KBUU News Thursday: Developer Offers Compromise At Skate Park, City Cannot React Publicly = Range Rover Sideswipes Truck Stopped In PCH Median To Unload Equipment = Caltrans Waiting For Coastal Comm Permits To Protect PCH From Collapse Near Malibu = Surprise DUI Arrest Of Witness In Grossman Murder Trial: Oaks Christian Baseball Coach

Written by on February 15, 2024

Developer Offers Compromise Over Skate Park Design, City Council In Veil Of Silence

There may be a compromise in the dispute between a developer and the city over the Malibu skate park at Bluffs Park.

But it’s uncertain what action the Malibu city council took yesterday …. behind closed doors. 

As KBUU has been reporting… the builder of a luxury house next-door to the proposed skateboard park has threatened to sue the city.

The developer… Scott Gillen … says the city is going to violate the agreement he made to donate the land plus $1 million to build the skate park… In exchange for permission to build five multi multi million mansions surrounding the park.

Gillen’s spokesman is Robert Gold … and at a special city council meeting yesterday … Gold said the proposed design violates the deal.

NEWSCART B70108 PARK GOLD 1111 noise would be unimpeded.

Gold told the council that the skatepark was too high, too close to the luxury subdivision, and in violation of the deal made by the city and the developer.

And Gold points out that the deal is actually written into the city’s zoning code and Local Coastal Program.

Several skate park enthusiasts were either side of the issue … spoke before the city council went behind closed doors to discuss a possible lawsuit from Gillen.

Andy Lyon demanded that the city ignore the developer.


“They got their deal, they made a deal, let’s keep going. None of those changes to the park. We need to have a skate park, we need it now. I don’t want to hear about we can make a change and lower it. The only person who is benefiting in, that would be Scott Gillen.”

Hamish Patterson … on the other hand … said the developer had a pretty good point about the current plan … violating the original agreement.


“Robert Gould and Scott Gillen …  for the entire time have been saying the exact same thing … like a broken record. Every meeting I’ve been to.”

The developer offered as compromise.

Again … Robert Gold. 


“I am pleased to report that we recently had a productive meeting with staff. And based on that meeting, we have submitted a summary of terms of agreement that you will be reviewing this afternoon. We are proposing to install the skateboard platform, so that it’s only 18 inches above existing grade, and moving the entire structure 10 feet to the west.”

Gold says the cost for the slight adjustments will be paid for by Gilken … and the construction will not be delayed.


“Under the proposal, the cost of the proposed changes would be born by Scott, and because the preparation of the construction documents has not began, incorporating the changes will not result in any delay.”

The city council apparently found itself legally unable to comment on the proposed challenge.

We say apparently … because no announcement of a decision was made yesterday.

And that makes sense … 

We’re reading tea leaves here … but it appears that California law says … the city council could not have taken any action even if it wanted to.

Even with he proposed compromise … thee current skateboard park plan is right now under appeal by Gillen to the city council … .

That means official silence is required by state law.

It would appear that the revised skateboard compromise will have to first go back to the Plannng Commission for a decision.

Range Rover Driver Sideswiped Truck Stopped In Middle Of PCH Before Fiery Crash

More information today about that fiery crash on PCH in western Malibu that just completely demolished a Range Rover. 

Sheriff’s Sgt Chris Soderlund.


“Preliminary investigation revealed that the range rover was traveling westbound on Pacific Coast Highway where, for unknown reasons at this time it veered into the center median where a 18 wheeler truck was parked, dropping off construction equipment.

“And the Range Rover clipped the trailer of the big rig and lost control and caused it to flip multiple times.

Passersby got the driver out of the demolished Range Rover … crumpled into a mess … just as fire erupted. 


“The fire department ended up medically evacuating the patient via helicopter to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.  

“He has major injuries, but fortunately it looks like he will live.”

The sheriff’s sergeant said the truck was unloading a big piece of construction equipment on PCH near the western malibu city limits at Leo Carrillo beach.

Although trucks are banned on PCH of they have more than three axles … local deliveries are allowed.

And this was a local delivery.

NEWSCART B70109 ROVER 333 big rig to stop

“There is no good area for a big rig on PCH, but if it was parked on the shoulder, I would’ve blocked one of the lines of traffic partially. 

“So it looks like the median was the safest place for that big rig to stop.”

Of course … parking is not allowed in the center median of the highway. 

Although the gigantic lowboy trailer had nothing to do with causing the accident… Sheriffs traffic, investigators are determining, whether to cite the driver for illegall parking.


