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All of a sudden … Malibu is allowed to open. Yesterday … the L A County Dpertment of Public Health gave a green light for retail shops and offices to open .. with public distancing and other rules. Malibu follows the L A County health orders … so that covers Malibu. Los Angeles County had […]

Residents along Winding Way are furious that large clusters of hikers are walking up their private property … ignoring anti-COVID rules … to access the Ramirez Falls trail. But the bioss of the M R C A says it’s the City of Malibu’s job … to enforce the public health orders on trails that his […]

The city council has decided to to change the city policy on how to determine just who is a Malibu resident… and who gets to claim valuable fee waivers for reconstruction of their homes. Malibu is spending about 4 million dollars in municipal money … to rebuild the destroyed community in western Malibu. 480 houses […]

A divided Malibu city council last night approved a legal agreement with the owner of a vacant lot at the Civic Center … where the owner sued in order to connect to the city’s sewer system. It was a 3 to 2 vote … with Mayor Karen Farrer and council members Skyler Peak and Rick […]

Public schools in Malibu may reopen in August with fewer kids in each classroom at any given time. The Santa Monica Malibu School superintendent sent out a letter to parents this morning … envisioning just what Will happen on August 20 when schools go back into session for the fall semester. Ben Drati says he […]

= A split Malibu city council decides to make a legal settlement with a Civic Center landowner. = Anti-development activists call it a sellout. = But the three-vote majority decides to save $300,000 to settle a lawsuit that wouldn’t accomplish anything anyway. = The Santa Monica Malibu school budget is out of wiggle room and […]

A heavy presence of law enforcement over the three day holiday weekend may reduced racing cars … and very loud motorcycles on Pacific Coast Highway. Or it may not have depending on who you talk to. Weekend beach crowds at Zuma Beach were actually fairly light … the parking lot only about 30% full on […]

This is F-M 99.1 … KBUU News These are the Tuesday Headlines: = A heavy police presence in Malibu over the weekend. = Less noise … less racing … say some. = Still the same .. say others. = Should the city fold in a lawsuit … over the sewer plant at the Civic Center. […]

A Malibu doctor and genetic sequencing lab researcher is hoping to keep politics out of her effort to determine if hydroxychloroquine works against coronavirus … as her lab starts FDA-approved tests on “hydroxy” to see if it can either prevent COVID-19. Hydroxychloroquine is nicknamed “hydroxy” by President Donald Trump. It’s his drug of choice to […]

L A County is reopening the Zuma Beach parking lot …but is walking away from an earlier county commitment to limit the parking lot capacity to reduce crowding on the beach. Efforts by Malibu to reopen the parking lot at Zuma Beach at 50 percent capacity… and ban parking along PCH … have failed. As […]

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