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REVISED 4PM SUNDAY TO REFLECT “ALL CLEAR” FOR CUTHBERT BUT EXTENDED REVISED to add other areas north of Malibu, also included in possible blackout areas.. Strong winds will blow into Malibu on Monday night, but Southern California Edison in Sunday cancelled its warnings of a possible intentional power blackout in the Point Dume and Paradise […]

= Alex Villanueva rides a cowboy image … he’s not making his staff get vaccinated. = But here’s a relief …. sheriff’s deputies can now wear cowboy hats on duty. = Tar balls washing up 50 or 60 miles south of Huntington Beach. = Hollister Ranch will get opened to the public … and plans […]

You can hear the continuous news replay on KBU2. 99.1 FM HD-2. KBU2 stream coming back soon! KBUU Newswire Thursday Oct 7 = Fire danger has backed off a bit with a cool foggy fall … and rain is coming tonight. = Caltrans is pulling city permits to put in another traffic signal and crosswalk […]

= A cold and windy night … low 49 on the beach … with winds up to 50 miles forecast. = And high surf …. up to 8 feet … this afternoon and tonight. = A courtroom victory for anti 5-G campaigners in Malibu … but it probably won’t stop new installations. = Gas powered […]

= At 8am: 77 degrees at Corral Canyon Rd, 40 at Malibu Creek campground. = The governor may order mandatory kid vaccinations statewide. = It’s not just Covid … it’s threats from some members of the public. = Santa Monica school board members are going to stay behind closed doors. = More human smuggling up […]

KBUU Newswire Thu Sept 30 = Mild Santa Anas … the first of the season … winds up to 35 possible. = Two positive Covid tests at Malibu High … contact tracing will let parents know. = The school board meets at 5 tonight … mandatory vaccines may be brought up. = A novel idea […]

The man who sped down Pacific Coast Highway … aiming at other cars … before purposely driving over a Malibu girl named Emily Shane … is up for parole. Sina Khankhanian has been in prison for 11 years. He was sentenced to 15 years to life, so this is 3 years prior to his minimum […]

= Covid quarantine cases drop to almost zero in Malibu’s schools. = A woodworker crossing PCH was hit by a van going 73 miles per hour … its driver using his phone. = Malibu is told … getting rid of a trespassing overnight camper … can’t always happen overnight. = It’s been three years since […]

= One person hit and injured by a car … but the Triathlon is deemed a success. = A few parents are really angry over the SMMUSD vaccination decision. = That horrible Malibu smog last week can be blamed partly on dozens of ships anchored off the ports. = Bright lights and big delays on […]

= Mandatory vaccines – a good idea for Malibu school kids – says the school board on a 6-1 vote. = The lone vote against it – Craig Foster – says SMMUSD has no business telling you what to stick in your kid’s arm. = Lanes will start closing at 6:45 tomorrow morning … as […]

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