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This is KBUU News – Day 462 – the Friday Headlines: = Point Dume is slapped hard by the Coastal Commission. = No parking signs are targeted … = It looks like new beachfront homes are going to have to be 6 feet higher. = The Edison Company admits it failed to meet its own […]

=   Still no word on the missing woman from Latigo Canyon. =   The state may list Malibu’s mountain lions as an threatened species. =   Beach access … the Point Dume Ghost Bus … and ocean levels going up 6-1/2 feet. =   Three major Malibu issues go before the state Coastal Commission […]

After several months of quiet … Malibu issues roar back to life at the California Coastal Commission meeting in Long Beach. Issue one is the Latigo Beach public access issue. The California Coastal Commission will vote on a proposed 950 thousuand dollar fine to be levied against the Tivoli Cove condominium owners. The Coastal Commission […]

The nine-year effort to truck in millions of tons of sand to rebuild Broad Beach faces yet another challenge and delay. The project has been hung up in court battles … arguments over who will benefit from the sand and how much each individual beachfront lot owner will pay. It was nine years ago that […]

Outage is simmering across the state … after news that a rancher near Camarillo shot and killed a male mountain lion who lived in the mountains above Malibu. P-56 was killed under  a state permit … because he had returned to the sheep ranch. The rancher had been able to drive off the cougar using […]

This is KBUU News – Day 461 – the Thursday Headlines: = Still no word on the missing woman from Latigo Canyon. = Anger grows over the killing of a local mountain lion who ate a lamb. = Beach access … the Point Dume Ghost Bus … and ocean levels going up 6-1/2 feet. = […]

A pipe that has been leaking water for years near the right lane of PCH at the Bel Air Bay Club will be fixed this weekend. That’s the good news. The bad news is that one lane of eastbound PCH will be closed, heading towards Santa Monica just past Sunset Blvd. for three, days and […]

=  A Malibu woman is missing … and may be in very rugged mountains off Latigo Canyon Road. =  Malibu attorney Kevin Shenkman now wants a half million dollars from the local school district. =  Should Malibu take action to reduce fire dangers? Here’s your chance to weigh in. =  And it looks like more […]

Malibu attorney Kevin Shenkman is under fire for participating in what many residents consider to be a shakedown … collecting a large legal fee for demanding a change to district elections. Now … attorneys for parents in the local school district say he is doing the same thing to school kids. Shenkman filed suit against […]

It looks like the widening and straightening of Civic Center Way in Malibu wIll go ahead. But Malibu’s city council last night adopted most of the changes suggested by the planning commission … The planning commissioner came if for some criticism from members of other commissions …. When it requested seven changes in the roadway […]

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