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= Malibu schools have installed air conditioners and air scrubbers … back to school Covid prevention. = And a new high tech school tester will sniff out Covid infections … as opposed to 20 other colds and sniffles. = Southern Calif Edison raked over the coals for those intentional Cuthbert Circuit power outages. = That […]

= Malibu has no mask requirement … as the Delta variant spreads in our community. = 5 million dollars in federal Covid aid to one Malibu restaurant. = Santa Monica police want to explain how they will do better. = Homeless encampments are cleared this morning from the Venice beach sand. = And a German […]

= Santa Monica may require vaccinations for its cops and city hall workers. = But Malibu’s firefighters … law enforcement and city hall staff … and teachers … no = Santa Monica may require vaccinations for its cops and city hall workers. = But Malibu’s firefighters … law enforcement and city hall staff … and […]

= The fourth wave … the Delta variant … sweeping across the LA region. = Just two days after storm related blackouts … Malibu may run out of electricity tonight. = Malibu’s school district gets good news from Moodys … it may be able to get a cheaper mortgage. = te US Coast Guard breaks […]

Want to know why your cellphone fails when the power goes out??? Cell phone antennas need electric power. No electricity … no communications … just that simple. The cellphone companies cannot just plop gas generators around Malibu very easily. So one major wireless communications company has plans to install emergency generators and new antennas on […]

= So Cal cities and bars are beginning to require vaccinations for employees and patrons. = California’s FAIR plan is ordered to offer comprehensive fire insurance in high fire risk areas. = That may reduce fire insurance costs for Malibu homeowners. = The city council will try to set a policy on homelessness issues tonight. […]

= Oh … that’s better??? = Yesterday’s fire in Tuna Canyon looks like it came from a B and B campsite … not a homeless campsite. = Malibu has been without a homeless strategy or policies for 8 months … the city council schedules a sudden meeting on this for tomorrow. = Another Covid 19 […]

= Mask requirements are back – but the ordinance in Malibu has been repealed. = L A County public health is worried – very worried – about the newest wave spreading thru unvaccinated people. = One mayor in the L-A area is demanding that all city employees be vaccinated. = And he’s including L A […]

Los Angeles County sheriff Alex Villanueva is sending additional deputies into the mountains above Topanga Canyon and Pacific Palisades … to confront squatters posting a significant fire danger. Dozens … maybe hundreds … of people are camped out in the canyons … stretching as far west as Malibu. At least 10 fires … most of […]

= The sheriff says he is sending deputies into the canyons above Malibu to confront squatters. = The Santa Monica police chief of cannot understand why the sheriff is talking about sending deputies into the third Street Promenade. = This … while serious crime in the LA sheriff area is up … way up … […]

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