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Police from within 30 miles of the Malibu area met today to “hope for the best, but plan for the worst” in the most-precarious election in the United States since the Reconstruction. “And all are fishing for intelligence to support their missions,” Capt. Chuck Becerra said. “Thus far, no intelligence exist to suggest we will […]

Santa Monica school officials – for the second time – are postponing a survey of parents. teachers and staff  on reopening schools, further delaying any possible classroom time for small kids. While elementary schools are reopening in one week over the hill …. classrooms in Malibu area will remain locked while the district tries to […]

= Malibu is on edge … loud motorcades … voting disruptions in other cities. = Santa Monica … Beverly Hills … boarded up for an election unlike ever seen. = Elementary schools begin reopening in Agoura … but a muddled situation in Malibu. = Allegations of favoritism in the handling of a prominent alleged drunk […]

The Woolsey Fire that destroyed western Malibu … two years ago … started not at one … but at two places. That’s according to the official CalFire investigation into the fire … an investigation that is key to the lawsuits filed for the nearly six billion dollars worth of homes and businesses that were destroyed […]

Local reaction is pretty much predictable to the letter from the local school superintendent … coming out against Malibu’s plans for an independent school district. Ben Drati sided with Santa Monica interests this week … in the now-public battle over Malibu property tax revenues. Social media posts are blasting the superintendent … Even longtime school […]

= KBUU gets the first copy of the official CalFire report on the Woolsey Fire. = It started in two places … and there was only one fire truck immediately available. = Edison equipment was the culprit … says CalFire … but the defense contractor Boeing could not deal with two simultaneous ignitions. = And […]

Minutes before Malibu convened a town meeting last night on school district separation … superintendent Ben Drati made it clear that our school district’s official stand is to fight Malibu. The superintendent sent a letter to parents alleging that the Malibu divorce plan would be drastically unfair to kids in Santa Monica schools. But the […]

Caltrans … the City and the L A County sheriff also have some questions to answer after the day-long power outage. When the traffic lights blacked out … why was there no traffic control for 19 hours … at most blacked out Pacific Coast Highway signals?? Three traffic crashes were reported by KBUU listeners within […]

Caltrans and Southern California Edison have some questions to answer … about some apparent mammoth screwups during Monday’s power outage. First … the power company. Malibu officials plan to demand answers from Edison over the massive power outage that left a third of the city blacked out for a day and night. The power company […]

Conciliatory words yesterday at the LA County Board of Supervisors meeting … as Sheriff Alex Villanueva headed off an effort to significantly clip his wings. For the time being. The supervisors voted to table and study a proposal by Malibu Area supervisor Sheila Kuehl … to dramatically decrease the power of the elected Sheriff. She […]

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