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Landline telephone companies will have 18 months to comply with a new state law … to keep their systems functioning for 72 hours after the electric power goes out. The California Public Utilities Commission yesterday voted to extend that requirement to companies that provide landline service … either old fashioned phones or voice over internet. […]

You are listening == == == == Yet another Malibu City Council meeting yesterday … to discuss city manager Reva Feldman’s job performance. About 50 minutes this time. Residents may be getting bored with the drama … no one spoke before the council adjourned to go behind closed doors. And when they emerged … city […]

A prominent Malibu resident is swatting back rumors in Republican circles that she will run for governor … to challenge incumbent Gavin Newsom … either in the possible recall election … or in the fall 2022 general election. Caitlyn Jenner … the former Olympian … the former Wheaties commercial pitchman … and the former star […]

= Malibu’s Congressman argues in the impeachment trial that not even Republican White House staffers could stand what Donald Trump did. = Reva Feldman’s job performance review is still up in the air. = One of the two Internet and phone providers in Malibu is ordered to add battery backup. = And Southern California Edison […]

Malibu’s city council will meet again to discuss Reva Feldman … the city manager under attack from a new city council member. Feldman’s job performance review is on the agenda … as well as a possible lawsuit that puts the city at risk … and the possible dismissal of an unnamed city employee … probably […]

Orderly chaos surrounds vaccine distribution in our area. Not enough vaccine … and fluctuating supplies coming from the federal and dstate governments … and contradicting statements. First the county of Los Angeles ran out … no new appointments. Then … the city of Los Angeles had thousands of appointments go unfiulled at Dodger Stadium. Yesterday […]

Pepperdine University goes before the California Coastal Commission today. The are asking permission to move a mountain of dirt … up the mountain. They are seeking permits to dig a huge underground parking garage … underneath what is now a surface parking lot near their sports fields. The proposed new parking lot would have up […]

  = The local area’s vaccine supply is dribbling out … and the result is controlled chaos. = First … the county runs out … now the City of L A supply has basically run out too. = Malibu’s city council goes into secret session this afternoon … Reva Feldman’s job on the line. = […]

The following item contains language that may be offensive to some listeners … barnyard language spoken at last night’s city council meeting by elected officials. Anyone looking for a change in tone at last night’s city council meeting … would be sorely disappointed. Despite agreeing on a few matters of city business … the council […]

= Malibu area congressman Ted Lieu is on the floor of the U-S Senate … managing the second impeachment trial of Donald J Trump this afternoon. = Another long secret meeting last night … but the city manager is still the city manager = And Paul Grisanti is still the mayor pro tem … as […]

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