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Motorcyclist Killed On Cornell Road North of Paramount Ranch A motorcyclist was killed on a twisting country road in the Santa Monica Mountains last night. The man apparently went off of Cornell Road …. North of Paramount Ranch … at 6:43 last night. The crash was within site of L A County fire Station 65. […]

Caltrans Adds Protective Wall at Big Rock, But Nothing Yet At Sunset Caltrans is installing a new protective wall along Pacific Coast Highway at the landslide at Big Rock Drive. But massive traffic jams continue as only one lane is available for traffic heading west towards downtown Malibu. Late last week … a rockslide blocked […]

More details this morning on the proposed hotel in the heart of Malibu. Developer Richard Weintraub last fall submitted plans to the city … plans for the gigantic hotel … club … conference center and day spa. The project includes the construction of a luxury resort hotel and related facilities set in landscaped grounds on […]

Eleven years ago …. City of Malibu planners sat on an application from developer Richard Weintraub to build a massive hotel and convention-center-sized facility on a bluff, across Malibu Canyon Road from Pepperdine’s big lawn. Only when the application was complete and a formal notice of an environmental impact report, were the details released. The […]

City Officials Recommend 35 MPH Speed Limit In Eastern Malibu, And Say State Law Allows It City of Malibu engineers are recommending a 35 mile per hour speed limit .. down from 45 … in the commercial area of eastern Malibu. And the 50 mile per hour speed limit in western Malibu is being looked at […]

Tuesday 4:15 AM UPDATE: Caltrans reopened much of Pacific Coast Highway Monday evening, after being closed Sunday night and all day Monday because rocks fell onto the highway. Late Monday, the state placed K-rail in both traffic lanes of the westbound highway just before Big Rock Drive.   Westbound traffic was detoured to the center […]

2 Cop Chases Crisscross Malibu Wednesday Not one … but two police chases through Malibu Wednesday … almost at the same time. Heading east on PCH …a transient who kidnapped his wife from a Civic Center parking lot. Heading west … a stolen delivery truck full of washing machines from Lowe’s. The delivery truck got […]

Tempers Flare As Council OKs ‘Minor’ Changes To Make Gillen Happy At Skate Park Malibu’s skateboard park is one step closer to getting built ….  Or heading to a lawsuit….  One of the two. Tempers were nasty at last night’s Malibu City Council meeting … when a split city council approved three minor changes to […]

Malibu Canyon Road Reopens In Triumph Of Crews v. Gravity Malibu Canyon Road reopened this morning … after getting doused with more than an inch and a half of rain over the weekend. It’s not clear yet … if any rocks fell on the canyon road while it was closed. It’s the tree falling in […]

Council Majority Snaps At Silverstein And Uhring For Delaying Skatepark Hearing Members of the Malibu city council snapped last night. Two members wanted to delay making a settlement over the Malibu municipal skate park …  Bruce Silverstein and Steve Uhring objected to developer Scott Gillen’s offer … to pay to move the skatepark 10 feet […]

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