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Lawsuits against Southern California Edison for damages from the Woolsey Fire are on hold … while the state Attorney General’s Office conducts a criminal investigation. That means Southern California Edison and its officials could face homicide charges … ofr at least three deaths directly caused by the fire. It also means that damage payments to […]

Malibu parents and students were being cautioned over the weekend … do not believe everything you read … everything you are told. And the bottom line … you have to listen to the kids … but you have to separate fact from speculation. This … amidst a wave of fear and suspicion after two incidents […]

=  Two scary incidents at Malibu High have the school community rattled. =  Heavy security … no violence … the school says the system worked. =  Santa Monica will not give up its death grip on tax revenue from Malibu. =  Negotiations for a separate Malibu school district break down. =  Malibu may copy the […]

The days of trooping down to the local church to vote are over. Malibu and the rest of L A County are moving to a radically different voting system this year. The county will open 50 centralized voting centers across L-A County … with one of them here in Malibu. Others will be at shopping […]

Malibu will likely soon have an ordinance that will allow sheriff’s deputies to arrest people who refuse to leave very high fire risk areas during Red Flag Warnings …. And every piece of land in the city would qualify. Earlier this month ,.. we reported on the Los Angeles city council … voting to give […]

After about seven years of negotiations … talks between Malibu and Santa Monica over splitting the local school district have reached an impasse. And it looks increasingly like Malibu may unilaterally seek divorce from Santa Monica … in order to gain control over tis local schools. Malibu has already filed a petition for legal separation […]

Security was tight yesterday and is tight today … at Malibu High School … when a girl made threats against other students. And it was the second incident at the school this week. Students on a bus reported that the girl was acting in  a threatening manner and told other kids she had a list […]

= Malibu gets steamrolled at the L A County Board Of Supervisors on camping. = As predicted … a 5 to nothing vote to allow camping in the brush right outside of town. = Cell phone carriers tell the FCC you’re on your in a fire. = The CPUC may give the biggest polluter in […]

When the power goes out … you’re on your own for communications. The five major cell carriers have filed emergency response plans with the FCC … and all of them say their network will go down if roadblocks go up. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Sprint told the FCC they backup generators at most […]

It’s been nearly a decade since California ordered coastal power plants to stop using seawater for cooling, a process that kills fish and other marine life. But now state officials may extend the life of several facilities that still suck billions of gallons from the ocean each day. Staff at the California Public Utilities Commission say […]

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