KBUU News: Car Crash Closes Lilly’s – Nobu Blamed For Massive, Illegal Party, 70 Buses And Limos Parked In PCH Center Median – City Again Blasts MRCA For PR Stunt – 107º In Valley By Friday – SCE ‘Donates’ $35M For massive Fire Choppers – L A County Fights To Keep Ugly Radio Towers – Dog Busted Out Of Hot Car At Zuma, Owner Arrested

Written by on July 11, 2023

Car Crash Into Lilly’s Patio Means No Burritos Today

A driver lost control of her car behind Point Dume Village today, and the vehicle took out four support pillars in front of Lilly’s Cafe, putting a temporary end to burritos at the popular Point Dume eatery.

The crash was at 9:45 a.m. today (Tuesday), and it caused a mini-geyser as water from a broken fire sprinkler gushed into the wreckage from below the sagging roof.

The woman driver was soaked and dazed, but taken to the hospital in apparent good condition.

Lilly’s and a nearby beauty salon were ordered closed for the day, or until structural repairs can shore up the roof.

Nobu Again Ignores City Rules, Jams PCH With 70 Party Buses and Limos Parked In Center Median On 4th, Sheriff Claims

Now we officially know what caused that mammoth traffic jam in eastern Malibu on the Fourth of July,.

Nobu … another illegal and way overcrowded Nobu Fourth of July party …

that hosted a reported 700 people.

Fourth of July traffic was jammed.

Sheriff’s deputies were confronted with parked tour buses in the middle of the street … blocking traffic.

LA sheriff’s sergeant Chris Soderlund says the impact on the community was more than the sheriff’s department could handle.


“They were party buses, limousines, private coaches, and what they did was – because there wasn’t any parking for them – they took over the center median and left their vehicles there on PCH and left their vehicles there.

“There were dozens and dozens of vehicles..

“One deputy showing up really can’t do much, in that instance.”

Not the first time … and Malibu city officials are furious.  City councilman Steve Uhring:


“We gotta do something to stop Nobu from doing whatever they want, whenever they want.  They just don’t care.”

The sheriff’s office plans to have a meeting with the restaurant … again.

There have already been more than one such meeting.

Nobu has repeatedly been accused … by city officials … of violating its city permits and jamming PCH.

For years … the city attorney has been investigating the case.

In fact … the city has had an open investigation into Nobu zoning violations that stretches back more than five years.

But the city’s zoning enforcement at Nobu has been a spectacular fail.

The sheriff estimates 700 people at the 4th of July party … nearly double Nobu’s operating permit.

Dozens of buses … limos and cars parked in the center left turn lane.

Traffic at a complete stop.

The restaurant’s owners have in the past claimed they are not operating illegally.

We will seek comment from Nobu today.

County Fighting Malibu To Keep Monstrous Radio Tower, City Still Acting On Permit

The County of Los Angeles is fighting Malibu on the ugly radio tower plunked in front of Malibu’s community college campus.

Malibu residents … by and large … are shocked and offended by the gigantic red and white radio tower.

L A County officials built the radio tower while the Santa Monica College district was building its new Malibu campus.

And now …. a city official says a city planner may have signed off on the current design.

Richard Mollica … the planning director … says LA County will not back down.


“The applicant for the county has informed us, if I understand correctly, it’s county counsel’s opinion that they have approval for that height because that height was shown on the project plans that went before the Planning Commission, and also were part of the public presentation given by the staff planner when they showed the sections ,as well as 3-D renderings of the proposed development.”

Mollica did not say if he agreed with the county lawyer’s stand … that the city planning department okayed the blueprints for the massive tower.

Mollica’s assessment was delivered last night at the city council meeting … and it reveals that the county’s lawyers insist that the tower stay.

Mollica says the city still has to grant a conditional use permit … for the tower.


“They’ve also, as part of their application, worked with us to address the color issue and the lighting issue.

“They are not addressing our concerns about the height.”

Bottom line … the city is withholding a permit to install antennas for the sheriff and other users … possibly including cellular phone companies … on the gigantic structure.

And the county is pressing ahead …. Fighting effort s by the city to lessen the height of the tower that ate Malibu.

