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From F-M 99.1 … KBUU News … here are the Monday Headlines: = Santa Monica Malibu schools are going to try again on a reopening strategy. = Air quality markedly improves … as the fog rolls in. = A surfer dies Saturday … a heart attack at Zuma. = A Malibu restaurant wants to relocate […]

= Bad news from those brushfires … a firefighter killed near Big bear … fire heading towards Wrightwood. = Calls for the resignation of Sheriff Alex Villanueva … from republican conservatives. = The embattled sheriff says he is being treated unfairly … and is not going anywhere. = More hopeful news on the local COVID […]

=   The local sheriff’s captain is raising contributions to buy a 40 millimeter rubber bullet launcher. =   Misinformation about the election procedure here in LA County is swirling. =   We ask the registrar recorder … is there a difference between absentee voting and vote by mail. =  COVID cases continue to tick upward in Malibu […]

In Los Angeles … a massive manhunt continues for the person who attempted to assassinate two sheriff’s deputies as they sat in their squad car Saturday night. A massive police operation yesterday in Lynwood … not far from the shooting scene … did not turn up the assassin. Prominent Black community leaders … people across […]

A Malibu architect who literally wrote a book about how to get plans for a house through the city planning department wants to be appointed as the next city planner. In a highly unusual move … Lester Tobias has posted an open letter to the city council … and the person who will make the […]

Pepperdine University again is hoping to reopen for in person classes … as early as this winter. But the University has pushed back the start of the January semester into February … the eighth of February to be exact. And there would be no spring break. The school is hoping to allow time for the […]

From FM 99.1 KBUU … the Wednesday morning headlines = COVID case counts stabilize … but it’s still too early to reopen further. = Pepperdine again plans for in person classes … and pushes back the spring semester into February. = A Malibu architect who works a lot with the Planning Department … wants the […]

Two sheriff’s deputes who were shot when they were blindsided by a gunman who walked up to their patrol car remain hospitalized. Black activists are decrying and denouncing the violent attack on the deputies. But they say that does not lessen their demand for investigations into the lack of social justice in L-A and nationwide. […]

The rolling blackouts that hit California last summer may may not have been caused by a shortage of clean power after all. The San Francisco Chronicle reports the state suddenly ran short of electricity on a sweltering evening … because of a mistake by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. P G and E mistakenly […]

Short term rentals have been before the city council at least 8 times over the last 4 years. . And last night … the city council finally approved two short term rental ordinances …and a state coastal plan change request. Council members heard from 33 speakers and got tons of emails. Councilman Jefferson Wagner. NEWSCART […]

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