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Malibu is the only city on southern California that has waived all building inspection fee and plan review costs for fire rebuilding projects. And now .. the financial cost of that is ballooning. Originally estimated at between 3 and 4 million dollars … the cost estimate went to 4 point 2 million dollars earlier this […]

Campgrounds at Leo Carrillo and Point Mugu state beaches will reopen today. But not the campgrounds at Malibu Canyon. California State parks says they recognize the benefits of the outdoors during this challenging time of COVID-19. The governor’s office says the stay-at-home requests are not being removed … but are being modified to allow people […]

The rate of transmission for spreadiNG the coronavirus disease is increasing oin Los Angeles County … likely a result of the first easing of stay at home orders in the L A area. There is even more evidence that the spread of the novel coronavirus is rising, and county scientists are now more certain the […]

This is F-M 99.1 … KBUU News for Friday = Is California reopening too soon … too fast??? = Gyms are reopening today … but the COVID infection rate ticks up. = State parks campgrounds are opening to the west of Malibu. = The cost estimate for waiving fees for Malibu fire victims is ballooning. […]

The first big brush fire of the year in Ventura County continues to burn about 35 miles north of Malibu. It’s called the Lime Fire … and it’s burning near Lake Piru … north of Fillmore. As of late last nigth … the fire was estimated at 400 acres with the potential to spread to […]

Malibu’s local congressman says violent police actions during peaceful protests in Los Angeles need to be investigated. Congressman Ted Lieu yesterday urge the Los Angeles Police Commission to investigate videos that show uniformed LAPD officers beating up people gathering to protest police violence. Particularly on June 1st on Fairfax Avenue … police were videoed using […]

= Two brushfires in the last 24 hours … a small one in Malibu … 50 acres on the 405. = Both fires are handled … but more record heat is likely along the Malibu coast today . = The Coastal Commission warns of major delays as its staff is effectively cut 15 percent due […]

Santa Monica’s city council will launch an independent review of their Police Department’s response to the protests and looting of May 31. Residents and business owners have criticized the police department’s approach to the disaster. More than 55 thousand people have signed an online petition demanding that SMPD Chief of Police Cynthia Renaud be fired. […]

It’s not necessarily defunding the L A sheriff’s office … but the Malibu city council wants top pay less to the LA County sheriff office for law enforcement. Malibu pays 8 point 5 million dollars to the L A County sheriff’s office this year … the biggest line item in the city budget. The cost […]

The head of the county water system that serves Malibu says the district will immediately study whether there are enough emergency power generators at the city’s water tanks. Residents of Big Rock have been kicking in … contributing their own money to add generators at the water tanks that hold water for their neighborhood. They […]

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