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L A County Again Shuts Off Water Main Into Malibu For Quick Repairs L A County Water is once again asking Malibu people to hold off on big water projects today and tomorrow. This time… This is for construction and maintenance on the new water bypass that was installed along Pacific Coast Highway earlier this […]

Another Weekend Rescue From Overcrowded MRCA Trail In Escondido Canyon Another weekend of crowds  in Malibu. Malibu Search And Rescue teams used a helicopter to rescue an injured hiker on the Escondido Falls Trail Sunday. The woman slipped and injured her back near the waterfalls. Also … numerous illegally parked cars in dangerous places on […]

KBUU NEWS FRI APR 14 – POSTED SAT APR 15 More Details On MRCA’s Plan For 102,000 Campers Per Year At Bluffs Park COLD OPEN NEWSCART A74091 CAMPERS  “At this stage in the planning process, we anticipate a facility capacity that can accommodate to 102,000 campers annually, across an eight-month season.” Every summer night … […]

The heat has been turned up on Pacaso … the homesharing company that has targeted Malibu as a ripe fruit for the taking. Pacaso buys luxury houses and spiffs them up … then sells shares in the houses to people who want a vacation house.  People who live next to them hate them … and […]

We reported Tuesday about the Malibu West homeowners … appearing before the city council Monday night. They accused their Broad Beach neighbors of soaking them … to help pay for a 20 million dollar sand replenishment tax that is 12 years in the making … and has yet to move one grain of sand.  Speaker […]

Three weeks ago … the L A County Board of Supervisors approved the creation of a medium security prison in the hills above Malibu. A youth camp called Campus Kilpatrick is now becoming a medium security prison … called Kilpatrick Secure Youth Facility.  42 inmates from the state prison system are being transferred to the […]

EDITOR’s NOTE: This is a developing story.   We will feature an interview with Kenneth Ehrlich in reaction to Monday night’s city council meeting, on the KBUU News Wednesday morning.  Bottom line: he says there is no stopping or withdrawing. After 11 years … the special tax district at Broad Beach has taxed residents 20 […]

Coastal Wants 80 Parking Places At Pt Dume Headlands, Planning Commissioner Warns Clouds of war over parking on Point Dume are on the horizon. And it came up at the Malibu Planning Commission meeting last night. The issue last night was a proposal to build two houses … on three lots … near the corner […]

The Santa Monica-Malibu school district is seeking a new superintendent … and deep divisions between the school board … its teachers and parents are appearing. Last week .. the school board met to take in community comments on what parents … teachers and voters want to see in a new superintendent … to replace  Malibu […]

KBUU NEWS MON APR 3 Malibu’s city attorney says that home sharing purchases … being offered by the Pacaso web site in Malibu … violate the city zoning code …. Because they are time shares under state law.  In a memo to the city council … the interim city attorney says selling an “exclusive use […]

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