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Just posted: Strong Santa Ana winds along with hot temperatures and bone-dry humidity will occur across all of Southern California Tuesday night through Wednesday afternoon. Red Flag Warnings likely Tuesday. The forecast highs for Saturday and especially Sunday … in Malibu … are 90 on the ocean to 115 in the mountains just above the […]

It looks like Malibu will have to change its zoning rules .. to allow 76 more residences to be built here. That’s under a new quota just approved by the Southern California Association of Governments. All California cities face enormous increases in the number of homes the state wants them to build over the next […]

= Prepare to swelter … 95 at the beach … 115 up the hill. = No specific plans are out there … for closing the beaches if they get overcrowded. = Hungry families are still being given breakfast and lunch … at the local schools. = Malibu will have to add 76 housing units … […]

Climate change is decreasing coastal fog, and that could be leading to increased fire risk. UC Berkeley Plant Biologist Todd Dawson says coastal fog in California has declined by 33% over the past century. is partially the result of the warming climate, and that creates more terrestrial conditions that are prone to megafires. Fog moistens grasses and trees […]

A huge setback for clean air in Malibu. State officials yesterday approved extending the permits for a pair of methane-fueled electric plants 25 miles upwind of Malibu. The Mandalay electrical generating station … in Oxnard … as well as plants in Huntington Beach and Long Beach will have another three years before they must close […]

We are getting more information from Sacramento this morning … details on the anticoagulant pesticide ban that made it thru the California Legislature at the very last possible moment. Assembly Bill 1788 would pretty much ban “second generation anticoagulant rodenticides” in California … until state pesticide regulators develop plans to ensure they’re not harmful to […]

It’s been four months since downtown Santa Monica was substantially destroyed by looting … during peaceful protests that distracted police. The Santa Monica Police Department has yet to produce a report on what happened. Large groups of criminals flooded Santa Monica on May 31st … following a peaceful protest for racial justice. Santa Monica police […]

From F-M 99.1 … KBUU News … these are the Wednesday Headlines: = Highs on Sunday in the Malibu mountains … 115 … and it will be windy. = Huge beach crowds likely … no plans to restrict the beaches like Santa Barbara. = Four months after the looting … Santa Monica police have yet […]

There is absolute chaos at the State agency that Malibu and the rest of California relies on for gas and electric safety. The California Public Utilities Commission yesterday fired its executive director. Alice Stebbins had brought in a bunch of incompetent people from her former job at the California air resources Board … and she […]

A statewide bill banning the use of rat poison appears to have passed … just before midnight. The vote in the state Assembly was 53-17 and 9 abstentions. Assembly Bill 1788 passed The bill passed out of the Senate by a 23-7 vote in the Senate … with 10 not voting. Of course … the […]

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