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The Santa Monica school board last night met for the first time – in public – to air out the proposed financial aspects of the pending Malibu school divorce. Not much of a turnout.  Unlike past sessions held by the LA County board of education … the Santa Monica PTAs and minority communities were not there […]

Overwhelming Support For More Playing Fields From Malibu – Voices For Open Space Absent From Public Meeting Fields … playing fields … sports fields. Those were the numbers one, two and three requests last night when the City of Malibu held a listening session … to hear what residents want to have done with five […]

There will be Friday night concerts at Trancas County Market this summer.  But only for 15 Friday nights this year … Last night … the Planning Commission clamped severe restrictions … agreed to in advance by the owners of the shopping center.  Homeowners groups .. including the Malibu West homeowners association … pressured the want […]

Parks Advocates, Open Space Advocates Will Both Speak Tonight At Land Use Forum – 20.7% Of Malibu Is Under Age 20 Malibu has five vacant lots … owned by the city … at least two of them purchased for the stated purpose of building parks with playing fields. And now … after years and years […]

Coroner Names Crash Victim As Malibu Man A 60-year-old man … an artist from Malibu… is the man who died on Pacific Coast Highway two days ago. The LA county corners office says Derek Schimming is the person who was killed when his car crashed on PCH near Paradise Cove Rd., Tuesday afternoon. No information […]

Malibu Artist, 60, Dies In PCH Crash; Sheriff’s Detective Suspects Natural Causes It was likely a heart attack or some other medical emergency that killed a 60-year old Malibu man … as he crashed his car into oncoming traffic on Pacific Coast Highway at Paradise Cove yesterday afternoon. Witnesses pulled the man out of his […]

Council Says 4-Story Hotel Wedged Up Against Hill Is Too Big A proposed hotel across the street from the Malibu Pier got shot down 4 to 1 at the Malibu City Council last night. The four story high project was wedged onto a vacant lot … zoned for two stories high … and carved into […]

The Malibu city council tonight will vote on a proposal to build a four-story hotel in an area zoned for a 2-story motel … next to the Malibu Inn nightclub. There request is for variances … exemptions from local zoning laws … to allow the developer to carve into the cliff across from the Malibu […]

Frustrated motorists will face at least one month of delays on PCH heading towards Malibu, while the state designs and then constructs a restriping project around a mudslide that started 65 years ago. In a news release issued Tuesday morning, Caltrans today confirmed plans for a slight detour around the “beach squeeze” at the Tramonto […]

Some Deputies From Malibu At UCLA Booking Protestors, But Patrols Here Continue The eyes of the nation are on UCLA this morning. Rubber bullets were fired at pro-Gaza protestors this morning … 24 hours after a pro-Israel mob was allowed to attack the illegal protest camp with fireworks and metal sticks. Sheriff’s deputies from the […]

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