After the Woolsey Fire: Community Resources

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As you may have heard on the national news … a group called the Small Business Association has released the federal government’s list … names of businesses that have received emergency Paycheck Protection Program loans. These are loans … which probably will turn into federal grants … designed to keep people employed. Among major PPP […]

LA County sheriff Alex Villanueva is mounting a public relations fight … trying to pressure the L A County Board of Supervisors on budget cuts. L A County is facing painful program cuts and job losses in every department. Last week … supervisors approved cutting more than 3,200 county positions. 14 hundred of those jobs […]

Public health officials are sounding the alarms: hospitalization rates are rising in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. The death toll now …. 3494 in the two counties. One in every 140 people might actually have the coronavirus It has infected more than a confirmed 116,000. 56 cases in Malibu … still one confirmed death within […]

KBUU NEWSWIRE – 8:37 UPDATE Another water main leak … this one on the water main that serves western Malibu. It’s also at Latigo Shores … But the county says it is unrelated to the leak that sprung up .. on the branch pipe swerving Latigo Shores … last week. The two leaks are not […]

= A takeover in the Santa Monica Mountains … CHP busts it up. = Alarm bells ringing … young people are showing up with Coronavirus in emergency rooms. = the LA sheriff wages a PR war … and goes on Sean Hannity to politically attack the county supervisors. = Schools must reopen says the president […]

Santa Monica – Malibu school officials tomorrow night will listen to Malibu parents. How to reopen the schools this fall. Superintendent Ben Drati has already had such meetings with parents in Santa Monica. There. he noted that the plan for Santa Monica may be different than the plan in Fresno … or any other city. […]

Malibu’s skateboard park opened on Friday. A large crowd about 40 people at midday. All of the adults … there to watch their kids … they all had masks on. Very few of the kids had masks on. City community services director Jesse Bobbett. NEWSCART 74000 BOBBETT SKATE 111 “So you can actually be skating […]

Beaches are back open this morning. And … compared to years in the past … this year’s Fourth of July did -not- see a particularly large amount of illegal fireworks in Malibu. But the Malibu was left in a fog of fireworks smoke on the fifth of July… blown in from cities like Oxnard or […]

From F-M 99.1 … KBUU Newswire for Monday = Malibu beaches are open this morning. = Not an overwhelming amount of fireworks in Malibu … = But we were immersed in a choking fog of fireworks smoke from LA and Oxnard. = The skate park is open … the kids are ecstatic … = Some […]

No fireworks. No parking. No beaches. No gathering with friends. What is clearly the suckiest Fourth of July ever is here. Surf is up … we can hear the waves at the radio station this morning … and we’re two blocks inland. And the beaches are closed. At least … supposedly they are closed. It […]

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