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Southern California Edison appears to be continuing to violate state regulations as it shuts off power to the Cuthbert Circuit .. the troublesome set of overhead lines in the Point Dume and Paradise Cove area. The president of the California Public Utilities Commission told the for-profit power corporation last December that it needs to do […]

= The city council will meet Monday … its agenda changed twice now. = The possible discharge of a city employee is on it. = 200 local doctors urge teachers to allow kids back in school. = The teachers point out … L A’s rate of new infections is way over the line for allowing […]

Malibu’s city council … blasted into factions by the election of two so-called reform candidates. It has been unable to pull off the first of the year budget review subcommittee meeting … until Tuesday. One of the reform candidates … Steve Uhring … is on the Administrative and Finance Committee. And when it met Tuesday […]

KBUU Radio News Headlines for Thursday Feb. 4 = Teachers … local kids doctors … and the state … at odds over reopening schools .. = Supermarket workers … getting hero pay … where is Malibu? = Covid cases seem to stabilize in Malibu. = The city budget looks better … and one reform candidate […]

= Coronavirus cases dropping … vaccine supplies tight … variants spreading. = It’s a race against time … but we’re losing … as the vaccine supply actually is dropping locally. = Reminder — free COVID 19 tests tomorrow at Malibu City Hall. = Trancas market tries again to fix its sewage treatment system. = The […]

A federal court judge in Los Angeles is fed up with the way cities in Southern California are failing to get homeless people indoors. Last week’s rainstorm created “extraordinarily harsh” conditions for homeless residents of Los Angeles. “These conditions cannot be allowed to continue!” U.S. District Judge David Carter wrote in a strongly worded order […]

= That U K Variant … the deadly Kent variant … is spreading in Southern California … and one other place in the US. = This as the Christmas surge eases in Los Angeles … no new cases in Malibu. = A federal judge is furious about nearby cities not handling the flood of homeless […]

= The Christmas surge may be passing by … but 4 more cases in Malibu. = That restaurant over the hill … the one that stayed open … is in deep legal trouble. = Air B and B strikes a deal with Malibu … over licensing its overnight rentals here. = Summer school classes at […]

KBUU RADIO NEWS AIRED FRIDAY 29 JAN POSTED KBUU NEWSWIRE SUNDAY 31 JAN Longtime slow growth activist Patt Healy has been ousted from her position … representing Malibu before a commission run by MRCA boss Joe Edmiston. A man who has been vocal in opposition to Edmiston … Lloyd Ahern … will replace Healy. Healy […]

Malibu’s city council is having meetings faster than we can get the news of them on the radio. = Another closed door city council meeting … the third meeting of the week … was called for late Friday. = After an hour and 45 minutes … no indication of what was discussed. = Bruce Silverstein […]

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