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= Brushfire in the hills east of Malibu … apparently from a homeless camp. = Five acres … burning up a steep hillside towards Topanga Canyon Blvd … no structures within a mile. = About one third of the homeless encampments on Venice has been cleared. = Malibu residents asked to conserve water … and […]

= A hillside house near Getty Villa burns to the ground … but does not spread to the brush. = Unvaccinated people may be catching the COVID 19 from those who have taken the vaccine. = Public health says decisions to refuse vaccination are coming from informed people being fed misinformation. = The sheriff’s office […]

KBUU and KBU2 are back on the air with normal programming, after a power supply problem at a microwave relay was repaired. = Death toll in Malibu is now 8 … and 7 new Covid cases diagnosed. = The vaccination rate here officially 59 percent … but may actually be in the mid 60s. = […]

= The 101 Freeway is open this morning … a bomb scare involving fireworks closed it overnight. = The crackdown at Venice Beach is pushing homeless persons up the beach towards Malibu. = A crackdown on RVs is pushing toy haulers down the beach towards Malibu. = The sheriff says crime is up .. serious […]

KBUU Malibu’s ONLY Daily News – Thu Jul 1 = The Fourth of July weekend could be another superspreader weekend … amongst nonvaccinated people. = City officials say they think the MRCA may be in code violation at La Costa Beach. = Like that has ever stopped the MRCA from opening parks in Malibu without […]

= It’s not over … wear masks indoors … says the county. = A homeless person sets a fire at the Malibu Lagoon. = One city council member wants the sheriff to concentrate homeless efforts in Malibu just like he is sending deputies to Venice. = Kind of curious … the sheriff already is supposed […]

= Just six days away to the 4th of July. = But not one fireworks show permit has been pulled for the waters off Malibu this year. = The city council will decide on another contract with a social agency to deal with homeless persons. = This as the sheriff diverts his homeless outreach team […]

It looks like there might be a solution to the dry lake at Legacy Park … and clean water dumping into Malibu Creek conundrum. Many Malibu residents are bothered by the fact that the lagoon at Legacy Park has dried up in the drought. At the same time … that construction project for a new […]

Malibu is stuck at a very low level of vaccinations. The latest statistics show Malibu has 58 percent of its residents vaccinated. Is malibu an antivaxxer hotbed … or is this some sort of statistical anomaly? No answer to that. But the fact is malibu has been at 58 percent for most of the past […]

Malibu beaches have taken some big hits … from the big waves and high tides of the past three nights. Erosion and unusual wave patterns and eddies … reported up and down the coast. There was severe sand scour at the eastern end of Zuma Beach … and Point Dume State Beach took it particularly […]

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