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=.  Malibu has a permanent city manager of the first time in 13 months. =.  But it was not a unanimous vote … and one political activist is outraged at the selection. =.  A 40 percent increase in Malibu police costs is expected with the opening of the Malibu sheriff’s station.  =. The Planning and […]

=.  Malibu discloses that it … and Bruce Silverstein in particular … have been named in a lawsuit. =.  The Malibu Beach Inn owners allege Silverstein “schemed” to defeat their request to jump their hotel across PCH. =.  Silverstein files 39 pages of response … pointing out it was a 5-to-nothing council vote to reject […]

=. The rain has blown out … downcoast winds up to 45 miles an hour possible today. =.  A big hoo-hah…. groundbreaking for the cougar bridge today on the 101 at Liberty Canyon. =.  But nobody has talked to the people who live next door … who will have an artificial hillside brought in behind […]

=.  Malibu’s city council may jettison in person meetings after all. =.  Sheila Kuehl blasts Malibu over plans for Malibu homeless people. =.  This as she urged camping in the Malibu hills … and prison inmates in the Malibu mountains. =.  Alex Villanueva gets two major setbacks … slapped by the courts and also by […]

Rain possible tomorrow night. The MRCA wins at the Board of Supervisors – a new camping plan is approved from the hills above Malibu. Enforcement will be up to Malibu residents … who will be able to ask for campground permits too be yanked if there are fire problems. A Malibu city councilman tosses an […]

=.  The new Godzilla radio tower at the heart of Malibu is not exactly what the city approved 8 years ago. =.  City Hall is getting peppered with complaints about the county antenna … which looks like a striped red and white garbage incinerator with a 74 foot tower.  =.  The county board of supervisors […]

The man who was killed as his pickup truck went of Kanan-Dume Road on Thursday committed suicide, the Los Angeles Coroner’s office reported today (Saturday). The coroner’s office lists “blunt force trauma” caused by “suicide” as the cause of death for Roland Delao, 56. His hometown was not released. This was apparently the second suicide […]

=.  A special Covid test center opens at Malibu High tomorrow … as school gets ready to reopen. =.  Major changes now … in the county’s isolation protocols for people exposed to Covid 19. =.  Santa Clarita residents march on the street … to protest violent juvenile offenders who may be moved to Malibu.  =.  […]

=.  A car over the side of Kanan Dume this morning.  And the Valley is a traffic mess.  =. For the first time … parvovirus detected among mountain lions in the local mountains. =. The disease spreads through poop … and while it can be deadly for dogs … it does not affect humans. =. […]

=.  Malibu raises the white flag … it’s inevitable …camping in the mountains is going to happen =.  The city council is going to ask the county to make sure it’s done without any flames … and patrolled by rangers. =.  Rebuilding PCH … with trees … a bike lane … and a 35 mile […]

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