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From FM 99 point 1 KBUU … and Radio Malibu dot net. This is KBUU News … and these are the Thursday headlines. = Santa Ana winds and slightly elevated fire danger … Santa Anas tonight. = They re not 5-G … but Verizon wants a new type of cell antenna in Malibu. = A […]

City council member Skylar Peak has changed his mind … and voted yes on a proposal to bring Malibu into the modern world insofar as rule about wearing a mask. One month ago … Peak voted along with councilman Rick Mullen against an ordinance to impose a modest 50 dollar fine on people who fail […]

Malibu is going to the county courthouse to win a divorce from Santa Monica … and win a separate school district. No … not a lawsuit. The petition will be heard by an obscure L A County agency … the LA County Board of Education. The city council voted Monday night to break off so-called […]

From FM 99 point 1 KBUU … and Radio Malibu dot net. This is KBUU News … and these are the Wednesday headlines. = Malibu is going to the county to get a divorce from Santa Monica. = Negotiations broken off … over a separate Malibu school district. = Skylar Peak changes his vote on […]

Last night the Malibu city council: Walked away from “friendly” stalled school district split talks with Santa Monica, and voted to file for a divorce at the county Board of Ed. Heard how a Malibu Unified School District will affect your property taxes – hint: it won’t. Took no public action on the city manager’s […]

Malibu city manager Reva Feldman will get her annual job performance review from her bosses .. the city council … this afternoon. Barring a seismic occurrence … it’s expected she will get a contract extension and possibly a pay raise. Feldman is paid more than a third of a million dollars a year in salary […]

Two debates last weekend, That’s four hours of sound and fury. We’re concentrating on one issue today. It’s been one week since Michael Bennet of Malibu was killed along Pacific Coast Highway. No arrests have been publicized. The death infuriated some people … who met the very next day to discuss lowering the speed limit […]

Some mild desert winds … and heat .. are on tap for the Malibu this week. But to call this a Santa Ana is to way overstate what is coming … starting tomorrow and lasting thru Friday. peak winds over the mountains today will be around 30 miles per hour … up in the hills. […]

= Hot dry winds … not quite Santa Anas … today. And all week!!! = SC Edison cannot explain what made the lights trip out 2 weekends ago. = City council candidates split on whether to reduce speed limits on PCH. = Reva Feldman’s job evaluation is at 4:30 … and you can speak. = […]

L A has some big dogs … and they want to send them to loving homes … The City of L-A Animal Services Department is offering discounted adoption fees for larger breeds of dogs. The fee to adopt larger-sized dogs is 25 dollars during the Big Dog Adoption Event. You also have to buy a […]

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