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L A has some big dogs … and they want to send them to loving homes … The City of L-A Animal Services Department is offering discounted adoption fees for larger breeds of dogs. The fee to adopt larger-sized dogs is 25 dollars during the Big Dog Adoption Event. You also have to buy a […]

School district officials have breathtaking plans for the new Malibu High School. But they have nowhere near enough money to pay for the video production rooms … community performing arts center … and new olympic size pool that they want to provide for Malibu’s entire community. last night … the district showed the general public […]

A Malibu woman was arrested yesterday … after biting a security guard at a supermarket … calling her an N-word … and throwing dog food at her. Much of that behavior was caught in a video. The suspect … Kashmire Duran … is identified as white in her booking record with the Los Angeles County […]

On the COVID 19 front … data continue to reflect positive progress in California’s fight to limit spread of the coronavirus, but as some parts of the state fare better than others, health officials continue to warn people not to let their guard down. Malibu is hanging in at 104 cases. Santa Monica Mountains … […]

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … from FM 99.1 KBUU … and Radio Malibu dot net. Here are the Friday morning headlines. = Amazing plans for classrooms unlike you’ve ever seen … at Malibu High. = But plans to add a performing arts center and new community swimming pool … for use by […]

Tonight is the night … Malibu residents will get a public look at new plans for Malibu High School’s new campus. The Santa Monica Malibu School District will host a public meeting … on the Internet … tonight. The idea is to explain the district architect’s plans for the western two thirds of the campus. […]

The closure of bars and nightclubs in California turned Malibu’s beaches into an alcohol-soaked party zone last summer. County sheriff’s deputies wrote 25 hundred 75 tickets to people drinking alcohol on beaches last summer. Liuetenant James Braden says the beach team … the special detachment hired by Malibu to enforce rules on the beach … […]

Why don’t the local governments support citizens who fight fires? And why doesn’t the local Bureaucracy use modern tools to help people fight crime int heir neighborhoods? Those important questions were raised … again … last night by Malibu residents. Not the first time … we heard similar complaints as far back and 25years ago. […]

Today is Thursday … and this is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News. = Undercover cops under the houses in western Malibu … = Bars and nightclubs are closed in L-A .. so the parties moved to the beach. = Plans for the largest public building in Malibu will be revealed tonight. = Why doesn’t the […]

L A County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is now the subject of a criminal investigation … opened by the LA County District Attorney … for filing a false police report. The D-A says it is reviewing allegations that Villanueva falsely reported a crime … This gets a bit confusing … but what basically happened is the […]

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