KBUU NEWS: Homeless Count Up 45% On Westside, Including Malibu – Coastal Commission Delay Of Malibu High Project Will Cost Taxpayers $14 Million, District Says – Only Local Fireworks This Year Are Sat @ SMC And Tues @ Pali High – Fire Season May Come Roaring This Fall, Fueled By Record Rain’s Weeds –

Written by on June 30, 2023

Homeless Count Up 45% On Westside, Including Malibu, But 2021 Undercount May Be To Blame

The number of homeless persons in the western LA area has gone up 45 percent … in 2022 … and is still going up.

That is the dismal result of the latest homelessness census ,… released yesterday.
That may be a statistical fluke … as the homeless count for Venice two years ago was zero.

A more accurate count in Venice appears to be the cause of the homeless count shooting up 45mpercent on the westside …. And may be behind part of the 9 percent countywide increase.

Los Angekes Mayor Kaen Bass says the results show a major set of problems.


“I am frustrated I am frustrated, overwhelmed and encouraged all at the same times, because, first of all, we knew these numbers were going to go up.
“And like I said, I am worried about next year because of the inflow. And we have got to figure out how to do much more in terms of prevention.”

The 9% rise in homelessness translates to 75,518 people on the streets … beaches and in the canyons countywide … and a 10% rise in the City of Los Angeles to an estimated 46,260 people.

In comparison … Chicago s homeless population is up 57% …Portland is up 20%

. Closer to home … San Bernadino (+26%), San Diego (+22%), Kern (+22%), and Riverside (+12%).

Only Local Fireworks This Year Are Sat @ SMC And Tues @ Pali High

The Fourth of July weekend is here.

There will be no local fireworks shows on July 4th in Malibu or Santa Monica.

Palisades High School will be the site for a big professional fireworks show … at 9 p m on the Fourth of July. 

Unless there is a big fog bank … the fireworks should be visible from Malibu east of Point Dume.

It will be a 20 minute aerial bombardment produced by “Pyro Spectaculars by Souza.”

Tickets for the grandstands must be purchased in advance. 

There will be NO ticket sales at the gate. (visit: palisades4th.com).

Drones bel air bay club 9 pm at Sunset at PCH.

There are also usually aerial fireworks shows along the 101 Freeway in the Conejo Valley.

There will be a large free fireworks show over the hill … in Woodland Hills.

This one is free.

It kicks off with a performance by “Beach St. A GoGo!” …. a ’60s tribute band, to kick off the fireworks show. 6-9:30 p.m. Free Parking opens at 4:30 p.m. Warner Ranch Park, 5800 Topanga Canyon Blvd. 5800 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Woodland Hills. 

This one has free admission.

Fire Season May Come Roaring This Fall, Fueled By Record Rain’s Weeds

California has had two mild fire seasons in a row … after a series of terrible years.

Now … we’ve had a wet spring and a state covered with weeds … now baking in the summer sun.

Satte fire. Officials are worried.

But they have delayed two new sets of aircrafts … flying command posts that use radar and thermal imaging from above … that can guide firefighting efforts from chapters far below.

A statewide network of new generation FireHawks … taking commands from above … are able to use computers to fly at night and in smoke.

They can deliver fire retardant in exactly the right places.

That technology is called the Fire Integrated Real Time Intelligence System, or FIRIS.

It was developed by the Orange County Fire Authority and is used in Orange … LA and Ventura counties.

This technology saved South Lake Tahoe two years ago.

Governor Gavin Newsom yesterday credited that technology as a major advance


“I just want to complement the extraordinary work done down in Orange County and the local leadership we were so impressed with the technology. Oh yes, our office of Mercy service decided to contract directly with it and expand it. Now we have two of these platforms Northern California to Southern California.”

Operating at lower altitudes … CalFire will have 16 new Cal Fire Hawks stationed across the northern part of the state … 

A similar network of Fire Hawks is run by LA .. Ventura and Orange counties.

They can fly at night. 

CalFire chief Joe Tyler says this year’s fire conditions are like 2017.

That year also started off similarly wet in the spring … and dry in the fall … when strong winds spurred major fires.

More than 1.5 million acres burned in 2017 … 47  people were killed … 11 thousand structures burned.

In 2017 … the Thomas Fire burned from the hills due north of Malibu … all the way to Santa Barbara.

Today … “The abundant rain has produced tall grass and other vegetation that’s dried out already and is ready to burn,” … the Cal Fire chief says.

And it’s dangerous this weekend.


“And as the Fourth of July is quickly approaching us. I’m asking each of you to be mindful of how quickly Fire can have devastating consequences..”

2.7 billion dollars has been allocated by the state legislature to pay for this.

That’s just about how much the Thomas and Woolsey fires alone caused in damages.

Coastal Commission Delay Of Malibu High Project Will Cost Taxpayers $14 Million, District Says

The one year delay for Malibu High School at the Coastal Commission will cost Malibu taxpayers 14 million dollars … according to an estimate from a district official.

Carey Upton told the school board last night that the delays may sink the construction process … as inflation is chomping away at the bond issue money approved by voters 5 years ago. 

Last night … Upton politely blasted the Coastal Commission staff … for setting up a procedure that will take six years from application to decision.


“We did go to and work hand-in-hand with the Coastal Commission staff and they directed us to work that we should pursue a specific plan for the entire project. 

“But whatwe have found is that specific plan has been very difficult.”

That’s an understatement.

It took several years to get the zoning changes drafted … reviewed by the Planning Commission and city council.

Then … Coastal staff bounced the Malibu High plans back to the city three times … asking for explanations on various technical issues.

Upton says the answers to the coastal questions were contained in the application.

The district has been following Coastal staff directions for 5 years … and now the state bureaucrats want another one year delay.

That leads got the question … why not stick with the existing zoning and ask the city council for variances??
If the Coastal Commission delays one more year … that may be Plan B.

The school board is sending a delegation to the Coastal Commission meeting in Newport Beach on July 14th … to beg the agency not to let the bureaucratic delays sink the construction project.

Salary Set For New SMMUSD Leader

The Santa Monica Malibu school district has a new superintendent … as of tomorrow.

Last night …. The school board set a salary for Antonio Shelton.

The former Santa Monica High principal will be paid 275 thousand dollars per year after his promotion. 

The board’s statement says Antonion Shelton “is known as a highly intelligent and innovative leader who understands the challenges facing TK-12 public education.

Shelton holds a Bachelor of Arts in history from Hampton University, a Master of Arts in social studies from Ohio State University, a Master of Arts in educational administration from the University of Kentucky and a Doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Kentucky.

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