KBUU Newswire Fri Dec 1 – Luxury Home Builder Promises Lawsuit Over Bluffs Skate Park That He Funded – For 3rd Time, Mazza Loses Ceremonial Vote at Planning – Joan and Burt Ross Launch $250,000 Matching Grant to House House-less – 54% Of County Residents Want New Covid Shots, 17% Have Done It

Written by on December 1, 2023

Luxury Home Builder Promises Lawsuit Over Bluffs Skate Park That He Funded

Construction of a permanent skateboard park at Bluffs Park won a procedural step at the Malibu Planning Commission … but it looks like the whole thing will be delayed by a lawsuit. 

Scott Gillen … the developer who is building five luxury homes next to the site at Bluffs Park … said he has been betrayed by the city … and he promises to block the skatepark in court.

Gillen donated the skatepark land .. he says worth 11 million dollars .. to the city .. plus one million to build the park. 

That was in exchange for getting permission bud the five houses … a residential enclave called The Case. 

Gillen offered the city another 100 thousand dollars … to move enough dirt to lower the skatepark by a few feet … near his subdivision.

His associate … Robert Gold.


“Lower the elevation of the deck portion by two feet, which would create about an additional 700,000 cubic feet of additional grading, at at cost off about $25,000. 

“And lowering the bowl would create an additional 300,000 cubic yards of export.

“Removing the elevated pad created in the northeast corner and install appropriate vegetation in both height and canopy to fully screen the skate park from the residents …”

And Gold’s request was followed by a promise … more like a threat … from there developer … Scott Gillen.

Last night … he pointed to the kids backing the skatepark.


“They’re gonna look at me like I’m the bad guy, and I’m gonna point to the people [pointing at city staff] who didn’t respond to our requests.

“ I will then appeal it.

“And I will sue the city and I will stop in motion.

“Or you can make simple accommodations.

“I’m pissed.

“You guys are just … just so wrong … and you know know you are wrong.

“That’s it.”


“I just wish Mr. Gillen had not said that. 

“The reason people hate us … as a contractor … is because I hear sung all the time. 

“I just wish you hadn’t done that Scott I guess you’re just gonna tell the people to go to hell and you can’t have your skate park..”

That was City Planning Commissioner Dennis Smith addressed Scott Gillen’s threats for a lawsuit. 

The room of course was filled with skateboarders, adult and youth… advocates for the skateboard park.

Four years ago .. when this was last up for a city hall vote /// we put one little kid on the radio.

Finn Murphy. 

He was back as a teenager last night before the Planning Commission.


“Four years ago I gave this same speech on the same topic in this same room. I’ve been to numerous design meetings. 

I’m asking this planning commission to please value all of the work that has been put in and approve the skate park as is thank you.”


“Umm. Hello, my name is Brandon Bouchard, and as a skater who has been skating all his life … I’m pretty bummed of how long it’s been taking to make the permanent park.

“But I do think it looks pretty sick the way it is … and we shouldn’t change it.”


“Skateboarding provides an opportunity for the youth.

“I’m 29.

“I’m currently a travel consultant for Viking cruises, and I wouldn’t have my job working as a travel agent if it wasn’t for the opportunity that working in the skateboard industry previously provided me.”

The planning commission made exactly 0 changes to the propose skate park… Which has been the subject of years of compromise, and planning by the skateboard enthusiast and the staff.

Scott Gillen and anyone else has the opportunity to appeal it to the City Council. 

And possibly file a lawsuit in superior court.


For 3rd Time, Mazza Loses Ceremonial Vote To Chair Planning Comm

It was a bitter Planning Commission last night that … once again … saw the board refuse to rotate John Mazza into the job of chairperson.

Mazza lost the vote by 3 to 2 decision… one of dozens of 3 to 2 votes he’s lost this year.

“I’m sure it is very clear to me … very clear . … I just want to make the public certain:

“This is the third time I’ve been taken out of office or not put forward after being the vice chairman.

