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This is KBUU News – Day 134 – the Thursday headlines: =   The proposed new name for Point Dume’s school is yanked … and 86 the narwahl. =   The local mountain lion population stands a 1 in 4 chance of complete extinction. =   A super bloom may be coming to Malibu … […]

School Superintendent Ben Drati observes a “lack of consensus” in the selection “Marine Ocean Elementary School” as the new name for the old school on Point Dume. He is yanking the item off of tonight’s school board agenda. Also … he is withdrawing “narwhals” and blue and green as the proposed school mascot and colors. […]

Fifty years. That’s how long it could take for two populations of mountain lions in Southern California to go extinct under current conditions. New research published by U-C Davis yesterday paints a bleak picture for the local cougars. Right now .. odds are 1 in 4 that they will be extinct within 50 years. Freeways […]

Unhappiness with the City of Malibu’s first new traffic light in nearly ten years continues to simmer. At this week’s Planning Commission meeting … chairman Steve Urhring again criticized city staff for having designed the new traffic signal at Webb Way and Civic Center Way without any citizen input. Citicism on the cluster of 8 […]

Hundreds of thousands of people have been trompling the poppies and other flowers down at Lake Elsinore and in desert regions. Literally hundreds of thousands people. So many so that the Lake Elsinore Police Department declared an emergency and brought them please from outside agencies to direct traffic and settle fights over parking places. Now […]

58º and scattered sprinkles at 7:05 this morning at Trancas. Traffic is heavier heading to Malibu than to Santa Monica this morning. Odd. This is KBUU News – Day 134 – the Thursday Headlines: = The proposed new name for Point Dume’s school is yanked … and 86 the narwahl . = The local mountain […]

=   Fiber wattles and straw are being installed around Malibu. =   A bobcat that made it thru the fire … squashed by a car. =   A second loss for Round Up …a jury says glysophate causes cancer. =   A small rainstorm passes thru today … but not much chance of mud. […]

The biggest open secret in Malibu can finally be revealed. Malibu Ocean Elementary School’s kids parents and staff has picked the narwhal as its mascot. And blue and green as the school colors. Malibu Ocean Elementary School is the proposed name for Point Dume’s school. The Santa Monica Malibu school board will vote tomorrow on […]

California is bringing home its National Guard from the border …. away from the Trump immigration war … to fight fires. State Governor Gavin Newsome has ordered his National Guard troops to train on  brushfire protection. Starting in April, 110 California National Guard troops will receive 11 days of training in using shovels, rakes and […]

Round Up has lost another court case. A federal court  jury in San Francisco unanimously agreed yesterday that Roundup caused a man’s cancer. This … according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Five days of deliberations led to a unanimous conclusion that  the glyphosate-based herbicide was a “substantial factor” in causing non-Hodgkins lymphoma in Edwin Hardeman, […]

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