After the Woolsey Fire: Community Resources

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= Malibu is on edge … loud motorcades … voting disruptions in other cities. = Santa Monica … Beverly Hills … boarded up for an election unlike ever seen. = Elementary schools begin reopening in Agoura … but a muddled situation in Malibu. = Allegations of favoritism in the handling of a prominent alleged drunk […]

The Woolsey Fire that destroyed western Malibu … two years ago … started not at one … but at two places. That’s according to the official CalFire investigation into the fire … an investigation that is key to the lawsuits filed for the nearly six billion dollars worth of homes and businesses that were destroyed […]

Local reaction is pretty much predictable to the letter from the local school superintendent … coming out against Malibu’s plans for an independent school district. Ben Drati sided with Santa Monica interests this week … in the now-public battle over Malibu property tax revenues. Social media posts are blasting the superintendent … Even longtime school […]

= KBUU gets the first copy of the official CalFire report on the Woolsey Fire. = It started in two places … and there was only one fire truck immediately available. = Edison equipment was the culprit … says CalFire … but the defense contractor Boeing could not deal with two simultaneous ignitions. = And […]

Minutes before Malibu convened a town meeting last night on school district separation … superintendent Ben Drati made it clear that our school district’s official stand is to fight Malibu. The superintendent sent a letter to parents alleging that the Malibu divorce plan would be drastically unfair to kids in Santa Monica schools. But the […]

Caltrans … the City and the L A County sheriff also have some questions to answer after the day-long power outage. When the traffic lights blacked out … why was there no traffic control for 19 hours … at most blacked out Pacific Coast Highway signals?? Three traffic crashes were reported by KBUU listeners within […]

Caltrans and Southern California Edison have some questions to answer … about some apparent mammoth screwups during Monday’s power outage. First … the power company. Malibu officials plan to demand answers from Edison over the massive power outage that left a third of the city blacked out for a day and night. The power company […]

Conciliatory words yesterday at the LA County Board of Supervisors meeting … as Sheriff Alex Villanueva headed off an effort to significantly clip his wings. For the time being. The supervisors voted to table and study a proposal by Malibu Area supervisor Sheila Kuehl … to dramatically decrease the power of the elected Sheriff. She […]

Stores are being boarded up … in case of election-related violence … in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. In Malibu … sheriff’s Captain Chuck Becerra says … and we quote … “We do not anticipate any protests or problems in our area on Election Day.” But Becerra says … out of an abundance of caution… […]

L A County supervisors are considering taking Malibu out of the sheriff’s department. Not just Malibu … all of the 40 or so small cities in L A County that hire the L A county sheriff’s office to be their municipal police forces. Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas says major California cities get to hire their […]

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