Malibu California

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Malibu city officials are being prodded to work out some sort f three way deal with the sheriff and fire departments on the issue of fire evacuations … and citizen firefighting. That comes one day after L A County Fire Chief Osby said he was open to some sort of formal training … outfitting … […]

Southern California Edison escaped any serious criticism yesterday … when a state legislative committee examined power blackouts as a fire prevention tool. Lawmakers saved their anger for P G and E … the northern California utility that blacked out millions of people earlier this fall. P G and E was attacked for unnecessarily cutting power […]

=  Heat continues … but the Santa Anas will back off today. Rain maybe midweek. =  Reva Feldman’s job performance is reviewed … no change to report. =   LA County’s fire chief tells KBUU that citizens need to be trained to stay behind in the next big fire. =  Southern California Edison gets grilled […]

In news from up the coast … the nearest fossil fuel power plant to Malibu may get a new lease on life. Just 20 miles upwind of Malibu … the Ormond Beach steam power plant is supposed to be shut off for good next year. It’s the closest big air polluter to Malibu … and […]

In Sacramento today … officials from Southern California Edison are scheduled to appear before state legislators today. The issue of turning off power to large areas of California … when they are most vulnerable to disaster during high winds … is finally getting legislative attention. S C E may be the luckiest company in the […]

L A County fire chief Daryl Osby says he is willing to consider some sort of civilian firefighting certification and training. In an interview with KBUU News … the fire chief acknowledges that there was a  lengthy evacuation and largely successful firefighting efforts by volunteers who ignored mandatory evacuation orders. The fire chief tells KBUU […]

Malibu city manager Reva Feldman had her job performance review last week. It was a special city council meeting … called for the purpose of evaluating her job performance behind closed doors. A small but vocal number of Malibu residents is opposed to keeping her in charge of the 100 employees at malibu City Hall. […]

=  Malibu gets a 100 percent settlement from Southern California Edison. =  13 point 7 million dollars to reimburse the city for Woolsey Fire damage. =  Private property owners might take comfort in that … it may be a precedent for settlements with the rest of us. =  Malibu comes up with a list of […]

Caltrans officials say they will address the issue of blacked out traffic lights during intentional power outages … by putting reflective yellow tape on their traffic light backplates. The backplates are those metal rectangles behind the traffic signals … designed to make the red green and amber lights visually stand out. Caltrans tells KBUU News […]

Twelve months after the fire … Malibu City Hall has finally come up with a proposed ordinance on planting dangerous landscaping in fire country. The ordinance may be too late. Many landowners have already replaced old burned out flammable vegetation with new fire-prone flammable vegetation. The Planning Commission will take its first look at the […]

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