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Recall notices against two city council members have been publicized by the newspaper publisher who is circulating them. Cece Woods … owner of the The Local Malibu … aims to remove from office her former political allies Skylar Peak and Rick Mullen . Woods … a long time and frequently-bitter critic of city manager Reva […]

=  Malibu will get an independent review of city management’s actions during the fire disaster. =  Two commanders at the Malibu Lost Hills sheriff’s Station are removed. =  P G and E’s bankruptcy will have direct and indirect impacts on Malibu’s fire victims. = and a Malibu woman gets appointed to the school board … […]

The bankruptcy of Pacific Gas and Electric is of direct consequence to Malibu fire victims. Southern California Edison is by some indications just a few steps behind P G and E … the other major investor owned utility in califrnia. P G and E last week refused to pay a 1.2 million dollars settlement it […]

At least two of the top cops at the Malibu Lost Hills Sheriffs station have been reassigned. Lieutenant Jim Royal … and Captain Thui Wright … have both been removed as the top field law enforcement officers in Malibu. Transferred out … Wright was on medical leave during the Woolsey Fire … Royal was the […]

A location on Point Dume has been recommended by Malibu Mayor Jefferson Wagner as a new location for a vehicle impound lot .. a critical piece of municipal services that is currently homeless. Malibu Tow … the longtime private company that has cleared Malibu traffic crashes and helped people get their cars started … has […]

Malibu’s city council … hearing about a pending recall petition drive against two of its members … has voted to hire an independent expert to evaluate the city’;s response to the Woolsey Fire disaster. One of the two targets of the possible recall … Skylar Peak … said the move was a response to a […]

This is KBUU News – the headlines: =  Malibu vents anger at the L A County Fire Department. =  The county explains that its engines were caught on the other side of the moutnains when fire swept into Malibu. =  The fire chief announces changes in the permit process… homeowners may get immediate answers on […]

Power poles in California are virtually unregulated …. Power line failures have caused more than 2 thousand fires in the last three years. Those have killed more than 100 Californians … four of them in Malibu. And the state of California does almost nothing to inspect power poles. The Los Angeles Times has a front […]

Several fire related issues go before the city council tonight. We’ve already reported that the city manager wants to add a “Fire Safety Liaison” employee to city staff. This employee would specialize in fire safety and emergency preparedness. This person would work under Public Safety Manager Susan Duenas. Longtime critics of Duenas and city manager […]

Looking forward … the fire chief did announce some changes … possibly some that he crafted on his feet … while listening to residents during the meetings. One important point was raised by residents … who said tough new fire codes may prevent them from rebuilding their houses. They pleaded to the Fire Chief for […]

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