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=  Malibu’s air quality improves from awful to merely not good. =  Fires in eastern LA County and near Big Bear are even more out of control. =  H R L gets a major contract for microwave radio frequency research. =  Malibu residents can testify today before the Coastal Commission … over the proposed delay […]

A fire caused by a police pursuit thru Topanga Canyon is out. But Topanga Canyon Boulevard is still closed … we’ll have that story in a minute. But first … There were no winds in Malibu last night. Hit and miss Santa Anas missed us. Up north … near Acton .. it got windy overnight. […]

Delayed today, server issues: = Santa Anas are a no-show in Malibu … but Red Flag Warnings are up thru 8 p-m. = The Topanga Canyon fire is out. = But here is a question … why on earth would LAPD chase a burning trailer into a high fire risk canyon? = And why would […]

Residents of Malibu has received a mailer from Southern California Edison this weekend … reminding them of a recent change in the way that electricity is supplied  to their meters. The city of Malibu has joined 30 other cities … from Oxnard to Whittier … Ojai to Rolling Hills Estates … in a cooperative power […]

…RED FLAG WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 3 AM WEDNESDAY TO 8 PM PDT WEDNESDAY FOR THE COASTAL AREAS OF VENTURA AND LOS ANGELES DUE TO GUSTY SANTA ANA WINDS AND LOW HUMIDITY.. —— It’s cool this morning … relatively. Of course … yesterday at sunrise it was 100 degrees up in the mountains above Malibu. […]

Te alphabet soup of government agencies that control the mountains above Malibu reacted in their normal chaotic and uncoordinated fashion over the weekend … when it got so hot that one person died on a trail. An unidentified 41-year-old woman began hiking at Tapia Park in Malibu Creek State Park around 8 a.m. Saturday and […]

At 6:30 this morning …. it was 100 degrees up on Latigo Canyon Road. By 11 this morning … the overnight low had finally been reached …. 80. Yes … the overnight low was hit at 11 in the morning.   That’s how hot it was last night. Some cooling breezes did arrive on the coast […]

From F-M 99.1 … KBUU News … these are the Monday headlines: = 100 degrees at 6:30 in the morning on upper Latigo Canyon . = Upper atmosphere smoke blowing above Malibu … from fires 50 and 100 miles distant. = 122 yesterday in the Malibu mountains … 110 in the city of Malibu itself. […]

The death of a hiker in Malibu Canyon may be behind the decision of California State Parks to close all trails as of 9:15 this Sunday morning. Temperatures had already climbed well above 100 degrees at the top of the Santa Monica Mountains today, when the closure was announced. An unidentified 41-year-old woman began hiking […]

Just posted: Strong Santa Ana winds along with hot temperatures and bone-dry humidity will occur across all of Southern California Tuesday night through Wednesday afternoon. Red Flag Warnings likely Tuesday. The forecast highs for Saturday and especially Sunday … in Malibu … are 90 on the ocean to 115 in the mountains just above the […]

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