KBUU Newswire Tues May 21: City Will Only Allow 15 Nighttime Events At Trancas Using Loudspeakers – Crime Cluster In Downtown SaMo

Written by on May 21, 2024

There will be Friday night concerts at Trancas County Market this summer. 

But only for 15 Friday nights this year …

Last night … the Planning Commission clamped severe restrictions … agreed to in advance by the owners of the shopping center. 

Homeowners groups .. including the Malibu West homeowners association … pressured the want the city to pump the brakes on the popular Friday night outdoor concert series at Trancas Country Market. 

Last night … the Planning Commission approved a scaled-down plan for the concert series.

Just 15 per year… plus another 15 acoustic only events … like Christmas carolers. 

Mark Wetton lives right behind Trancas … and he said he likes the concerts.

But … 

70295 WETTON 

“Rather than allow our shopping centers to double as event centers, I think we should dedicate some of the city owned land to create space to hold community events, and not put the burden up of noise parking and security issues on our residential neighborhoods.”

Patt Healy: 

70296 HEALY 

“I’m representing tonight the Malibu Coalition for Slow Growth  who opposes this CDP request.  We support a reasonable number of events but they must be obtained with a TUP.

And Malibu Township Council president Jo Drummond … 


“These rules are in place in the city for a reason to preserve the rule and coastal nature of the city.

“These proposed events they proposed are in violation of since the MMC since the MMC requires these events to obtain a TUP.”

Translation … she said the shopping center should have applied for a temporary use permit … under the Malibu municipal code … instead of a conditional use permit…

Problem is… the city council is months behind its goal of rewriting the temporary use permit process.

Planning commissioner Kraig Hill said last night … there matter should wait until the council comes up with a new TUP policy.


70293 HILL TUP 

“Because we gave clear direction to staff to continue this item until council addresses TUPs,and importantly, to keep rolling over the continuance as necessary until we have this because we gave clear direction to staff to you please to keep rolling it over until rolling over the continuance that we used as necessary, until we have it.

“And I understand there’s some urgency here, but they can apply for some TP presumable, and they already have, for some for the summer.”

But Trancas lawyer … Ken Ehrlich … said the shopping center was entitled to a conditional use permit … a CUP.

CUPs are permanent … they never get revoked. 

Ehrlinch rejected concerns that the city enforcement staff would not enforce CUP provisions. 


“Well, you have an enforcement staff that was so eager on Mother’s Day to tell us we couldn’t have an acoustic guitarist, playing acoustic guitar for overflow people waiting for their tables at Christie’s or Malibu Brewing.

“The enforcement staff was so eager to enforce, to pre-enforce, an acoustic guitar that we couldn’t have it.

“We don’t understand this (belief) that there is no enforcement staff enforcing a CUP.”

In the end … the Planning Commission gave Trancas a CUP … but it made the CUP expire in October. 

The planning commissioners hope that the city council will have a temporary use permit policy hammered out by then.


Another Violent Crime Reported In Downtown Santa Monica

News of a violent assault in Santa Monica Sunday night.

It was at Parking Garage 7 … on Fourth Street … near the Promenade.

Sunday night at 8.

And there was no provocation.

A 29-year-old man suddenly stabbed three people on the street.

The police statement says “officers immediately began CPR on the first victim while additional officers located the suspect.

Larry Ameyal Cedeno was detained and arrested a short time later.

One person. … remains hospitalized in critical condition this morning. 

This comes just a few days after a female jogger was dragged by her hair into a restroom on the beach.

She was rescued by 

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