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= One city councilman gets his mic clipped … as a decision is made to investigate harassment charges against Bruce Silverstein. = Steve Uhring argues that the Silverstein investigation is really is a campaign to recall Silverstein from office. = The fire last weekend at the Malibu Civic Center was caused by Southern California Edison […]

= Covid is backing off to below measurable levels in Malibu = the CVS drug store in Malibu began dispensing vaccine to elders and health care workers over the weekend. = Elementary schools are slowly reopening … and rain is on the horizon. = Nothing but good news this morning … not quite. = The […]

A summertime tow-away impound yard may return to Malibu High School … in a parking lot near the Malibu Boys and Girls Club. The Public Safety Commission has turned down the ideas of putting the impound yard on Point Dume …or at the Malibu Equestrian Center. Using the city-owned vacant lot on Point Dume … […]

A company called Malibu Autobahn has plans for another exotic car road rally in Malibu this Sunday. In the past … events like this have caused noise … traffic and even illegal roadblocks on PCH … so that the fancy car drivers can pose for photo shoots. Malibu Autobahn may not be behind the illegal […]

= A blip .. or a worrisome surge … Covid 19 cases tick upward in Malibu. = It’s the peak of the rainy season … but brush in the local mountains is summertime dry. = Malibu Autobahn and Galpin Motors are sponsoring an exotic car rally in Malibu Sunday. = The city is leaning away […]

Malibu residents may finally get a peek behind closed doors on personnel matters … at the city council next Monday. That’s when the Bruce Silverstein allegations … of insider dealing or other corruption at city hall … are on the agenda … this time for a discussion in public. The city council will discuss and […]

= Bruce Silverstein’s allegations go before an open city council session for the first time Monday. = Karen Farrer and Mike Pierson want the city to hire a lawyer to investigate Silverstein’s actions. = Malibu may accept 18 point 6 million dollars airmed to build affordable housing. = And building bicycle pullouts on mountain roads […]

= Elementary kids back for limited on campus instruction on March 15th. = The district says it has installed filters and is telling teachers to keep the doors and windows open. = Teachers from Malibu started vaccinations yesterday. = The planning commission agrees with anti 5-G activists … to regulate wireless antennas as tightly as […]

Monday… the First of March … and these are the headlines: = No evidence of any homeless camp at the scene of that fire Sunday. = Malibu’s city leaders will meet for a fifth time this afternoon … to discuss possibly firing the city manager. = Crime goes up 142 percent in Malibu … car […]

Malibu residents who are in favor of improved wireless communications are coming out … after months of organized campaigns against improved wireless service by some Malibu activists. Anti 5-G activists have been frustrated by federal rules that prohibit cities from restricting 5-G rollouts. Right now … American wireless companies are taking existing radio frequencies that […]

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