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=. The rainfall may have stopped … but the rockfalls continue. =  Malibu Canyon Road reopened now … a large boulder fell last night near the tunnel. =. A debris detention dam gave way on Trancas Creek …  sending a huge pulse of water past Malibu West. =.  No houses were flooded … the channel […]

4:07 pm TUESDAY – The Malibu City Council met for 2 hours and 9 minutes this afternoon to discuss hiring a new city manager. They emerged to report … nothing.

=. An LA TV stations takes a deep look at the death of Mitrice Richardson in the hills above Malibu. =. Some major rain on Thursday … a blustery Christmas Day … and more rain next week.  =. Malibu’s arts commission considers a $900 request for musicians at a proposed concert. =. Malibu gets a […]

=.  19 additional positive Covid 19 test results in the last two days in Malibu. =.  Malibu’s city council meets in the same room … we think for the first time in 2 years. =.  They spent 8 hours interviewing city manager candidates … no announcement yet. =   And Sheila Kuehl is mad … […]

Southern California Edison has been fined $550 million by state regulators for rule violations that led to the Woolsey Fire … as well as four other deadly blazes in the region.  The money will come from shareholders and not ratepayers, the state says. And the company has raised its estimate in the 2017-2018 Southern California […]

Southern California Edison ratepayers could be getting charged twice for 700.4 million dollars worth of wildfire safety work That’s the conclusion of a team of auditors that has gone through Southern California Edison’s financial books. The company .. as you might expect … disagrees with the audit. The auditor team was hired by the California […]

=.  Light rain possible this afternoon … 40 mph Santa Anas tonight.  Big rain next Wednesday. =.  For the first time in history … Malibu stands a decent chance of having a Malibu resident on the L A County Board of Supervisors.  =.  Malibu and Santa Monica get grouped in with the San Fernando Valley […]

=.  Back to the drawing board at Westward Beach. =.  Malibu’s city council worries that the road at Free Zuma may be covered by ocean tides. =.  The Coastal Commission meets today to talk about its plans for managed retreat from rising ocean levels. =.  The city’s Dark Skies ordinance oil once again delayed … […]

A dozen Malibu residents last night stood before the city Council to blast Bruce Silverstein …some demanding that he resign … others saying he should be censured and stripped of privileges. And those comments were relatively mild compared to the criticism fired at Silverstein by three fellow city council members. Four members the public spoke […]

=.  Light rain today … very heavy rain and blasting winds tonight. =.  Malibu is getting ready for its strongest storm in two winters. =.  Another official leaves Malibu City Hall. … the fifth to leave in a little more than a year. =.  Hundreds of pages of notes from the independent investigators are released. […]

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