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Story poles will go up this fall at the Malibu High School construction site.  But trucks will be removing debris from the old Juan Cabrillo School after classes start this August 11th at Malibu’s high school and middle school. The wooden mockup will allow Malibu residents to see exactly how big the two story school […]

CORRECTION:  This story has been corrected to reflect that the concert was scheduled for Sunday.  It was scheduled for Saturday.   The City of Malibu has revoked the temporary use permit for the Sunset Jazz Festival … scheduled for this Saturday on a city-owned vacant lot. The city says the concert organizers lied on their […]

=.   Malibu businesses are told ‘you’re on your own’ to figure out how to comply with the dark skies ordinance.  =.  City officials say they have no staff to help people design outdoors lights to comply with reeks that take effect in 86 days. =.  The first possible candidate for Malibu city council this […]

A high energy laser weapons test lab has been flying low … but is now opened by the U S Navy at Naval Station Point Mugu. KBUU News has learned that the U S Navy has built a 23 million dollar … 18,500 square-foot lab building … 19 miles up the coast from Trancas. It’s […]

Plans to tear down Juan Cabrillo High School and truck it away to a dump were approved by the Planning Commission last night ….  This … after two planning commissioners walked out of the meeting in protest of the tight deadlines …  It was a 3-to-zero vote … John Mazza and Kraig Hill having abandoned […]

=.  The Malibu High School plans go before the Planning Commission tonight. =.  The school superintendent urges parents to voice their support for the new school. =.  A helicopter buzzes the mountains north of Zuma … we’ll tell you why. =.  MRCA shows up to build a new beach access at Escondido Beach Friday. =.  […]

Thanks but no thanks. Malibu’s controversial contribution to the countywide library system has been turned away by the recipients. Too much controversy.  The head of the county public library system said the gift from the city was a generous offer … a public statement in Malibu’s commitment to invest in a system that benefits not […]

Malibu High School’s master zoning plan was approved last night by the city council.  It was a 3 to 2 vote … Bruce Silverstein and Steve Uhring voted no. They argued that it was premature to change the zoning for projects that are five to 10 years down the road.  Bruce Silverstein. NEWSCART A73478 SILVERSTEIN […]

=.  A candidate for L A County supervisor swings hard against camping in the local mountains.  =.  The Malibu High rezoning project goes before the city council tonight … and the planning commission next week. =.  Concert promotes rent the Chili Cook Off site for a smooth jazz concert … tickets start at 70 dollars.  […]

Villanueva Rushing To OK Thousands Of Concealed Weapons Permits As Floodgates  Of Handguns Open In LA County L A County sheriff Alex Villanueva is rushing to issue a huge number of concealed weapons permits to people in Los Angeles County. The sheriff … who is running for re-election on a law and order platform … […]

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