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=   Nobu … facing a drop dead order to fix its parking problem … up again at City Hall.    =  A murky group emerges to oppose the Malibu anti-mansionization effort. =  Southern California Edison will be using very-low helicopters in Malibu to check power lines. =  And the only bottle buy-back center west […]

The issue of mansionization in Malibu is heating up. The Planning Commission is set to hear a proposed ordinance in two weeks … on the thorny issue of neighborhood standards. Ads are popping up on local Facebook accounts … from a group called “Together For Dwelling Size Fairness.” There’s also a glossy internet web site. […]

Nobu restaurant and its flagrant violations of Malibu zoning ordinances go back before the Malibu Planning Commission tonight. The restaurant’s valets continue to clog Pacific Coast Highway … with cross traffic. It’s employees continue to take up precious parking places at Billionaire’s Beach … Both … not allowed under the city’s Coastal Use Permit… according […]

5:05 PM FRIDAY NEWS EXTRA – from KBUU News Southern California Edison plans to start low-altitude helicopter flights over populated areas of Malibu starting Monday, the utility company announced Friday. The company is doing detailed aerial inspections of its entire overhead power line system in all high fire risk districts, and has found that aerial […]

DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES: we were unable to publish the KBUU Newswire Thursday.  This issue includes articles broadcast by KBUU on Thursday. This is KBUU News – Day 217 – the Friday Headlines: =   Caltrans was blasted by the city manager yesterday … over the evacuation snafu. =   And the city tells the […]

Caltrans officials say they will install two traffic lights in Malibu .. whether Malibu wants them or not. The state agency has told KBUU News that signals will be installed in front of the Malibu Beach Inn … and near Malibu Seafood at Corral Beach … As for the controversial signal at Malibu Beach Inn…. […]

Aggressive cutting of trees and bushes continues in Malibu … as Southern California Edison is racing to reduce fire danger. And also … to reduce its potential liability for causing another deadly and destructive wildfire. The company is expected to complete tree trimming on Point Dume and the Paradise Cove area by July 5. SCE […]

Caltrans officials were blasted by the City of Malibu yesterday … for failing to rapidly respond to traffic lights that went out as the Woolsey Fire roared over the hill seven months ago. And the City fo Malibu’s new fire safety liaison expert publicly criticized the sheriff’s office evacuation and repopulation plans … for giving […]

= Caltrans was blasted by the city manager yesterday … over the evacuation snafu. = And the city tells the sheriff they are giving Malibu an all or nothing dilemma … on whether to leave during a fire. = Fire dept was a no show … but the public wasn’t really invited either. = Temporary […]

Thick coastal layer this morning … may not see the sun all day. 63º at Trancas right now and that is the predicted high for the day. This is KBUU News – Day 216 – the Thursday Headlines: = Malibu calls an all-of-a-sudden meeting about our city’s emergency plan. = You might remember our emergency […]

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