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The man accused of using an ax to nearly cut of the arm of a guy defending his kids on a Malibu beach should not have been circvulating in public … says a sheriff’s lieutenant. This came as his boss … the sheriff … criticized other elected Democrats as “a party of white privilege” due […]

KBUU is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … and has been since 2015. = The man who attacked a family with a machete “should not have been on the beach.” = The sheriff’s office says he had attacked a deputy with a knife … but freed by the DA. = Sheriff Alex Villanueva says he’s […]

Major crimes in Malibu are up 27 percent … and grand theft auto has tripled. 33 cars stolen in the first seven months of this year … only 11 in the similar period last year. Theft from locked vehicles … up 50 percent. As bad as that is .. the level of those crimes tapered […]

More than just a PR slogan … Malibu’s Only Local Daily News = Just like Malibu … South Lake Tahoe is evacuated ahead of a massive fire’s arrival. = Anti vax sections of rural California are in coronavirus hell … the state is sending doctors and nurses north to help. = The Coastal Commission explains […]

Malibu’s news planning director has reversed an exemption given to proponents of a multistory hotel proposed for across the street from the Malibu Pier, and ordered that story poles and flags be set up to show what the mass will look like. Residents and the decision makers on the Planning Commission will get a better […]

= A brush fire at the top of the hill in Calabasas last night … it’s out. = A man with a machete attacks another person .. he’s arrested at Dan Blocker Beach. = Dead body on the beach in Pacific Palisades … and also … a fatal house fire. = The big riot at […]

More news now … on the possibility of a violent clash between protestors at the Santa Monica Pier this Sunday. Santa Monica police have warned that anti-vax demonstrators … inclluing radical elements like the Proud Boys … plan demonstrations at the pier Sunday morning. Loosely-organized left wing agitators … called Antifa by the city police […]

State prosecutors said Friday they cannot prove that Southern California Edison knew that its defective power line in Woolsey Canyon “presented a substantial and unjustifiable risk of causing a fire,” and that SCE “ignored this risk.” And with those elements missing, the state said it could not press criminal charges against SCE for the November, […]

The Mountain Recreation and Conservation Authority … the MRCA … uses the “public comment period” window at Coastal Commission meetings to mount a continuous P.R. campaign against Malibu. The MRCA is a state agency, and the Open Meetings Law requires every item of business to be listed on an agenda, published in advance.  Simple. MRCA […]

Santa Monica-Malibu school superintendent Ben Drati has a vow. NEWSCART 73690 DRATI VOW “We are coming back full time. OK??? We are coming back full time.” And the school superintendent says that for schools to reopen and operate this fall … his teachers and principals and nurses need tools. Masks … and Covid tests. This […]

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