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Los Angeles police say they had no choice but to chase a truck and trailer into Malibu last week … even though the trailer was causing fires along Topanga Canyon Boulevard. A seven acre brush fire was caused by the trailer being chased into the brushy canyon … at least six fires in fact were […]

= Short term vacation rentals … this time with teeth … come back to the city council. = Two sheriff’s deputies are stable … shot while parked in a patrol car. = But the sheriff’s headquarters puts out a story about the arrest of a reporter that is just plain wrong. = LAPD says it […]

The first drunken driving checkpoint in Malibu since the COVID lockdowns of last spring nabbed two DUI suspects Friday night. The Los Angeles County sheriff’s department used a state grant to pay for the checkpoint, which was announced in advance and placed at Pacific Coast Highway at Webb Way. In past years, deputies have said […]

You might remember last spring … nearly every university in America was closed to students for the foreseeable future. Pepperdine University was one of the first in the country to proclaim that it would reopen … with dorms and on-campus instruction … in the fall. As a result … Pepperdine signed up thousands of students […]

The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District is again asking parents what they want for their kids possibly returning to school. This would be after safety protocols are drawn up and installed … and then approved by LA County. That would be in December at the earliest. Superintendent Ben Drati tells parents he understands some parents […]

This past Labor Day weekend, L A County Public Health inspectors visited 331 businesses acorss the broad area. Restaurants, markets, hair salons and barbershops, hotels and gyms.  Reasonably good compliance was observed with many aspects of Public Health protocols. But the county inspectors say there is room for improvement. Inspectors noted many gyms and hotels […]

Three million acres of California have burned this year in California. So far … none near Malibu. Our fire season is just starting. There are no fires burning within 35 miles of Malibu. But the upper atmosphere here is still thick with accumulated smoke. The first, third and fourth largest fires in California history are […]

= The 2020 West Coast Firestorms continue to burn … none yet in the local mountains. = Malibu parents again being asked … are you going to send you kids to school? = Pepperdine University closed its dorms after an early announcement … saying they would be open. = Now the school is asking thousands […]

Malibu roads are being taken over by racers … unmuffled muscle car idiots … motorcyle daredevils … and loud exotic car nutcases … particularly at night. But now … with bars and restaurants reopening … the local sheriff says the problem of drunk drivers is spicing up the mix. The  Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station announced […]

And emerging from its grave … like a zombie … trick or treating. Less than 12 hours after banning trick or treating this year because of the COVD pandemic … L A County has walked that draconian measure back. Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said Wednesday that trick or treating has moved from prohibited .. […]

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