After the Woolsey Fire: Community Resources

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Santa Monica-Malibu school officials are warning parents that they cannot simply pull their kids out of school and declare that they are homeschooling. Superintendent Ben Drati sent a letter out yesterday … noting that the Coronavirus pandemic has caused more parents to homeschool their children. Drati says that a “Private School Setting” … which is […]

= Santa Barbara restricting use of its beaches over Labor Day. = But with temperatures expected to hit 115 in L-A … no Labor Day crowd controls here. = A statewide ban on nasty rat poison … appears to have passed in Sacramento. = Malibu parents are warned … you just can’t pull your kids […]

Malibu’s ban on pesticides has run into a delay at the California Coastal Commission. The ordinance is aimed at preventing the poisoning of local wildlife … who die gruesome deaths when anticoagulant poison intended for rats works it was up the food chain into large birds and mammals. The Coastal Commission has to approve the […]

= It finally happened – a car smacks into the back of an RV parked along PCH. =  Malibu is oversaturated with cars over the weekend. = Car enthusiasts at Malibu’s civic center told they are unwelcome. = Monster trucks at Zuma Beach… same thing. = Malibu Canyon Road is open again … after neing […]

From F-M 99.1 … the KBUU News Friday Headlines: = Two escaped alleged murders .. and a little girl … taken into custody on PCH = Coronavirus detected at a Malibu area residential treatment center for teens. = The city is getting National Preparedness Month seminars ready. = A mountain lion and a bobcat … […]

= The death toll is now two … two teenaged boys killed when their car went off Stunt Road. = L A County says ignore the White House … get tested for COVID if you have been exposed to someone with the disease. = California will have capacity soon for a quarter million Coronavirus tests […]

From F-M 99.1 … KBUU News … the Wednesday Headlines: = One killed .. one rescued from a car over a cliff above malibu. = Another budget whack at the city of Malibu budget. = But layoffs may loom … no city employee took a voluntary early buyout package. = Santa Monica cracks down on […]

Power plants that sit next to the ocean … and boil tons of ocean water every day to generate steam for electricity … have been a fixture in California for decades. But they are heavily polluting of the air … they use old and inefficient methane boilers … and they boil to death millions of […]

For the second time in a row … the Malibu Planning Commission was overturned by its bosses on the city council on house project. This time it was a house on Cuthbert … near Busch. The house burned in the Woolsey Fire … and in order to set it back further from National Park trails […]

= Malibu will draw up an ordinance to further restrict cell towers. = Speed humps for Malibu are again demanded … by residents and the city council. = The planning commission again gets slapped down by their bosses at the city council over neighborhood character. = Some heavily polluting coastal power plants near us may […]

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