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Malibu is getting its very own auto row. A very tasteful and restrained auto row … but an auto row. First … Audi quietly opened up some sort of top secret research and design and showroom facility at an old office building … tucked up Cross Creek road  just before the entrance gate to the […]

Southern California Edison admits it did a poor job communicating about last week’s major power outage … in Malibu. And the company says it should not have sent out a warning of a pending intentional blackout to an area … that had already been blacked out accidentally. But still … no explanation why the power […]

Santa Monica school superintendent Ben Drati addressed his constituents in Santa Monica and Malibu Thursday night. And he said the drive to bring a separate Malibu school district into reality reminds him of the nation’s deep divisions over the Presidential race. And it’s not hard to read this as comparing the Malibu Independence effort … […]

Superintendent Ben Drati has a staff rebellion on his hands over plans to return children to classrooms in the SMMUSD. The Santa Monica school superintendent is stuck with a teaching staff that is not certain it wants to re-enter school classrooms yet. The head of the teachers union last night said it might be time […]

Malibu voters who wonder what kind of city council we have elected … got a taste on Tuesday. City council candidate took to the Facebook platform … and accused the City of Malibu of obstructing access to Voting Centers by Malibu residents who live east of Malibu Canyon. The claimed voting access obstruction? A road […]

Updated vote results released by the county late yesterday … as predicted … have not changed any results. At least … not in Malibu.  Different story in Santa Monica …with a Malibu impact … that story below. Here in Malibu … the one two three finishers are Bruce Silverstein … Steve Uhring and Paul Grisanti. […]

From F-M 99.1 … KBUU News … the Thursday Headlines: =   Santa Anas blowing this morning … 83 degrees at sunrise at Leo Carrillo. =   Updated election results don’t change anything in Malibu … =   … but there is a possible change on the Santa Monica School Board. =   A new […]

Three lame duck Malibu city council members will vote on some important matters tomorrow. Rick Mullen was defeated … trounced really … in his re-election bid. And Skylar Peak and Jefferson Wagner have both served two terms. The city’s voters approved term  limits nearly two decades ago. Although Maloibu voters … early during our city’s […]

Joe Edmiston is being given some money to play with by voters in the Hollywood Hills. In fact … all of the L-A section of the mountains … from the 405 east to Dodger Stadium … will pay into the fund. Edmiston’s special fund won an 83 percent yes vote. The owners of each piece […]

The most anti-Malibu-school-district school board member has coasted to re-election. Maria Leon Vazquez has consistently opposed Malibu independence from Santa Monica. Leon Vazquez won election to her sixth term … in a crowded field of 8 candidate seeking three seats on the Santa Monica Malibu school board. Also winning … Jon Kean … who is […]

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