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City manager Reva Feldman has been found to be doing a good job … and will likely get a 6 thousand dollar pay raise. Meeting behind closed doors last week … the city council apparently rejected demands that she be fired because the city supposedly mishandled the Woolsey Fire … and the aftermath. Lie most […]

Southern California Edison has filed its mandatory report … on those power outages that they gave us back at Halloween. You may remember that Edison cut the power to most of Point Dume … Paradise Cove and Ramirez Canyon areas for a day. Residents were a little perplexed and more than a little angry … […]

=   Wind gusts of 55 miles per hour in the 7am hour. =   Rain arrives at 4 a-m Tuesday … Grapevine snow by sunset tomorrow. =   A scary brushfire has grown to 41 hundred acres northwest of Santa Barbara. =   Reva Feldman’s job discussed again … and the mayor criticizes the […]

The city has now come up with a comprehensive traffic management plan for P C H … aimed at avoiding the debacle of last year … when motorists sat stuck in traffic for 3 or 4 hours trying to get away from the looming … catastrophic Woolsey Fire. Teh city plan calls for sheriff’s deputies […]

City Manager Reva Feldman’s job performance was up for discussion again … at last night’s city council meeting. The discussion was behind closed doors … the city attorney said that Feldman’s job rating would be discussed at a later public meeting. There has been a constant drumbeat for years … accusing Feldman of being a […]

=   Here’s something you don’t see everyday: =   Wind chill forecasts of 30 degrees in the Malibu mountains tonight. =   A half inch of rain likely tomorrow night … and Thanksgiving travel will be slick. =   Malibu’s city checkbook seems to be in good shape … despite the fire. =   […]

=  Serious construction today on Las Virgenes Road … avoid Malibu Canyon this morning. =  Almost an inch and a third of rain at Trancas yesterday. =  Malibu will loosen the pursestrings … and spend money to challenge the federal government. =  Plans for an proposed ocean water desalinization plant are blasted by the city. […]

The California Public Utilities Commission yesterday held a hearing on why cell phones and lan lines fail during power outages. California’s catastrophic fire dangers and blackouts have laid bare a problem that officials have been worrying about for years: There are no federal or state requirement that telecom companies provide backup power … or service […]

Southern California Edison has troubles with its powerlines … which have caused the the big fires including the one that devoured Malibu. Now comes report about the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power … and its creaky overhead power lines. DWP’s powerlines don’t come any closer to Malibu than the LA city limits. But […]

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