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Compton and Claremont are enforcing mask rules now … with fines for not wearing masks in public. Malibu is moving slowly and cautiously towards a mask ordinance. Despite the fact that cities all around Malibu have enacted fines for failure to wear a mask in public. … Malibu is inching towards such an ordinance with […]

Parents at the four Malibu public schools have together raised 38 thousand dollars for student enrichment programs … leaving a huge gap that has been partially filled in by the Malibu Foundation. The latest data from the school district shows that the Foundation will make a one-time donation of 160 thousand dollars to the Malibu […]

It will cost developer Norm Haynie an extra 200 thousand dollars if he wants to convert an office building and abandoned gas station into a luxury hotel. And the money cannot be earmarked for the Boys and Girls Club … but will have to go to the city treasury …  and then maybe the Boys […]

= The LA County death toll crosses 5 thousand. = But Malibu is moving ever so slowly towards requiring masks. = The fundraising drive to save Malibu science and technology and teachers aids sputters to an end. = It will cost a developer an extra 200 thousand dollars if he wants to speed up city […]

Malibu Mayor Mikke Pierson says Mitch McConnell is a liar. Not that anyone in Washington will notice. Last week …. the Senate Majority leader hoisted up Malibu as an example of self-indulgent …. selfish thinking. MvConnell made fu n of malibu for supposedly requesting 500 million dollars to buy electric cars. Totally not accurate. Totally […]

One more month … on short term rentals. Having blown through the summer vacation rental period … the Malibu city council last night decided to put off its decision on what to do about short term rentals until the middle of September. That time will give the city attorney time to draw up not one […]

The Tuesday Headlines: =  An escapee from the Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station … over the hill.    =  The coronavirus data screwup in Sacramento has been fixed … supposedly. =  Not one … not two … but three short term rentals ordinances emerge at the city council. =  But no final decision until the […]

The grass and brush in the Santa Monica mountains is drying out … and it is almost exactly tracking the average fire danger from years past. The latest data from the L A County fire department shows that fire amount of moisture in the grass … bushes and trees is tracking the average amount detected […]

As we reported last Friday afternoon…. there are nine city council candidates for this fall. Regina Voarino, a Malibu Park businesswoman, took out petitions but apparently did not file them. The deadline for filing nominating petitions with 20 valid voters signatures was today at 5 p.m. Andy Lyon, Alia Ollikainen and Steve Uhring have filed […]

In Malibu … yet another version of an ordinance clamping down on short term rentals of Malibu homes goes before the Malibu city council tonight. You almost need a Google map to follow this one. There are two Malibu ordinances floating through city hall right now. A permanent ordinance … which the city says would […]

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