“So it is clear to me that there’s a three person three commissioner cabal …

“And Kraig and I will never be on the planing commission chairman.

Mazza was proven wrong about that.

Minutes later … the commissioners selected Kraig Hill to be the chairman.

A “cabal” is defined as a secret political clique.

It’s no secret that a majority of the city council … and a majority of the planning commission … feel that Mazza is argumentative … no matter what his politics…

Mazza says the planning commission majority is causing too many appeals … 

Of course … the same 3-2 votes usually are against him at the city council … which is also split 3 to 2 on major issues.


JOHN MAZZA:  “We’re now in a situation where we have 3-2, 3-2, 3-2 

“We are overburdening the … because of philosophical things and people who don’t follow codes and we are now getting in the situation where virtually every important item goes to the Council … goes to the Coastal Commission … and waste huge amounts of time …”

SKYLAR PEAK:   “But that’s also a result sometimes at certain peoples behavior on the planning commission .

“How can you say that when you’re the one that’s backing the people that are appealing things that are going to the city Council?”

Skylar Peak and John Mazza … hassling last night on the Planning Commission.

While Hill and Mazza are repeatedly on the losing end of 3 to 2 votes on the commission … unhappiness with Mazza carried the night. 

Mazza has repeatedly frustrated his fellow board majority by repeating his arguments over and over again.

That unhappiness was apparent at last night’s meeting.

Hill and Mazza share many views … and are often losing side of all those 3 to 2 votes … 

But Hill was credited as having run meetings fairly in the past … by the majority of the divided Planning Commission.


Joan and Burt Ross Launch $250,000 Matching Grant to House House-less

Malibu’s homeless population is being housed…. slowly .. one person at a time.

Since the end of there pandemic …34 individuals experiencing homelessness in Malibu have moved into permanent supportive housing or relocated with family. 

In addition, 7 people are ready and approved to move into a new permanent supportive housing site, which will be opening soon.

Those counts come from the city.

The  two-year goal is to permanently house 54 people experiencing homelessness in Malibu.

And now that effort is being bolstered by a 250 thousand dollar matching grant from Malibu residents Joan Ross and Burt Ross. 

The Malibu Match campaign is working to supplement The People Concern’s ongoing efforts by speeding up the process of permanently housing program participants.

The Rosses are supporting The People Concern with the Malibu Match campaign … an initiative which matches every donation … up to $250,000.

This effectively doubles the impact of community contributions toward permanently housing Malibu’s neediest neighbors.

To date, Malibu residents, foundations, and businesses have donated over $130,000 to this effort, passing the halfway mark of the Malibu Match campaign’s goal.


Calabasas Mall To Lose Movie Theaters, Parking Lot, Gain 119 Apartments

Downtown Calabasas is going to get some major changes.

A proposed overhaul of The Commons shopping center on Calabasas Road is scheduled to come before the City Council next week.

The Acorn newspaper over the hill REPORTS The plan got unanimous approval from the Calabasas planning commission.

Real estate magnate Rick Caruso’s company plans to demolish the 33,000-square-foot Regency Calabasas Commons—the only movie house in the city.

Caruso wants to build 211,000 square feet at two sites on the property … the 24,000 square feet of new stores and restaurants. 

Up to 119 residential units would be added upstairs … including 12 designated as affordable.

Most of these apartments would be in the building that would replace the movie theater.

The rest would be housed above a new underground parking garage.


54% Of County Residents Want New Covid Shots, 17% Have Done It

Los Angeles County health officials are urging that everyone over 6 months of age be vaccinated despite near record-low hospitalization and death rates.

Only 807,000 of the County’s more than 10 million residents have been given the updated COVID-19 vaccine since it was made available in mid-September.

On the westside … about 17 percent of the population is up to date with their vaccinations, data released on Thursday show.

That’s far short of the 64 percent of County residents who said they plan to get the updated vaccine, according to a survey conducted last month by USC’s Pandemic Research Center, in collaboration with LA County Public Health.


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