Mountain Winds to 40 MPH Forecast Tonight – No Triathlon This Year, Reportedly – Caltrans Failures At 2 Creeks Doom Race – FAIR Plan Rates about To Skyrocket (Again) – Calif Fire Insurance Market In Flames

Written by on April 26, 2024

No Triathlon At Zuma Beach This Fall, Report Says

It appears likely that no Malibu Triathlon … no Zuma Triathlon … no triathlon at all … will happen in this September here in the Bu.

A statement has apparently been mailed out by the new race organizers … saying delayed construction on Pacific Coast Highway means the race cannot be run safely at Zuma Beach this year.

A website called Endurance Biz reports today that professional triathlon athletes have been told the triathlon is a no-go for this September.

The Caltrnas project to clear the underpass at Zuma Creek quite literally is underwater … heavy rains undid all the earthmoving and creek diverting of last summer.

And Caltrans has bungled the repair job at the Trancas Creek bridge … which continues to remain under construction after three years.

A sharp zig-zag detour continues to restrict free flow of traffic … although that bridge construction may finish at some point this summer.

And a key part of the race … the underground passageway beneath Pacific Coast Highway next to Zuma Creek … remains under water and rocks. 

Caltrans was nearly finished on a major contract… To relocate the creek out of the paved part of the underpass and back into the creek bed.

But this winter’s heavy rains again washed tons of sediment back into the underpass… Leaving it impassable for vehicles, or people on foot.

That would mean running a triathlon, would force a complete closure of Pacific Coast Highway … something the local sheriff’s office has said is out of the question. 

A statement … reportedly from the new race organizers … says Zma Beach Triathlon has requested “that the City of Malibu postpone The Zuma Beach Triathlon” this year. 

The old operator … Superleague triathlon … appeared at the city council meeting last Monday.

Brennan Lindner is spokesman for the rival Superleague triathlon.  He said they are willing to takeover the event next year … if the Zuma Beach Triathlon is unable to pull toff.


“I’ve noticed that Zuma Beach triathlon has yet to open registration, which both as an athlete and as a race producer is somewhat concerning, as the proposed event is just five months away. I’m not sure of the circumstances regarding the opening of registration, but I do want to reiiterate our commitment to both the Malibu Triathlon and the raising of money for both Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, and Malibu nonprofits.

But its not clear if Superleague Triathlonon could pull off the race in just 5 months …. 

Much less clear is if Michael Epstein .. the guy behind Zuma Beach Triathlon … would allow that.

This hot mess may go to the city council.

City Council Passes $94 Million Budget, As Planning Director Puts Pedal To The Metal

No major fireworks Wednesday … when the city council approved the city’s $94 million budget.

The expenses are a little high because the city has several construction projects planned for next year … and has been saving up to pay for them with cash. 

One focus .. improvements at the Planning Department.

Planning Director Richard Mollica said cases are being handled faster … more efficiently… and via new computer systems that help residents and planners keep track of things.

That took a lot of work … says Molllica.


“I have pushed people hard this year. If anybody’s been around City Hall after hours you will notice there are a lot of planning cars in the parking lot past 530 and past sometimes 7 o’clock so I really wanna think the folks because it’s thanks to them that we’ve been able to meet our goals, put in some pretty drastic development review changes and also as you’ve mentioned, we have a new development portal open.

“We do want to continue our focus on that … because it’s really addressing a lot of the concerns that I’ve been raised by the public.”

One small addition to the city’s construction list …

A walkway between City Hall and Civic Center Way has made its way into the plans. 

Somehow … for more than a dozen years … no one has thought that people may need to walk to City Hall … without walking in traffic.

The plan is to add a walkway next to Stewart Ranch Road sometime next year. 


State FAIR Plan Is One Big Disaster Away From Needing Bailout By Every Property Owner In The State, One Expert Says

Homeowners across the state are facing a crisis in getting or keeping affordable fire insurance.

Or maybe … getting any fire insurance at all. 

Hundreds of Malibu residents this year have been unable to get regular fire insurance …. And have had to take out policies from the California FAIR Plan.

Those are bare-bones policies … from a statewide insurance consortium that all insurance companies have to support in order to do business in this state.

And now comes news that the FAIR Plan is in trouble. 

The FAIR plan is getting a bigger and bigger share of homeowners signing up … because they can’t find policies anywhere else.

FAIR plan director Virginia Roach testified last month.


“The FAIR plan continues to grow in size … as consumers find themselves without coverage.

