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ROUTE AND TIME CHANGES TO THIS YEAR’S TRIATHLON, SAT AFTERNOON AND SUN MORN The Malibu Triathlon makes its 38th appearance at Zuma Beach this weekend, with the pro races Saturday afternoon and the big fundraiser run/swim/bike on Sunday afternoon. The bike race will not be on PCH … thanks to the flooded Zuma Creek underpass. […]

Last week … city council member Brice Silverstein publicly blasted his employees at City Hall. He accused the City of Malibu of placing “celebrities and the uber-wealthy over residents.”  He publicly accused the city staff … and we quote … of “selling out to the Kardashians.” He accused city staff of rushing through an “emergency […]

‘TRANSIENT’ BURNS CARDBOARD IN ESCONDIDO CANYON AREA A transient person may have set his own cardboard shelter on fire earlier this month …. Near Escondido Beach. A fire was reported in the early morning hours of September 16th … in the heavy brush near the Escondido Creek bridge … just east of Geoffrey’s restaurant.  Sergeant […]

COUNCIL SELECTS UHRING AS MAYOR, AS MYSTERY BAY AREA LAWYER TARGETS SKYLAR PEAK AND DENNIS SMITH FOR REMOVAL The Malibu City Council rotated its officers last night … as scheduled and without drama: Steve Uhrong was acclaimed mayor, and Doug Stewart was unanimously selected as the Mayor Pro Tem … to act if Uhring is […]

The multi million dollar marketing juggernaut known as Kourtney Kardashian picked the wrong Malibu house to rent for a weekend Internet sales event. She owns something called Poosh. More than anything … Poosh sells stuff.  They do events for influencers …. who are internet gurus who guide their followers to overpriced retail items that they […]

=.  Malibu Planning Director again tells the city council: cancel the Triathlon. =.  Richard Mollica concedes the rules say 5-day notice is required, not 32 days. =.  Malibu city council and planning commissions should start at 5 o’clock .. recommends the city manager. =.   Steve McClary wants sweeping changes in the way City hall […]

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Thursday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting.  ZUMA’S TIDEWATER GOBIES ARE TOP ITEM ON 660 NPR STATIONS NATIONWIDE TODAY If you listened to NPR this morning … which you can’t pick up in Malibu … but if you could … this is how Morning Edition started…. […]

AFTER 37 YEARS, ANNUAL TRIATHLON IS CANCELLED OVER SUPPOSED NOTIFICATION CONCERNS 3:14PM UPDATES with organizers saying “it’s over.” The summertime appearance of a lagoon at Zuma Beach, which holds endangered tidewater gobies, spelled the end of the Malibu Triathlon. Malibu’s Planning Commission Monday night refused to grant a permit for the famous endurance race, planned […]

KBUU Newswire Friday =. The Malibu Triathlon loses its permit …endangered fish on the racecourse is a big problem. =. Malibu’s planning commission who hear an appeal Monday … for a truncated bike race in the parking only. =. The arrival of an endangered fish at the Zuma underpass spells doom for its use as […]

=.  Malibu will ban granny flats … ADUs … in neighborhoods without two streets out to the highway. =.  An opponent says that’s illegal … the city is denying residents ADUs that are allowed by state law.  =.  A chain store takes over a Malibu shopping center…. Which just so happens to be owned by […]

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