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Last night … the Malibu city council agreed on the Pledge Of Allegiance. And as the city council meeting stretched until 1 in the morning … other agreement was scant. Work was put aside … major items pushed off … as bickering and politics consumed the meeting.  As soon residents said afterward … their worst […]

Tonight’s city council meeting in Malibu … it is safe to say … will be unlike any other. Bruce Silverstein and Steve Uhring have virtually no chance of convincing the three other city council members of adopting their agenda. But they are proposing ways to radically alter the way that the city manager runs city […]

= Hospitals overflowing … the Christmas surge about to arrive. = Did Californians hear the pleas of doctors and nurses to stay home? This week will tell. = Worries that a small number of COVID 19 tests done by the county may return a false positive. = But we don’t know if any of the […]

Malibu has bought generators to keep traffic signals going during blackouts …  But the city is not moving out the generators during recent intentional power blackouts caused by the Southern California Edison company. That has some residents shaking their heads … the deal made with Caltrans called for the city to be allowed to supply […]

= Malibu’s congressman is one of three democrats sponsoring a second bill of impeachment against Donald Trump. = Los Robles Regional Medical Center … closest to Zuma Beach … has brought in a morgue trailer. = Tests for COVID 19 in Malibu are on hold … bogged down by paperwork. = The homeless camp in Tuna […]

= The crisis worsens. Hospitals are overflowing. = One in 17 people in LA County are infected … the worst in the world. = The city apologies for screwing up … and telling more than a thousand homeowners that they were violating clean water laws with their septic systems. = Santa Monica Malibu school board […]

The Malibu Planning Commission Monday night came up against a hard question, with some of the members feeling that a particular lot in the Big Rock area is so dangerous that no house can be built on it. Landslide dangers are the problem … at least for two city planning commissioners … who worry that […]

Oscar de la Torre still sit on the Santa Moncia Malibu school board?? He claims he does. The rest of the school board says he’s gone. De la Torre was elected to a seat on the Santa Monica City Council last November. But his term on the school board was thru 2022. Or is thru […]

From FM 99.1 KBUU, the Malibu news headlines for Tuesday Jan. 5 = Hospitals are overloaded … and the surge on top of the surge on top of the surge is getting worse. = is there a a flattening of the curve … or is it just a holiday blip in the testing? = 33 […]

The LA County Sheriff is not releasing details … but they say Malibu was one of five places where a New Year’s Eve party was busted for violating County Public health orders against possible super spreaders events. The sheriff announced that his Super-Spreader Task Force conducted operations at five separate locations across the County of […]

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