After the Woolsey Fire: Community Resources

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Some Malibu Parents Still Demanding Armed Guards At Schools, Teachers And Other Parents Strongly Opposed School District Says Armed Patrols Off The Table If Not Sworn Officers It’s been two years since the murder of 19 children and two adults in Uvalde Texas … It’s  also been two years since the Malibu city council started […]

City Says 34 Malibu Parcels Have Sand Erosion Or Landslides In El Niño Year 34 properties in Malibu area being watched by the city for landslides or sand erosion … in this Elk Nino year.  And a major winter storm appears to once again be bearing down on Southern California City manager Steve McCarty at […]

This late word… Malibu’s long-awaited municipal skateboard park may face a legal delay. Developer Scott Gillan threatened lawsuit against the city may be going forward.  The Malibu city Council is going into a special closed door session tomorrow at 4 PM to discuss a possible anticipated lawsuit. Last November … the developer ap[peared before the […]

Caltrans Changes The Book For Designing City Streets: 35 MPH For PCH-Like Roads Caltrans has quietly revised its official policy on handling unsafe traffic designs … that lead to speeding and deaths … in a move that could have major implications for Malibu. Since the day it was created … the California department of transportation […]

A waterspout may have formed just off the Zuma Beach coast last night … as a last wave of rain blasted through the Malibu. The National Weather Service issued a very unusual severe storm warning at 7-27 last night … warning that waterspouts or tornadoes were possible.  A blast of cold air moved downtime coast […]

Santa Monica school board officials said last night … the answer to political representation problems is getting rid of Malibu as soon as possible. That was the upshot of last night’s public hearing … by a committee set up by Los Angeles County school overseers.  The longstanding school board majority … trying to fight a […]

Rain Tonight, Huge Rain Predicted For Mon-Tues Rain will fall in Malibu tonight … probably starting around 4 in the morning.  This will be a solid rainstorm … maybe an inch by tomorrow… maybe more. But all eyes are on what is shaping up to be the largest storm of the season … setting  up […]

About 8 hours of heavy rain will hit Malibu at about 3 Thursday morning … according to the latest forecast from the National Weather Service. Total rainfall: about 2 inches.  More on the weather … in just a few minutes. Defense Attorney Insults Mother Of Murdered Boys Attempts by a defense lawyer to shift blame […]

SF’s State Senator Has Had It With Caltrans, Wants To Force Safe Streets If Caltrans won’t implement a safe street policy for Pacific Coast Highway on its own … the California Legislature might force it on the agency. That’s the gist of a bill proposed by state Senator Scott Weiner. Juts like PCH in Malibu […]

Staff Announces Plans To Speed Up Traffic In Construction Zone, As City Draws Up List Of Traffic Calming Efforts It Can Sneak Past Caltrans, As Part of Malibu city government is talking about reopening closed lanes on Pacific Coast Highway to speed up traffic, while at least one city council member wants to add lane closures […]

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