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Earlier in the day … more than 50 Malibu residents protested at the corner or P C H and Webb Way. Protestors waved signs supporting minority rights … decrying police killings … and decrying the president for egging on right wing extremism. The organizer … Claire Annett … a recent grad of Malibu High School […]

In Malibu … fireworks were shot off last night at Broad Beach at 9:24 p-m. Sheriff’s deputies responded. But did not report any arrests. Mayor Karen Farrer says the city called in more deputies … for standby. Farrer was one of the protestors … standing at P C H at Webb Way … yesterday afternoon. […]

It is important to start this newscast with the name George Floyd. His death at the hands of a white police man …  in faraway Minneapolis … is not the root cause of this. It was merely the spark that set it off … across the nation … in Los Angeles and Long Beach … […]

From F-M 99.1 … KBUU News … the 5:30 AM Monday headlines. = All quiet all night in Malibu … and Santa Monica went under control at about midnight. = But Downtown Santa Monica is going back under curfew at 1 o’clock this afternoon. = The economic aftershocks of Sunday’s looting will reverberate for years […]

The Sheriff of Orange County is threatening the city of San Clemente …. Threatening to pull his deputies out of town and end his contract to provide police services there. Like Malibu … San Clemente hires the local county sheriff to provide municipal police services. Apparently … there have been years of disputes between San […]

The CVS drug store chain is setting up 91 COVID-19 testing program locations across California. In most cases … the tests are free. The tests involve a person administering a nasal swab to themselves … in  car … while being directed by a CVS employee inside a drive thru window. The malibu CVS drugstore does […]

The trail to a popular canyon and waterfall in Ventura County has been closed. Paradise Falls — located in northwestern Thousand Oaks — was trashed since it was reopened to public use two weeks ago. Human waste … garbage .. trampled plants. The Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency is fencing off the trail until further […]

Total confusion exists in California … as tenants landlords and society in general deal with an economic crisis brought about by the pandemic. Are rents frozen? Are evictions banned? Are commercial properties covered? What is the law in Malibu … and in unincorporated L A County? There is a patchwork of executive orders … ordinances […]

This is F-M 99.1 … KBUU News These are the Friday headlines. = An emergency city council meeting this afternoon … at 3. = A parks agency over the hill closes a trail to a waterfall because too many people used if. = But its sister parks agency on this side of the hill says […]

All of a sudden … Malibu is allowed to open. Yesterday … the L A County Dpertment of Public Health gave a green light for retail shops and offices to open .. with public distancing and other rules. Malibu follows the L A County health orders … so that covers Malibu. Los Angeles County had […]

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