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The Malibu City Council has scheduled a special … closed door meeting to discuss the job performance of city manager Reva Feldman. Her yearly review was delayed while the city waited for an assessment of her work … during the Woolsey Fire. That report came in  … and was generally favorable. Feldman has been a […]

The Santa Monica Malibu Unified School Board has approved the 160 million dollar bulldozing and reconstruction of Malibu High School. Not one person spoke … in favor or in opposition … to the concept last night … when the board met at Malibu City Hall. The blueprint that was approved last night will see a […]

The head of the local sheriff’s office says he will not provide deputies to direct traffic … when power outages take out signals in Malibu. Captain Mark Vander Horck tells KBUU News that … in his words … “If we were to assign deputy sheriffs to direct traffic at the intersections that were affected by […]

=   The shootings … the fire … the destruction … painful anniversaries coming up. =   Today at 2:30 … the memorial garden opens for the 13 victims of the mass shooting in the Borderline. =   A family closes its grocery store in eastern Malibu after 27 years. =   The Malibu High […]

The Woolsey Fire … a depopulated Malibu … and rising rents are conspiring against the only truly locally-owned  grocery store in Malibu. Pacific Coast Greens will close after Sunday. Everything in the store is marked down 20 to 50 percent. Yesterday … all of the shelves were still full.  A letter from PC Greens’ owner […]

The complete redesign and rebuild of Malibu High School and Malibu Middle School goes before the school board tonight. The plan has generated very little controversy or discussion … in a neighborhood that is concentrated on rebuilding after half the houses were burned down a year ago. Meeting at Malibu City Hall … the school […]

L A County and Caltrans refused requests from the City of Malibu to handle dangerous blacked out traffic lights … when the power was turned off by Southern California Edison during Santa Anas last week. And the city is firing back against criticism of the way it handled the recent power outages . The city […]

In news from up the coast … the oil industry is striking back against Ventura County … which has just extended a ban on new oil well drilling  … and a ban on using steam to push oil out from underneath the strawberry fields of the Oxnard Plain. Just 17 miles up the road from […]

At least 42 people have been shot inside or just outside short-term rental properties across the United States over the past six months — and 17 have died, according to police and news reports. The tally by the San Francisco Chronicle includes at least 23 shooting incidents in 12 states, including California, since May.  This […]

=  Malibu’s city council will respond tomorrow to a demand that it create 5 voting districts. =   Malibu High School’s gigantic campus overhaul will be decided by the school board tomorrow. =  The 101 Freeway gets named in honor of a hero cop … killed at the Borderline Bar one year ago. =  The […]

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