cancelled at 9. A Malibu radio station raised objections … over what looked like an obvious violation of the state Open Meetings Act. The one and only item on the agenda […]

= Another sharp uptick in crime in Malibu … but last year was a lockdown. = Santa Monica police report ghost guns are flooding the beach. = The guy arrested at Zuma with four hidden guns has a court date in two weeks. = The Malibu city council wants to hire a headhunter to find […]

= Another death from Covid 19 reported within Malibu = And Malibu’s vaccination rate is below that of comparable cities. = A small plane makes a forced landing on the 101 freeway … apparently in the exit only lane. = Planning to expand nearby airports grinds to a halt … too many people ticked off […]

= Civic Center neighborhoods get a look at the 50 million dollars in sewer connection feeds … coming soon. = Some mansions will Have to pay a half million dollars … condos will pay more than 11 hundred dollars a year. = The L A city council approves looking at housing homeless on the beach […]

= The LA sheriff’s office is accused of ripping off taxpayers in one city. = Malibu city council members have been asking if Malibu is getting what we pay for. = The Santa Monica school board is asking … what’s the opinion of parents on the education climate in Malibu. = How is Malibu positioned […]

= The MRCA official position … there is no problem at the La Costa beach pedestrian whack-a-mole. = How to divvy up the cost for the Civic Center sewer goes out for public discussion tonight. = It will cost 50 million dollars … up to a quarter million dollars per large estate. = Malibu students […]

May 25, 2021

A new city council member had to do some backtracking last night. Bruce Silverstein had questions about why the City of Malibu was allowing a private company … the Malibu Marathon … to take over city streets for two days in the fall. Silverstein had questions: Who chose this event to close a lane on […]

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