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= Malibu has a gubernatorial candidate … or is she a gift from heaven for late night comics??? = Caitlyn Jenner has hired Trump campaign consultants … and is blasting Democratic party rule. = Malibu gets 2 point 2 million dollars in Covid 19 money … but is not sure what it can be spent […]

Southern California Edison is going to get slapped hard by state regulators over its mishandling of those intentional blackouts … the PSPS events used to lessen the risk of fire danger. SCE jeopardized the safety of customers … ruled Judge Regina DeAngelis.. KBUU News has obtained a proposed ruling from an administrative law judge at […]

= Coronavirus shots are still available tomorrow in Malibu. = Calif now has the lowest infection rate in the nation … and malibu is one of the lowest in calif. = L A is three steps behind Malibu …. but is going to restrict plastic forks and napkins at fast food joints,. = Southern California […]

= COVID 19 vaccinations are open for Friday at Pepperdine University. = Malibu classroom discussions on the murder of George Floyd and the conviction of Derek Chauvin today. = A federal court judge orders Los Angeles city and county to provides homes for people on sidewalks. = And that order can be expected to affect […]

Original Reporting, Not Press Release Rewrites – KBUU is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News = Santa Monica’s school superintendent says he still supports an independent Malibu school district. = Ben Drati says he has poured money into Malibu after the Woolsey Fire and in the face of declining enrollment. = Drati tells KBUU the city […]

Guns were blazing … evil and vicious things said … as Malibu and Santa Monica duked it out in divorce court Saturday. Malibu residents poured out injustices and slights.  Santa Monicans …. most unkind towards Malibu After the hearing … Malibu’s independence advocate on the board Craig Foster was upbeat. NEWSCART 73405 CF GONNA BE […]

City Manager Reva Feldman may be replaced this afternoon. The Malibu city council will have its seventh closed door session on Feldman’s job performance… this afternoon at three o’clock. For the second time … the appointment of an interim city manager is also on the agenda. And sources close to City Hall say its appears […]

THIS STORY HAS BEEN UPDATED AT 3:17 PM WITH A STATEMENT FROM THE BOARD PRESIDENT THIS STORY HAS BEEN UPDATED AT 6:06 PM WITH A STATEMENT FROM THE MALIBU MAYOR. The Santa Monica School Board met behind closed doors this morning … and rejected the latest Malibu school district divorce offer by a 5-2 vote. […]

= Pepperdine now says it had 92 cases of Coronavirus this spring on campus. = Dorm assignments are reshuffled in one hard-hit residence hall. = Malibu makes a counter counter offer to Santa Monica in the school divorce battle. = And the Santa Monica school board will meet this evening to consider it. = Malibu […]

Malibu meets tonight on the Internet … to make plans for Saturday’s divorce court hearing. And on the other side of the table … Santa Monica is getting ready too. In the middle .. .the Santa Monica Malibu School District is actively working on one side … The district is using money from Malibu … […]

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