After the Woolsey Fire: Community Resources

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KBUU News Mon Jun =. Two killed in weekend traffic crashes in the Malibu. =. A monumental week of traffic jams at LAX and in DTLA is coming. =. Coastal hates Malibu … again … this time the commission staff doesn’t like Malibu’s short term residence ordinance. … even though it’s just like Santa Monica’s. […]

A construction crew working for Caltrans has apparently used a bulldozer to cut through the beach sand to drain the Trancas Creek Lagoon. A stream of water … likely contaminated with bird droppings and other biological contamination … was released into the ocean. County Beaches and harbors officials say they were not nofified about the […]

Those new mandatory watering day rules are being changed for Malibu … five days after they were implemented. And you can thank a local reporter for that … or maybe … blame him. Last week … the county announced odd and even watering day rules … baed on the last digit of your address …. […]

=.  Malibu High School’s proposed new buildings get recommended for OK by the city council. =.  Swimming pool lights become a non issue. =.  But the bus barn relocation gets thumbs down. =.  Loud equipment and reduced lanes … PCH at Trancas starts making noise tonight.  =.  Late word about a Memorial Day motorcycle fatality […]

The penchant for official secrecy at Malibu’s City Council has once again left residents in the dark.  There are more questions than answers remaining after last Friday’s special city council meeting. Specifically … four questions were raised at the short meeting … all four were left unanswered.   It was a special city council meeting on […]

Construction has finally begun in a big way on the PCH Trancas Creek bridge replacement.  After overnight work Wednesday … there will be one lane in each direction … as the road is going to be squeezed down into little bitty lanes as wide as a compact car parking space at an overcrowded supermarket.  There’s […]

L A County Waterworks District 29 dropped an email late Friday afternoon … at the start of a three day weekend. Mandatory water restrictions have been implemented in Malibu. Problem is … the email is confusing …leaves out some important information … and  in one case is flat out incorrect… It contradicts itself. Late last […]

KBUU NEWS AIRED FRI MAY 28 / UPDATED AND PUBLISHED SAT MAY 29 Water Restrictions Finally Hit Malibu: Outdoor Watering Limited To 2 Days Per Week With cities to the east, west and north of Malibu, and our water supply dwindling, Malibu has finally been hit with water restrictions, Los Angeles County operates the Malibu water […]

Extra Patrols Added at Malibu Schools Today, Jangled Nerves Yesterday Extra sheriff’s patrols have been added to schools across the nation, but Sheriff Alex Villanueva carefully avoided saying that in his comments yesterday after the Texas shooting.  But today, Lt. Jennifer Seatoo made it clear that the regular patrols at Malibu schools will be bolstered. […]

=. School kids age 5 to 11 can now be vaccinated in L A County … but mask orders are creeping back. =. A nasty crash last night on Civic Center Way. =. A Santa Monica school has a mold infestation … and the school board is all over it. =. Malibu Elementary School has […]

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