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With KBUU all news all morning. From F-M 99.1 … KBUU … these are the Thursday Headlines: = Classes cancelled at Oaks Christian … as one of their students was killed. = Two little boys were mowed down in a crosswalk … the driver fled with one of the kids on her car hood. = […]

Malibu has adopted a short term rental ordinance … over the strong objections of some Malibu residents. The new ordinance was approved by a unanimous 4 to nothing vote. it came over the strenuous objections of some Malibu residents. … who still maintain that the city’s existing codes simply prohibit commercial activities in residential zoned […]

County health inspectors have shut down the Malibu West Swim Club … because of repeated COVID 19 mask violations and parties held at the venue. The club is a homeowners association … of about 90 residences … at Trancas beach. Malibu mayor Mikke Pierson says the homeowners association that runs the small private beach was […]

With KBUU all news all morning … on F-M 99.1 … = Surf is up and it is hot. = 92 degrees at sunrise in Corral Canyon … 107 for a high today over the hill. = The Malibu West Swim Club is shut down … locked up for OCVID 19 violations. = After five […]

There has indeed been a small uptick in coronavirus transmission rates. But Los Angeles County appears to have avoid the post-Labor Day surge.  the Los Angeles County Public Health Department yesterday said we can begin looking toward school and business reopening. Today … the Board of Supervisors will discuss the possibility of allowing school districts […]

If you were seeking any new information about planned power outages from Southern California Edison last night … you would be disappointed. The electric company is required by state rules to hold outreach meetings … to explain to the public their policies on when they will turn off the power on purpose. Under a law […]

Two longtime Malibu stalwarts appear ready to cash out and move on. Variety reports that Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Brosnan have put a publicity assuring, billionaires-only price tag of $100 million on their stunning, Thai-inspired compound along Broad Beach. It’s more than an acre … the James Bond star and his moviemaker paid just […]

A garage door can act like a catcher’s mitt … catching burning embers as they fly through your neighborhood. That’s one of two major worries on the mind of Malibu fire safety coordinator Jerry Vandermuellen … as he recounted at last night’s pubic safety seminar on the coming fire season. the other major worry is […]

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva got a public slap down from the district attorney yesterday. The D-A’s office criticized the sheriff for arresting a reporter … and said the evidence shows no charges are warranted. The sheriff had personally campaigned for criminal charges to be filed against a reporter from KPCC radio  … who […]

A Malibu beachfront house owner has sued the city … because he is not allowed to put up a private beach sign on his land. The lawsuit was filed by a right wing political law foundation … on behalf of landowners Dennis and Leah Seider. They own a house on Latigo Beach … a house […]

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