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Santa Monica has a new mayor … and it is a two year term. Like in Malibu … a mayor is selected in Santa Monica by a vote of the city council. But Malibu rotates the mayor title amongst city council members for equal shares of the two-year. That means Malibu can have three mayors […]

Malibu has a new set of rules to crack down on overhead wires. Not power lines … but the heavy unsafe and ugly-looking wads and coils of thick black communications cables up in the air. The wireless … and the hardwire communications companies … have made a total mess. Resident John McGinley … speaking at […]

From F-M 99.1 … KBUU News … the Thursday Headlines = The daily death toll in our county crosses 8 thousand. = Cooped up kids with no place to go get a reprieve. = Playgrounds at Bluffs Park and Trancas Canyon Park reopen. = Drive thru Covid 19 testing resumes at City Hall today and […]

It took until 2:40 in the morning for Southern California Edison to get the power back on to homes and businesses and traffic lights in the Point Dume and Paradise Cove area. That was 12 hours after the power company had said weather conditions had improved enough to begin inspecting the circuit for any wind […]

Los Angeles County surpassed another grim milestone in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday … with 8,000 total deaths now reported. A continuing wave of sick patients threatens to overwhelm the healthcare system. The vaccines cannot arrive soon enough. At current levels of infection, L.A. County could see by next week as many as 700 […]

From F-M 99.1 … KBUU News … the Wednesday Headlines = Power back on across all of Malibu = People are furious after another intentional power blackout … without warning. = Winds were only 47 miles an hour … and it takes more than 18 hours to fix. = Malibu’s local sheriff captain gives public […]

Los Angeles County racked up more than 10,000 coronavirus cases in a 24-hour span for the first time ever. And yesterday … add 8 thousand tests on a Monday … when test results typically dip because of the weekend. California crossed the 20,000 cumulative death toll. Statewide more than 34,000 new coronavirus cases were reported […]

= A huge jump in the number of local Covid cases … about 10 percent in the past three days. = 188 Covid cases reported in public and private schools that reopened in Ventura County. = Red Flags up … winds already blowing at 28 miles an hour at sunrise up in the mountains. = […]

= When will the stay at home order take effect in Malibu? = And what will it mean? Lots of questions remain. = A sports bar up Kanan Road refuses to close its dining patio … its health permits are yanked. = The public nearing on the proposed Malibu water system rebuild is set fr […]

Santa Monica-Malibu school board members will select a new person to sit on the seven member board … and applications are open.  The chance of them picking a Malibu resident is approximately zero … an educated observer would surmise. Longtime board member Oscar de la Torre was elected to the Santa Monica City Council in […]

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