Where to find KBU

In your car, in your house, on the radio!

Radio Malibu on the air: 99.1 in ALL of Malibu. Our signal reaches from Neptune’s Net to Big Rock, with a few drop-out areas on the coast where cliffs block the signal.

BONUS: we also come in along PCH in Santa Monica, and on the PV Peninisula near Lunada Bay.  Also, along the beach in Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach!

Stream KBU anywhere in the world!

Radio Malibu streams at both www.kbu.fm and www.radiomalibu.net . It works great from this player … get the radio playing on your phone, then activate the Bluetooth to your car radio system.

On your fancy Internet device!

Find us in the list of local radio stations on Sonos, or those other internet based radio devices.

Alexa!  Googlething!  Play KBUU-LP!

That works too!

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