KBUU Newscript Thursday: Motorcyclist Killed Near Malibou Lake – County Sheriff To Connect Business Cams To Sheriff’s Office –

Written by on March 21, 2024

Motorcyclist Killed On Cornell Road North of Paramount Ranch

A motorcyclist was killed on a twisting country road in the Santa Monica Mountains last night.

The man apparently went off of Cornell Road …. North of Paramount Ranch … at 6:43 last night.

The crash was within site of L A County fire Station 65.

The California Highway patrol says he was killed instantly. 

No name was released. 

(CHP case 2024-040821)


Live Video Feeds From Business Surveillance Camera Will Feed Smart Computer At Sheriff’s Office

Live video feeds from business security cameras will feed directly into a command center at the Malibu Lost Hills sheriffs station … under a new program just being set up.

And residents are being asked to register their cameras … not for live feeds … but so deputies can contact them to look at recorded video if a crime occurs.

Sheriff’s Captain Jennifer Seetoo says it’s a two pronged effort … with the result being a way to put more deputies on patrol … without having more deputies.


“A lot of people wanted an increase in deputies, right?

“And we just do not have the increase in deputies.

“So what we are using is, we are using technology to create virtual patrol deputies.

“So we are partnering with the community – right now we’re starting with businesses, religious institutions and schools.

“And we’re asking them to lifestream their public-facing cameras into our system, and they have an opportunity to put artificial intelligence on it. 

“We do not own… the sheriffs to do not own the cameras … we do not own the data … this still belongs to the owners of the cameras.”

Although residents are not a part of the live feeds … Seetoo says the department still wants you to register so deputies can get a hold of video recordings.

Sgt mark Paine is setting up the system.


“There is some hardware that goes onto thenetwork for registering your cameras with us.

“But on a residential level there is no integration equipment that is required, because all that we’re asking you for is to let us know that you have cameras, give us your contact information, so that in the event there is a crime we can reach out to you and say ‘hey, can you look at your cameras’ and send you a link to make it very easy for you to provide us that video.” 

Seetoo stresses that the residential; video … from Ring cameras or security systems … cannot be punched up live.


“And now we’re asking the residents: residents, help us out, partner with us.

“What the residents can do is to go onto connectlosangelescounty.org and they can register their cameras that are actually at their homes. 

“And sharing their cameras does not mean the sheriff will have access to those cameras. 

“There is no additional cost involved with sharing your camera location and we will not share your location information with anyone else, and we will only contact you if a crime in your neighborhood occurs and we need to look at your data. 

“It’s a very simple way for you to give us your video if you caught footage of a traffic collision, or a burglary or whatever it may be.”

And this is just the beginning.

The commuter software being used by the county uses artificial intelligence … to analyze the recorded video.


“We are with the system called FUSUS … and basically we can use it on the front end to detect crime.

“But we can also use it on the back end – when a crime has already occurred and it goes to the detective.

“So instead of a detective spending 10 hours going through all these videos, a they can actually type pn “red car” and it will show up all those videos with a red vehicle. 

“So this is just a great opportunity. It’s less work for detectives, looking at camera video footage 

“And it’s a way to reach out to our community and provide a future virtual patrol deputies. 

“Eventually, we are going to get to staffed full-time. 

“This is not owned by government, this is actually funded by the community … meaning private individuals within the city of Malibu. I’ve partnered with Steve Soboroff on this as well. 

“So it’s been private donations is how we are able for us to make this real time crime center.”

Some day in the not too distant future … a deputy responding to a trouble call will be able to get a live video from a business security camera.

Or … see a recorded image pulled out by the software to zoom in on a suspect or suspect vehicle. 

The real time crime center is still being phased in at the Malibu lost Hills sheriff station over in Agoura Hills. 

There are plans to build a branch of it at the new Malibu substation when it opens.

Again, the website to add your home to the directory of home security cameras is connectlosangelescounty.org .


Bring Out Your Dead (Trees), City Asks

Applications to have dead trees cut down at government request are now being taken again by the City of Malibu.

State money has been allocated to the city … 326 thousand dollars … to remove hazard trees.

It’s the third round of the program … bringing the total budget to over one million dollars.

The tree removal program was oversubscribed last year … not everyone who signed up got their trees cut.

People who signed up last year go to the front of the line this year.  

This summer … dead trees … and trees that are at risk of falling … will be looked at by an arborist … and if appropriate … cut down. 

This removes fuel load that can make future wildfires more powerful. 

The government wants to help property owners create defensible space around homes … reduce vegetation to make homes more likely to survive a wildfire … and follow the Los Angeles County Fire Code.


Bicyclist Request To Yank Out 90 Freeway Get 86’d By Feds

Uncle Sam has turned down a request from an L-A bicycle group to study ripping out the 90 Freeway between Marina del Rey and the 405 Freeway.

This comes after the proposal to convert the freeway into a greenbelt … and linear wall of apartments … went down like a lead balloon on the Westside.

The proposal came from Streets For All … the lobbying group that is also pressing for lane reductions and bike lanes on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.

Streets For All is the influential bicycling lobbying organization behind the recently passed Measure HLA.  

The Westside Current newspaper has revealed that HLA received over $3 million in contributions … primarily in the form of large donations from real estate developers.

The proposal to rip out the 90 would have opened a vast swath of the westside for real estate development.

It was originally endorsed by LA Mayor Karen Bass … 

A group called Keep the 90 was thrown together … they complained that no one in the traffic-heavy Del Rey area had been consulted about the project and what it would mean for already-jammed streets like Culver … Venice and Washington boulevards. Bass reversed course after a huge outcry.

They said that just because the 90 is generally open and with cars freely moving is no reason to get rid of it — that’s a reason to keep it.

Now … the US Department of Transportation has failed to fund the feasibility study.

Looks like the 90 Freeway has been removed from the must exit lane.  


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