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= A mild Santa Ana .. winds to 35 at times and in places tomorrow night. = A Zoomroom full of Malibu parents who don’t want their kids vaccinated. = The Wagner affidavit investigation is out … the city attorney won’t give KBUU a copy. = He calls it attorney client privilege … the state […]

= 6 foot breakers and a 7 foot high tide this morning. = Malibu just spent 5 million dollars on fee waivers … and is looking at raising taxes. = That fine against SCE for causing five deadly fires will be just one month of its profit. = A new sales tax … a higher […]

= Two deputies injured yesterday … arresting a man with a gun at Surfrider Beach. = The sheriff says he doesn’t have enough deputies due to vaccination requirements. = His top official in Malibu says there has been no reduction in force here. = Plans for overhead signs on PCH may be good for public […]

= An arrest is made in last May’s murder near Winding Way. = The sheriff’s office advises patience … patience … regarding camping in public places. = Parents opposed to mandatory student vaccinations swarm the city council .. which has nothing to do with the decision. = But Malibu officials say vaccine requirements from Santa […]

= The Cliffside Drive cliff collapse is still moving … the backyard of a house gets red tagged. = A bitterly divided Planning Commission squabbles over who gets to be the chairman. = And they recommend that the Dark Skies ordinance be pout off a year for homeowners … but not so long for businesses. […]

= A huge landslide has blocked the beach at Little Dume. = The last homeless people have been moved out of Zuma Creek = And there’s been an arrest of a homeless person near a camp at Big Rock. = Conflicting rules go into effect this week about mandatory vaccines in LA and LA County. […]

The Malibu Times has been sold to a young couple that owns a magazine and a clutch of small newspapers on the Central Coast. Its new owners, a husband-and-wife publishing team from Paso Robles, take over ownership from Arnold York and Karen Portugal York. The newspaper’s longtime offices on Las Flores Canyon Road have been […]

The sudden controversy over city plans to put in angle parking and a beachfront walkway along Westward Beach Road will go back before the city council Tuesday. For years … we’ve been reporting on city plans to replace parallel parking on Free Zuma Beach … part of a plan to open up the road and […]

Malibu city council members say they would love to hire a local resident to be the next city manager. Problem is … no one who lives in Malibu wants the job. And the city may have to pay the next city manager a very generous housing bonus … if it wants to persuade the candidate […]

= Santa Anas today … gusts to 35 on the beach possible … and it will be hot. = Malibu residents want a city manager from Malibu to run the city. = Only one problem … no one from Malibu wants the job. = Full speed in reverse for city plans to improve parking at […]

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