Caltrans Is Waiting For Coastal Permits Before It Can Shore Up PCH Erosion Near Getty Villa

Caltrans officials tell KBUU news they are asking the state coastal commission for approval to fix Pacific Coast Highway near the Getty Villa museum… Where ocean waves have washed away the shoulder of the road.

But it’s not clear what exactly the plans are.

Several hundred feet of concrete railings have been placed alongside PCH just past maestros restaurant.

For six months now … a cliff of dirt and sand is all that stops the ocean from taking lanes out. 

A similar ocean wave erosion issue up near Mugu Rock has eating away the shoulder there… Forcing the road to be closed from sunset to sunrise.

9700 cars day use PCH at Magoo… But 63,000 cars per day use PCH at sunset… And the loss of traffic lines there could be catastrophic for Malibu.

But for the time being… Protection of the wall of dirt that is holding up the highway against ocean waves is hung up between the California Coastal Commission and Caltrans.

Caltrans Wants City Permit To Convert Blinking Yellow Xing To Stoplight

Caltrans is going before the Malibu planning commission on Monday to ask for permission to install a stop light at the crosswalk in the middle of Malibu currently regulated by a flashing yellow light.

Caltrans engineers say the blinking yellow light confuses drivers… who don’t realize state law requires them to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk. 

The state plans to change out the flashing light with a regular traffic light.

They say the proposed project will improve pedestrian and vehicular safety at an existing pedestrian crosswalk. T

he proposed poles are the same height as the existing poles at the crosswalk and no associated development will impact scenic or visual resources along PCH. 


Rebecca Grossman’s Drinking Pal Arrested For DUI

The defense continues to put on its case trying to keep Rebecca Grossman out of prison.

She is accused of the double murder of two little boys ion the crosswalk off a street in Westlake Village.

Yesterday … the defense brought in a traffic crash investigation expert rom Texas.

He testified that LA Cou8nty sheriffs’ investigators … from t he Malibu Lost Hills sheriffs station ,… have been poorly trained and don’t know what they are doing. 

Another defense expert testified that surveillance cameras in the area showed that Rebecca Grossman’s speed around 52 mph a few hundred feet past the crosswalk.

Herhusand … Doctor Peter Grossman … carefully testified yesterday about his wife.

He said he never was aware of any alleged bad driving habits exhibited by his wife.

Previously, a California Highway Patrol officer testified about a speeding ticket he issued Rebecca Grossman in 2013. She had been driving 92 mph on Highway 101 in Agoura Hills, he said.

But it appears that the jury will not hear evidence about three other speeding tickets racked up by Rebecca Grossman … including one on kana Dumne Road in Malibu,

If her husband testified about her driving habits, prosecutors could bring up those other speeding tickets, the judge said before Dr. Grossman took the stand

Meanwhile … one of the former LA Dodgers who had been drinking in a bar with Rebecca Grossman in the hours before the fatal crash has been arrested for DUI. 

Royce Clayton was picked up for DUI this week.

Clayton is the baseball coach at Oaks Christina High School.

Clayton had testified at the trial that he drank margaritas with Grossman and her then-lover, former Dodgers pitcher Scott Erickson, in September 2020.

The fun night at the bar was just before Erickson and Grissman sped through the crosswalk where Mark and Jacob Iskander, ages 11 and 8, were struck and killed.


Rain Coming: How Much?  Ask The Magic 8-Ball

Thwe world’s weather computers are in disagreement over a big pacific storm that appears poised to hit Southern California early next week.

The evolution, timing and trajectory all remain uncertain … some computer runs favor a very wet close to shore slow moving system.

Others say not so much.

Sunday there is a 40 to 50 percent chc that it will be dry. 

Sunday night … maybe a 40 percent of rain across VTA and LA counties with  a quarter to a half inch of rain expected.  

But there’s a 15 percent chance of more rain than that … and a 15 percent chance for only a trace.

Monday will rain almost all day long … and Malibu will see significant rain. 

Maybe 2 to 3 inches.

Expect ] high surf this afternoon through late tonight. Then, a series of strong Pacific storms will likely drive large

long period west to southwest swell towards the region.

Surf will top out with 10-15 foot waves possible for west-facing beaches south of Point Conception.

The highest chances for coastal flooding will be Sunday morning and Tuesday morning. South-facing

coasts will be most susceptible to erosion or flooding early Tuesday.

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