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It may be a long time before people can actually use it … but the new centerpiece at Malibu High School was unofficially christened yesterday. A handful of parents … teachers and staff gathered at the new classroom and office and library building … on Morning View Drive. It was a meeting of the Facilities […]

= Toilet paper flying off the shelves … hospitals are filling up. = Another lockdown may be right around the corner. = UCLA researchers say wealthy … rural and mostly-white areas like Malibu are less vulnerable to getting Covid. = Malibu High’s new building gets christened. = And Malibu’s rules against cannabis delivery might get […]

= A three week long lockdown may be ordered in L A County. = in the meantime … in the short term … more restrictions. = L A X to offer coronavirus tests … but they won’t tell you if your plane is safe. = Family gatherings blamed in Ventura County for the spike there […]

In Malibu … residents who are coming down with Covid-19 are being asked if they want an emergency treatment to either block the virus from successfully infecting … or fight the disease’s effects. John Hopkins University has partnered with three med schools in Southern California to study a promising way to either block the virus […]

= A major study on blocking the COVID virus … and battling its effects. = UCLA joins Johns Hopkins University in a study of antibody rich blood plasma. = Getting a COVID test before a holiday party? Bad, bad idea, says Barbara Ferrer. = LA County waterworks plans a public hearing on its plan to […]

= Malibu could go back into lockdown … or into nighttime curfews … along with the rest of L A County. = A handful of kids are being allowed in the doors at Webster … but SMMUSD classes are all distance learning for now. = Antibody tests being offered today and Wednesday ion Ventura County. […]

The COVID 19 trends in Los Angeles and Ventura counties … are deeply troubling to local health officials. The local school district has again delayed even starting talks with parents and teachers about reopening …  starting in person classes for the smallest kids. Superintendent Ben Drati says the school board decision on partial reopening… which […]

Malibu residents cannot help but wonder … how can this keep happening? For the second time this week … a warming fire at a homeless camp has apparently spread into a pretty big brushfire in eastern Malibu. This morning … the fire was much bigger than the two previous fires. Video shot by a KBUU […]

With KBUU all news all morning, the headlines: = 5 new cases of Coronavirus in Malibu … as the third wave arrives here. = The situation is also deteriorating in Ventura County. = Deputies may be able to clear a Tuna Canyon homeless encampment … near two brushfire ignition points. = Santa Monica’s city council […]

THIS STORY HAS BEEN CORRECTED, SEE BELOW Pepperdine University politics are going to spill over on the Pacific Coast Highway this morning. Students plan a protest over the lack of racial equity progress at the university. Pepperdine is owned by an organization affiliated with the Church of Christ … a very conservative Protestant congregation. And […]

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