After the Woolsey Fire: Community Resources

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The Adamson House … at the center of Malibu’s history and heritage … is in danger of washing away. The beach at Surfrider Beach … at the Malibu Lagoon … and at Malibu Pier is severely eroded. A major storm … on top of a big swell … could spell disaster. The Foundation that runs […]

Real life is not a police show. That’s the basic message from Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies … as the first official report on last Friday’s murder was released at last night’s city council meeting. Lieutenant Jim Braden said … not much new. NEWSCART 73501 BRADEN 187 “The homicide investigation is ongoing and I know […]

= Detectives have nothing new to share about Friday’s homicide. = But the sheriff’s office is going after car clubs hosting unofficial events in Malibu. = We’ve gone one week without any new Covid-19 diagnoses in the city limits. -= The governor has again doubled the firefighting budget … again. = Why does the Malibu […]

KBUU RADIO NEWS FRI MAY 21 POSTED KBUU NEWSWIRE MON MAY 24 New reliability statistics from Southern California Edison show that the average Malibu power customer was in the dark for 1,478 minutes during 2020, a cumulative set of electric failures that is seven times worse than the SCE average. And in the trouble-plagued Cuthbert […]

KBUU Monday News – Since 2015, Malibu’s ONLY Local Daily News: = Minor mudslide on PCH at Point Dume this morning. = No much news released by the homicide detectives … after Friday’s apparent murder near Paradise Cove. = Hikers shooed away from the popular web of trails … as fire mop-up continues above Topanga […]

= How bad is Edison power service in Malibu? Try seven times more blackouts than average. = KBUU obtains reliability statistics … the Cuthbert circuit lost power for 3655 minutes last year … that’s 60 hours! = Henry Stern’s proposal to force Edison to improve Malibu circuits moves ahead in Sacramento. = The leading candidate […]

KBUU News Wed – Palisades Fire settled down again last night – now 48 percent contained = The suspect may or may not be a homeless man … as a political firestorm about that develops. = Malibu and L A County make great progress against Covd … Ventura County not so much. = Malibu’s controversial […]

A dozen oak tree saplings were planted just north of the 101 freeway in Calabasas last week. It’s part of a plan to convert both sides of a four mile stretch of the freeway from a fire corridor leading towards Malibu … into a green fire break. The brown hillsides along the 101 at Liberty […]

Malibu has a tow–away problem. What to do with cars that block traffic … block driveways … block fire lanes. Last summer … that resulted in at least one resident having to spend the night in a hotel because she could not get into her driveway or park anywhere close. Public safety commissioners have been […]

= Vigilantes had the wrong fire suspect, “Citizen” App apologizes. = After 6 years of traffic mess, Malibu is still stuck with the Nobujam. = Planning Commissioners hope city will reason with MRCA – like we said, fat chance. = A donkey went to school on Point Dume …. not wearing a mask … it […]

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