SCE ‘Donates’ $35 Million For Massive Water Dropping Choppers

Three gigantic new helicopters are on standby in the Malibu area for at least the next six months … ready to dump tons of water or fire retardant on brushfires.

Two of the three are Sikorsky CH-47 Chinook helicopters …. massive twin rotor helicopters that can suck 3 thousand gallons of water in 90 seconds from a pond.

That’s 25 thousand pounds each trip … equivalent in weight to about 8 S U Vees. 

Two CH-47s are parked in the San Fernando Valley and down in Orange County … a smaller but still big new fire helicopter is parked just up PCH in Camarillo.

The three choppers are called the Quick Response Force … the QRF. 

They are dispatched in unified command … meaning at least tow of them can be in Malibu within minutes … the third is just a little further away.

And they can fly at night.

Orange County fire chief Brian Fennesy … yesterday … at a demonstration.


“For the first time in history, dropping large volumes of fire retardant at night will be possible.

“No longer will retardant drops be limited to daylight operations. 

“This is the future of aerial firefighting.

The choppers have been rented for six months … and are being paid for by your electric bills. 

Southern California Edison is using its rate base to pay for the firefighting tools.

An SCE president … Steven Powell … 


“SCE has nearly doubled its contribution – to about $35 million – to pay for this quick reaction force to be available year-round… not just in the peak fire season. These helitankers are really impressive tools.”

It’s not clear if SCE is donating the 35 million dollars out of its corporate accounts … or charging the cost to ratepayers.

The twin blade chinook based in the San Fernando Valley will be instantly recognizable. 

Its red white and black … with a giant number 55 on the fuselage.


City Claims MRCA Signs Were Unsafe, As MRCA Paints Malibu As Rich Spoiled Brats

It’s looking more and more like the MRCA picked a deliberate fight with the city of Malibu … to make itself look good.

The Mountains Resource Conservation Authority splashed the Internet on Saturday … boo-hooing that the City of Malibu had yanked out three of its “beach access” signs marking public beaches near Lechusa Beach.

City manager Steve McClary last night said that the MRCA ignored city rules and common sense safety rules.


“There was no advance warning.

“When the signs went up we did contact them and let them know that they needed permits and asked if they could remove them. And they said they would remove the signs, (but) they ultimately did not. 

“And that is when we removed them, and we contacted them and made arrangements for them to come and pick up the signs.”

Several out of town news agencies picked up on the MRCA publicity campaign.

“Wealthy City removed beach access signs” read the headline in the San Francisco Gate. 

Missin accomplished … MRCA.

We’ve asked the MRCA director and PR lady for comment.

As usual … they refuse to talk to Malibu reporters. 

New Malibu City Official Brought In From Inferno

Malibu has a new deputy city manager. 

Alexis Brown has been hired by City Manager Steve McClary. 

She has been serving ad the assistant city manager in Imperial .. a small city in the Imperial Valley.

Imperial holds the national record for the hottest temperature ever recorded during a rainstorm/

Three years ago … heavy rain fell … while it was 119 degrees there.

Welcome to Malibu … Ms Brown.

Dog Saved From Broiling In Car, Owner Arrested

A tiny chihuahua puppy was rescued from an illegally parked car last week at Zuma Beach. 

Deputies had towed the car to the impound yard .. where workers heard whimpering inside the locked vehicle. 

Sgt Chris Soderlund picks up the story. 


“When they went and looked in the vehicle, there was a little dog in there, trying to get out and get help and there was no water or food inside in the vehicle. 

“So they were able to break into the vehicle and get the dog out and take it to a shelter. 

“So fast forward aboutan hour later, a person flagged the deputies down who are riding the quads around Zuma Beach there, and said ‘my car is been stolen, and my dog was inside.’

“Well, he was under the influence of a controlled substance at the time and the deputies went to detain him, and he was uncooperative, and physically resisted the deputies.”

The man went to jail … the dog went to a holding cell at the animal shelter… 

And Soderlund says dog’s owner is charged with animal cruelty … which means he will not get to pick up his pet after  he gets out of jail.


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For 8 years … Rancho del Cielo has been a partner to public radio in the Malibu.


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The tap room at Trancas Country Market is open… 

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A chef prepared menu to enjoy on the patio or inside.

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