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If you were in the City of Los Angeles last night … your cellphone went off with a highly unusual public safety emergency alert to residents’ cellphones. “COVID-19 cases are increasing,” the emergency alert said. “Please wear a mask and social distance.” The virus is again spreading. Los Angeles County is seeing new surge. That […]

Radio station KBUU has some maintenance scheduled today. The radio station will be replacing its broadcast antennas … with new antennas that should push a stronger signal to eastern Malibu. It’s the first in several steps being taken to extend the FM signal to the east and west. This afternoon … the FM signal will […]

What to do about the Big Rock landslide? Some 327 properties at Malibu’s eastern end sit on a mesa that sits atop an underground drainage area from the surrounding mountains. In fact … the wells that used to supply malibu with much of our drinking water used to be at Big Rock Mesa. But starting […]

Two public safety items this morning: A small brushfire ignited in eastern Malibu this morning. L A County got the call at 3:36 … in la Tuna Canyon at Pacific Coast Highway. The first arriving unit found one quarter acre on a hillside on fire. County dispatchers began sending out a second alarm response … […]

Anger and demands from a newly-elected city council member last night. Bruce Silverstein will be sworn in in one month. But he’s not waiting to enter into a public fight with the city manager and city attorney. Silverstein spoke at last night’s city council call to the public.  NEWSCART 73094 SILVERSTEIN COMPS 1 “Now … […]

With KBUU all news all morning. = PCH is back open after a small brush fire early this morning. = It happened near a large homeless camp in Tuna Canyon… but there is no indication yet if that’s related. = The city demands Caltrans and Southern California Edison take immediate action on power outages and […]

=  MALIBU GOES ALMOST 70 PERCENT FOR THE BIDEN HARRIS TICKET. =  The Trump Train makes one more circuit around Malibu … =  Malibu politics about to get very very interesting. =  Sirens to warn of impending fires?  The city council will hear that idea tonight. =  Santa Monica school board members trample the open […]

Malibu is getting its very own auto row. A very tasteful and restrained auto row … but an auto row. First … Audi quietly opened up some sort of top secret research and design and showroom facility at an old office building … tucked up Cross Creek road  just before the entrance gate to the […]

Southern California Edison admits it did a poor job communicating about last week’s major power outage … in Malibu. And the company says it should not have sent out a warning of a pending intentional blackout to an area … that had already been blacked out accidentally. But still … no explanation why the power […]

Santa Monica school superintendent Ben Drati addressed his constituents in Santa Monica and Malibu Thursday night. And he said the drive to bring a separate Malibu school district into reality reminds him of the nation’s deep divisions over the Presidential race. And it’s not hard to read this as comparing the Malibu Independence effort … […]

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