After the Woolsey Fire: Community Resources

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A circle of 25 people stood quietly on the side of Pacific Coast Highway at the western end of Malibu yesterday evening. Flowers and votive candles on the pavement. Inside the Neptune’s Net restaurant … hundreds of tourists and locals chowed down on calamari and fish … mostly oblivious to the tragedy of the night […]

A violent fight in the parking lot at Neptunes Net at 11 last night ends with a 23-year-old man from La Puente dead – his throat slashed and body stabbed multiple times. The slashing stemmed from a “previously unresolved issue” and was witnessed by a large group of car enthusiasts, gathered in the parking lot […]

=    Defending Malibu against rising ocean levels will cost 67 million dollars … and take two miles of seawalls. =    A new study looks at exactly what rising ocean levels means to the Malibu coast. =    City officials are making plans to take over Charmlee Park … but M R C A […]

The Woolsey Fire wiped out almost all of a program aimed at reintroducing the California red-legged frog into the Santa Monica Mountains. Hundreds of frogs perished. Their creeks have been scorched … then filled with choking mud and ash. Biologists had been very happy with the program that started five years ago In the weeks […]

The National Weather Service has issued a red flag warning up in Northern California. And Southern California Edison is warning some residents up in the Antelope Valley that their electricity may be turned off due to high winds today. No outages so far yet .. just the possibility. And no blackouts anywhere near Malibu. The […]

City officials are making plans to take over the Charmlee Park … in the mountains above western Malibu … The city owns the park … but had leased it in a land deal with t he Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority … the M R C  A. That deal was to gain control of vacant […]

Defending Malibu against rising seas will cost about 67 million dollars and require two miles of seawalls. That’s according to a new study that estimates that the cost of armoring the California coast would be at least $22 billion. And for the entire United States … more than $400 billion. And that’s just a “minimum […]

I do not think we are going to see the sun this afternoon on the beach … there’s 4,000 feet of fog crashing into the mountains above Pasadena. This is KBUU News – Day 224 – the Friday Headlines: = Defending Malibu against rising ocean levels will cost 67 million dollars … and take two […]

=   The sheriff’s office may not be sending enough deputies to Malibu … =   The national news media picks up on the story … U-2’s David Evans loses his request to build houses above Billionaire’s Beach. =    Two Congressman want a federal investigation into airplane noise … and the F A A […]

The national news media are picking up the story we had two weeks ago … that U-2 guitarist David Evans has lost his effort to build a compound of houses in the mountains above Billionaires Beach. The California Supreme Court has turned down the final request for reconsideration by guitarist … who goes by the […]

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