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This is KBUU News – Day 262 – the Monday Headlines: = Point Dune is still talking about the shooting of a man by sheriffs deputies. = A car over Kanan Dume raises the question … where are the guard rails?? = A woman says a car rental company manager was drunk in a company […]

=   A city adopts an ambitious wildfire protection plan … to eliminate brushfire fuel. =   And underground power lines along the Coast Highway …. =   But it’s not Malibu. =   A major water pollution control project in Malibu Creek’s watershed. =   Metro has plans that will divert more commuters thru […]

Every day … heavy commuter traffic in Malibu is aggravated by commuters trying to avoid the 405 freeway through the Sepulveda Pass. Metro is studying three subway and one monorail plans for the 405 corridor. Metro has $5.7 billion earmarked for a subway or monorail for the 405 between Westwood and the Valley. But now […]

One of the major of pollution in Malibu Creek is a concrete storm channel over the hill … new the 101 Freeway at Kanan Road. It’s a tributary called Medea Creek … a nasty concrete channel that goes under the freeway and along several shopping centers … a mat of algae in the bottom … […]

With another nasty fire season right around the corner … one Southern California beach city is taking steps to fortify the city against fire. And we are not talking about Malibu. Laguna Beach will spend 23 million dollars on major wildfire protection efforts over the next two years. Laguna Beach will underground power lines along its […]

We’re carrying the Robert Mueller hearing live on the radio this morning. We will post the KBUU Newswire early. This is KBUU News – Day 257 – the Wednesday Headlines: = Stay and defend … or evacuate. The city will help you decide … in six weeks. = Alex Villanueva approved adding a logo to […]

=    Sheriff Alex Villanueva hires his son as a deputy … despite a sketchy background. =    Tree trimming crews to start work in Malibu Park this week. =    The city’s emergency phone test worked much better this time. =    But city hall wants to see if there is a better system […]

Tree cutting by Southern California Edison crews is supposed to begin in the Malibu Park area as early as today. Trucks are scheduled to fan out on Morning View Drive and nearby streets this week … as the utility company removes branches within 12 feet of live wires. Hundreds of trees are likely to be […]

More whiffs of scandal from the L A sherifs headquarters. The son of sheriff Alex Villanueva has been hired as a deputy trainee … despite having a record that overseers say should raise questions. The Los Angeles Tines has a front page story on this today … it was published on the web over the […]

Malibu’s city hall has issues with the way its disaster alerting system works. It is asking companies with experience in handling direct phone call … reverse 911 and wide area cellphone activation system to submit proposals. For years … the city has used a company called Everbridge to handle phone call activations. Malibu late last […]

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