“As a result … we have doubled in size the last three years.”

But one more major fire in California could cause the FAIR plan to collapse … warns some industry experts. 

One insurance broker … Carl Sussman … says it may be inevitable.

70261 SUSSMAN 

“The FAIR plan has about $300 billion in total exposure …meaning how much they actually insure … and about $200 million dollars in the bank.

“So it’s not hard to see that any events in a large catastrophic event, they’re not going to have the funds to be able to pay for it.”

When that happens … every private insurance policy in the state would see its rates skyrocket … 

Every policy holder in the state would have to be assessed a surcharge to cover the FAIR plan’s payouts.

And FAIR plan rates are going to go up … a lot.

Yesterday …FAIR Plan director Victoria Loach testified in Sacramento that … quote … “There’s going to be a substantial increase. “

“That’s as much as I can share.” 

Longtime insurance industry critic Harvey Rosenfeld isn’t buying all this. 


“From our point of view … we see this as creating a scare tactic for creating a legislate an opportunity for the legislature to bail, the insurance industry out by forcing every homeowner in the state to force to pay off debt of the fair plan whether you’re in a high fire risk area or not.”

Bottom line … if you are a FAIR plan policyholder … expect a hefty rate hike. 

If you’re still on private insurance … and there is another major fire anywhere in the state  … expect your rates to go up up up.

The big insurance companies have a proposed solution… change the state laws to allow them to charge based on what their computer programs predict fire danger would be.

Right now… The state only allows them to charge for insurance based on how much they’ve paid out in a particular area.

The problem is… The insurance companies want to keep their insurance predictions secret.

A senate bill has been introduced in Sacramento … by state Senator Josh Becker.

It that would require insurance companies to factor in steps that homeowners have taken to make their houses more fire protected… If they want to use those computer projections.

70263 SB1060 JOSH

“We have to recognize this is a crisis. 

“People are losing insurance every day, or getting exorbitant mark-ups in their insurance. So we have to start treating this as a crisis.”

The insurance companies really want to use predictive modeling … to set their policy prices according to how much they think they are at risk.

It will allow them to re-enter the lucrative, California real estate insurance business… 

But consumer advocate say this is simply a way to de-regulate the home, insurance market… And send huge bills to people in very high fire risk areas.

Areas like Malibu.

But they want to keep their computer projections secret … 

They hate Senate Bill 1060 …  and have testified against the bill.

Rosenfeld and Sussman … in this report … were speaking with KPIX TV – CBS San Francisco.


Bet You Have Never Eaten At This 122-Year-Old Cafe At Santa Monica Beach

The LA Daily News has a list out … of the 10 longest running restaiurants in LA.

Some familiar names.

El Cholo.

The Tam O Shanter.

Barney’s Beanery.

Here’s one you may never have heard of:

Big Dean’s Ocean Front Cafe … which has been at the foot of the Santa Monica pier since 1902. 

Actually … longer than that.

The pier was built 7 years after the restaurant was built. 

This beachside bar and restaurant first opened as Laring’s Lunch Room.

In its long history it’s been a biker bar, a hangout for bodybuilders and lifeguards. 

The LA Daily News says it is still a popular fun spot with a beach/sports bar vibe and hefty servings of comfort food.


Malibu Foundation ‘Branches’ Out – Get It?

The Malibu Foundation is branching out. 

Branching … as in trees. 

The locally-headquartered charity group has an initiative called a Million Trees for Los Angeles County 2025.

The idea is to address extreme heat, droughts, landslides, and the severe loss of biodiversity.

Yesterday … a microforest was unveiled … funded by the Malibu Foundation … on the main campus of Santa Monica College.

The SMC microforest takes up only 300 square feet Biology students will measure how it will grow into a biodiverse habitat for the pollinating insects, birds and small animals that are so vital to the environment.

Students will evaluate the microforest’s plant growth, examine how microbes feed and develop its soil, and study the insects and animals it attracts.

And tomorrow … part of the wide median on nearby Olympic Blvd in Santa Monica will be planted with a thicket of trees.

The Malibu Foundation officials say this will be the first microforest on a road median in the United States.

While absorbing the carbon emitted by the nearby vehicles, the microforest will benefit the community by improving mental health and calming traffic. 

Volunteers are need to help plant the microforest.

The planting will be Saturday from 10 to 2 in the middle of Olympic Blvd at 18th Street.

Signup is invited at the Malibu Foundation’s web page.

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