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A big wind – another Santa Ana – is going to arrive tomorrow. But the Southern California Edison has removed Malibu from its list of areas where power might be intentionally shut off … tomorrow and Thursday Christmas Eve. Yesterday … Edison warned that the Cuthbert circuit might intentionally get blacked out as Santa Ana […]

When the Santa Monica-Malibu school board sat down at their computers to meet last week … a most unusual thing happened. Former board member Oscar de la Torre tried to retake his seat. NEWSCART 73148 DE LA TORRE 111 “Yeah .. I’m I’m I’m here as a member of the school board too, Jon Kean.” […]

California once again shattered a new daily record for most number of coronavirus in a single day yesterday. Our state has recorded a half-million coronavirus cases in the last two weeks. Hospitals … every hospital in the state … are making plans about deciding who lives and who dies. Four field hospitals have been set […]

Malibu’s mayor has issued a statement … pledging a transparent investigations into allegations by city council member Bruce Silverstein of bribery … favoritism and other illegal acts at City Hall. And Silverstein has fired back with a demand that the city pull down the statement … alleging that the mayor does not have the right […]

190 positive cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed over the past 10 months in Malibu as of yesterday (Sunday). In the surrounding unincorporated LA County area of the Santa Monica Mountains … the case count is up to 261. Those are up by 4 in Malibu and 10 in the mountains. If you shop at […]

An unpleasant and perhaps dangerous Christmas present coming from Southern California Edison. The power company warns that it may turn off the power … to the Cuthbert circuit … Wednesday and Thursday. Winds are coming. Forecasts right now are for Red Flag Warning level winds to arrive at about midnight Wednesday night. Peak winds are […]

Malibu schools will open with kids in chairs … at the earliest … in the fall of 2021. The Santa Monica Malibu School Board decided Thursday night that that will be the earliest possible date to reopen the schools to in-person instruction. In addition … once this surge passes … the school board clarified how […]

Thanks to heroic all night work for two nights in a row by engineer Jim Toten … the KBUU servers and modems and routers have been reconstructed. The KBUU webstream is back up. Today’s headlines: = Two more Malibu residents are killed by C0VID 19. = The official death toll here is 5 … plus […]

The  top story this morning is the big fight that immediately broke out when the 16th Malibu city council began its term last night. One newly-elected member accused three others of having a “vendetta” against him … and accused unnamed city officials of soliciting bribes. NEWSCART 73132 SILVERSTEIN WHAT YoU SEE “What you see of […]

= Long lines over the weekend … waiting for C0VID 19 tests in Malibu . = C0VID tests are available in LA and Ventura … but you may have to wait. = Malibu Urgent Care has a spectrometry machines that can give results in 15 minutes. = Southern California Edison warns … it may intentionally […]

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